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However, they are not ready for the “one”, the game interface of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has appeared. As if it was turned on in an instant, there is no delay and running buffer in the middle.

“So fast?” Many people didn’t respond at all.

Under the stage, most of the invited guests are peers. Seeing this speed, suddenly the face of the surprised expression, this is too fast, right? Even the new machine was specially set up, but it was running faster than they expected.

On the barrage, netizens were also shocked.

“Damn, it’s coming out, is it so fast?”

“Hey, scare people!”

“Fake it? Is the background open long ago, and now it’s time? It’s more than twice as fast as my Apple!”

“The cow batch, I feel that HX2 performance is good, consider buying one!”

“I just started the timer, it’s almost 0.77 seconds!”


Seeing the audience’s surprised expression, Tang Gang is also very proud. He said: “You don’t have to doubt, and you don’t read it wrong. We use this red letter mobile phone to open this software, it takes less than a second!”

“When this phone arrives in your hands, you will experience it for yourself. Of course, if the software runs for a few seconds before it runs, you can’t blame the phone.”

Under the public, his confirmation made the guests and netizens boil again. Actually so fast!

The guests in the same industry have taken a deep breath, only the talents in the industry know that even if 0.5 Second is coming out, the performance of the mobile phone is a qualitative leap, not to mention so much!

The netizens have a preliminary understanding of HX2 performance, and the interest is greatly increased.

“If it is true, I definitely buy it!”

“Domestic mobile phones are getting more and more forked!”

“In my mobile phone, “Desolate Battlegrounds” is the largest memory, the slowest to open. This requires me to open other software with HX2, isn’t it all seconds?”

“You think too much upstairs. You don’t know if there are a few seconds of advertising before the software opens?”

“I am more and more interested in HX2. What else is there?”


Tang Gang continued to introduce, he said: “Some friends may have to ask, if you use our HX mobile phone System, many software does not have a matching System software, is the mobile phone function limited?”

“I can guarantee you here, don’t worry. Because our designers have designed a feature, Red Tie!”

“With this software, you can directly download the Android or IOS version software, and then use it on the Red Letter System. Of course, because of copyright, some software may not be available for the time being. When you log in to the app, you also use the original account, but We are working on it one by one, and strive to make the user experience better!”

The functions in the previous promotion video were displayed one by one. Everyone found that the original promotion was not blown. All the functions HX2 are real!

What Tang Gang finally introduced is the unique Black Science and Technology of Red Letter, the new battery technology – lithium air battery!

“Is it finally going to be lithium-air battery?” Both the guest and the audience of the online platform are full of curiosity.

Tang Gang said with pride: “Mobile phone battery technology has not improved significantly for many years. Whether it is fast charging or wireless charging, the improvement is just a charging technology, but the battery capacity has not been significantly improved.”

“And today, our Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology has done it! Lithium-air battery, which has several times the power reserve of ordinary lithium battery, and has more reliable recycling rate and safety. It has won the National Academy of Sciences award, international energy. Development and application of the association’s affirmation!”

He said that the presence of the peers has been unable to sit still. Today, there are several high-level mobile phone companies!

For example, Tian Xiangshan of Rice, such as COO of OP mobile phone, or senior director of Samsung China District, etc., they heard this, and they have a bad feeling in mind.

Now, no matter which mobile phone brand, it is trying to make the mobile phone battery lighter and save more energy.

So far, some brands have paid a heavy representation. For example, Samsung’s mobile phone battery explosion is to increase the energy density of mobile phone batteries, resulting in reduced security.

If Red Letter’s lithium-air battery is really strong, in this respect, no matter what brand will not be comparable with Red Letter!

However, Tang Gang’s words gave them a big blow. He proudly announced: “HX2 will be installed by the battery from Kun Peng Battery Factory, the world’s first lithium-air battery, the average power will reach 4.5 times the market lithium battery!”

“That is to say, when you use the HX2 mobile phone, you will not have to worry about the power problem. You can play all day and night just one time charge! The red core second-generation processor that we handle will also minimize the heat of the mobile phone!”

Tang just said that the audience on the network platform can’t wait to get the full screen.

“Buy and buy, I beg you not to mention it, can I still buy it?”

“When I saw this, I suddenly felt that my mobile phone was going to be broken again. It seems that my husband should buy one for me!”

“How much is it, why don’t you say much?”

“Black Science and Technology! I played HX1, the phone is not enough, Red Letter finally solved!”

“I still feel that there is a problem with safety. With so much electricity, if it explodes, can’t it blow people away?”


The guests in the audience were heavy in their hearts, and the lithium-air battery was finally released. This will bring a huge change to the mobile phone industry. It is conceivable that if their mobile phone battery technology can’t keep up, it will definitely be eliminated by the market.

These guests have already contacted their respective companies, either to speed up the research of new battery technology, or to find ways to cooperate with Red Letter to make Kun Peng battery become their mobile phone battery supplier.

“Do you think this is over? No, we have also launched a mobile phone series, which will be released today, but the official release may be two months later than HX2.” Tang Gang said, the big screen has already happened. Variety.

They saw a well-designed module that was combined in a mobile phone frame to form a brand new HX2. Not only does it have a combination, but different modules can be used to compose handsets with different performance levels.

“This new series is HX2, MOUDLE phones! Modular smartphones, we make the phone hardware into modules.”

“Processor module, battery module, music function module, video function module, camera module, etc.”

“As long as the basic function module is used, users can easily combine their own HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone!”

“A lot of users still don’t understand, we offer several standard combinations. For example, we always say that our HX1 is a bully mobile game machine, then we can assemble the game module and really become a mobile game machine!”

Said, the screen shows a HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone game module combination, the composition of the game phone not only large screen, but also full-featured, like a professional-grade game console, can also join the VR module, equipped with VR devices use.

“Or a camera phone, we have several different cameras that can be added.”

On the screen, there is a combination of camera module HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, there are several camera modes, different camera functions can be used under different conditions.

“We also deliberately designed modules of different shapes to make the combination more creative! Play mobile phone and play your personality! This is HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone!” Tang Gang said the slogan, the audience applause make the Recognition of Red Letter products.

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