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Unohana Retsu face Liltotto Lamperd huge mouth, sighed, clenched Zanpakuto, just about to pull out from the waist, the next moment, a figure descended from the sky, stabbed Liltotto.


Liltotto toe move, and the body flew retreat, avoiding the blow.

In front of Liltotto, she was a short-skinned girl with a golden hair, two small tail and sportswear.

In addition, there are two figures appearing next to her, the green haired girl wearing white tight clothes and the tall girl wearing a sailor suit.

Seeing them, Unohana Retsu loosened the hand holding the Zanpakuto and said: “Hiyori, I have a long history, and I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

The comers are the three people who have not appeared in the Visored Legion and are also three women.

Sarugaki Hiyori, saying: “I really don’t know why Xia Yan asked me to help you. You should not be afraid of them?”

Unohana Retsu’s true identity is not known to many people, but her horror is still famous among all Division.

Even the worst Division, 11th Division did not dare to rampant in front of 4th Division.

Unohana Retsu smiled and said: “Is it Xia Yan’s idea? Can that be handed over to you?”

“Unohana seniors, give it to us.”

Yadomaru Lisa said gently.

“That will bother you.”

Unohana Retsu nodded slightly, turned and left, disappearing into the distance.

Look at this situation, Candice Coldly said: “It’s hard to find the Captain Expert, and it’s really disappointing to be stopped.”

Yadomaru Lisa said softly: “I am just saving you.”

Candice Coldly snorted, said: “Save us? It’s a big deal, then I will kill you and kill her. Who are you strongest? Come to be my opponent.”

Kuna Mashiro looks at opposite side and asks with interest: “Are you the strongest? Mashiro will be your opponent.”

Sarugaki Hiyori coldly snorted, Said: “The strongest, naturally for me.”

However, Yadomaru Lisa said: “Don’t forget what Xia Yan said, this woman who clothing is exposed, I will deal it, and only me now can kill them.”


Said so, Sarugaki Hiyori point her hand and said, “If this is the case, then I will fight you.”

Sarugaki Hiyori look at Liltotto in front of her, said: “Xia Yan let me deal with you, although I don’t know how your strength, but I hope you don’t lose so quickly.”

Kuna Mashiro smiled and looked at the purple girl and said, “Then my opponent is you.”

“Get Started!”

As the sound of Candice voice, six people began dispersed, and Candice and Yadomaru Lisa met in the air. She reached out and waved forward. The next moment, the huge thunder spread in front.

Zi Zi.

Lightning appeared instantly, and enveloped the space which was in front of Yadomaru Lisa.

“Smash, Haguro Tonbo.”

With a cry, Yadomaru Lisa Zanpakuto became a huge long iron spear with sharp edges and huge size.

Lightning was stabbed in the iron and began to spread, but Yadomaru Lisa directly waved spear, and all the thunders were smashed out and hit the desert in the distance.

“Very good.”

Candice eyes glimpsed a little, and there was another thunder in her hand, and she shot at Yadomaru Lisa.

The Thunder interweave into a power grid, shrouded Yadomaru Lisa, and then contracted.

But at this time, Yadomaru Lisa had a flash of shape, smashed the grid, and came to Candice, and the huge blade hit Candice abdomen.

Nijū Ichijō Tonbokudari.

Use a crosscut style to shake the blade and cut the enemy into pieces.

But Candice did not move, because the blade touched her abdomen, but could not advance a trace.

Candice smiled and said: “Only this power? Even my Blut can’t be broken.”

Accompanied by Candice words, she lifted the both hands, a short bow appeared in the left hand, and a right hand pulled a lightning bolt at the bow of the short bow, aiming at Yadomaru Lisa.

“Not good.”

Yadomaru Lisa is flying retreat, but the arrow has already shot, and the moment comes to the front.

Yadomaru Lisa had the spear slammed the arrow, but the next moment, the violent explosion sounded, and the Space in front was filled with the Thunder.

“Useless, my arrow has 5 billion joules of energy, you can’t completely avoid it.” Candice said proudly.

But when the current dissipated, Yadomaru Lisa still stood there, and the clothing on the surface was a bit broken, but it was not hurt too much, and her face was accompanied by a Visored.

“This kind of energy is really weak compared to Xia Yan.”

Yadomaru Lisa said with a chuckle.

The energy of 5 billion joules is not strong, and it is equivalent to tnt, which is equivalent to the energy generated by the explosion of 20 tons of tnt explosives.

(A-N: 1 billion of Xia Yan’s 1 billion vaulted spider is followed by volts, referring to voltage, not Joule. The voltage cannot be directly converted to joules and the current passed is calculated. With the current and voltage released by Xia Yan, there are about 100 billion trillion Joule energy bursts.)

When Candice heard this, her face was a bit ugly, but Yadomaru Lisa flew into the sky and fell from the top.

“Nijū Ichijō Tonbokudari.”

Yadomaru Lisa fell from the sky, and a huge blade cut into the shoulders of Katis and extended down.


The blood spurted out, and Candice body left a huge blood.

“Solve it?”

Yadomaru Lisa looked back at Candice, but the next moment, the huge Thunder appeared in front of Yadomaru Lisa, directly smashed her mask, the body left a blood mark.

The latter figure appeared in front of Yadomaru Lisa. The pentagon of the current structure appeared on the top of her head. There was a flaky lightning thunder on her back. At this time, her wound had been closed, and the wound was black, it stopped the blood.

Candice flies in midair, and the thunder shines around her body.

“You are strong, so I plan to use Vollständig to solve you.”

Candice said, taking two Lightnings from the thunder behind her, holding them in their hands and forming two lightning lightsabers.

Yadomaru Lisa picked up the eyes and stared at the opponent.

But the next moment, awkward, Candice appeared behind Yadomaru Lisa.


Yadomaru Lisa body instantly appeared a few blood marks, and the body surface was black.

“This is the move you just used? It’s really good to use.”

Candice showed a smile, she just used Yadomaru Lisa technique, and Yadomaru Lisa rushed to resist and was still injured.

“How fast.”

Yadomaru Lisa looks at Candice, eyes pick up.

Candice heard the words of Yadomaru Lisa, and said with a smile: “My speed is faster than the Thunder, no one can match me.”

“Just faster than the Thunder? You still can’t do it.”

Yadomaru Lisa shook her head and said: “You just use Thunder to form a thunder in the back, and you can’t reach the Thunder. More importantly, your thunder is not the perfect state of the wing shape, you just use the current plus to lift the speed.”

“So what? Still can’t kill you.”

Candice said with a sullen face.

Yadomaru Lisa looks at Candice, smiled and said: “If it’s just this degree, you can’t kill me.”

“Bankai, Tetsu no yoroi.”


On the other side, the purple sweet Beauty Meninas McAllon look at Kuna Mashiro said: “Do you want to be my opponent?”


Kuna Mashiro nodded and said: “Your opponent is Mashiro, Xia Yan said that you can make me happy to fight.”

“Do I?”

Meninas showed a sweet smile, and suddenly she flashed her body and came to Kuna Mashiro, punching it out.

“Close combat fight?”

Kuna Mashiro laughed and lifted her right foot to block.

The fists and the feet collided.

The fierce crash sounded and Meninas flew straight out and slammed into the distance.

“Strength is very weak.”

Kuna Mashiro frowned and said with a disappointment.

“You are really strong, my Blut can not beat you.”

Meninas stood up and looked at her right arm, twisting in an unnatural state.

Blut is the technique used by Reishi to inject into the blood. It is divided into Blut Vene and Blut Arterie. The former is good at defensive power, while the latter is good at Attack Power.

Both types Blut cannot be opened at the same time, only one type can be used.

“But I know your Strength, but that’s it.”

With Meninas words, her right hand suddenly recovered, and then became huge, muscles picked up, very thick.


Meninas appeared in front of Kuna Mashiro, and the fist went to Kuna Mashiro.

“It’s getting bigger? Good.”

Kuna Mashiro eyes showed a touch of joy, suddenly lifted her feet and pulled out, “Mashiro Kick.”


Kuna Mashiro legs directly took Meninas fist, and she stunned. Kuna Mashiro flew straight out and squatted in the desert in the distance.

“My Strength is much more formidable than you.”

Meninas waved her arm, move her feet a little, appeared in front of Kuna Mashiro, and punched her again.

But Kuna Mashiro lying on the ground suddenly jumped up and pulled out her right foot again.

The fist and the foot hit together for the third time.

This time, like the first time, Meninas was shot and flew out, and the arm was twisted again.

“Strength is getting bigger.”

Meninas propped up and looked at Kuna Mashiro at the distant, and there was a mask on her face.

“But such a Strength is not enough to beat me.”

Meninas right arm suddenly recovered as it was, with a pentagon on the top and a heart-shaped wing behind it.


Meninas instantly appeared behind Kuna Mashiro and instantly punched a dozen punches.

Kuna Mashiro reacted in time and lifted her foot to meet.

Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!

Kuna Mashiro only kicked three feet, and was shocked by Meninas, and the remaining fist of Meninas fell on Kuna Mashiro.


Kuna Mashiro fell in the distance, the boss legs disappeared, the left arm broke, the right hand was weak and hanged there, the sternum collapsed, and the body was broken.

“Now know our gap?”

Meninas stepped forward to Kuna Mashiro and asked with a smile.

“Not enough.”

The sound of Kuna Mashiro came.

Meninas sneered and asked: “Now your boss legs are gone, what do you use to beat me?”

“Of course it is completely blurred.”

Kuna Mashiro smiled and said: “I asked Xia Yan many times. Before coming, he finally promised to completely transform it for me.”

“Tread it, Seinaru Yoroi.”


“I hate to see you, even the hair like Hirako Shinji, it is all yellow.”

Said Sarugaki Hiyori, she saw the doll head in front of her, but the look was a little angry.

Liltotto type is also a doll’s head, and one is golden yellow, one is light yellow, and all are yellow.

“Do you think I hate you? I don’t hate you, because I want to eat you.”

Liltotto squinted her head, and suddenly her mouth grew longer and bigger, biting Sarugaki Hiyori.


Zanpakuto took out and smashed it into the teeth, and the huge force made Sarugaki Hiyori directly flew out, and fell heavily in the distance.

What the hell was that?

It’s so weird that Sarugaki Hiyori face is ugly and the mouth is extended from the mouth.

When Sarugaki Hiyori thought about it in the time, Liltotto had already appeared in front Sarugaki Hiyori. The huge mouth extended again and bite into Sarugaki Hiyori.


This time, the huge mouth will cover Sarugaki Hiyori and bite her into the mouth.

But the next moment, a blood mark spread along the corner of the mouth, the corner of the mouth was torn apart, and Sarugaki Hiyori rushed out of the world, with a huge machete in her hand.

“After a step, I will be killed by you.”

Sarugaki Hiyori have a cold sweat on their foreheads. At that moment, the danger is extremely extreme. If it is not timely, it will be chewed.

The huge mouth slowly retracted and appeared on Liltotto face, tearing the corner of the mouth, leaving a blood mark.


Liltotto is still a expressionless look, as if she is indifferent to everything.

This is not because her temper is cold, but because she is hungry, she is not interested in anything.

“You are not only injured, but you will die.”

Sarugaki Hiyori instantly rushed to Liltotto front, a blade chop out

The huge blade instantly reached Liltotto face, and Liltotto opened her mouth again and her teeth hit the blade.


Liltotto teeth smashed, starting with broken teeth and showing a blood mark to the top.

Sarugaki Hiyori cut a dozen blade in a moment, smashed Liltotto teeth, then flew up and flew them out. She said with a smile: “Dead bald, can you still bite people now?”

Look at the opposite side, brush the machete, the corner of the mouth reveals a happy expression.

But Liltotto, who was in the field, got up and covered her mouth, and suddenly opened her mouth again.

“Do you want to bite again? It’s an angry guy.”

Sarugaki Hiyori scoffed and said, copying the machete will rush past

But at the next moment, Liltotto mouth emerged with two small wings, and the top of the head was a pentagon.


She said in a smile, “This is your Vollständig state, and it looks more ugly than you just did.”

“Is it?”

Liltotto is still the light look, and the look at Sarugaki Hiyori, suddenly opened her mouth.

The next moment, the mouth grows bigger again and bites toward the front.

Sarugaki Hiyori held the machete in her hand and cut it toward the front. The blade hit the tooth and slammed, and the blade broke directly.


Sarugaki Hiyori glimpse, then Liltotto said: “I can crush any object in Vollständig state, and your Zanpakuto is no exception.”

With Liltotto words, she opened her mouth again and bite into Sarugaki Hiyori.


She want to dodge, but there is nowhere to dodge, She did not retreat and jumped directly into Liltotto mouth.

“Since your teeth are tough, then I will attack you from the inside, tearing your mouth.”

She said and smiled, and there was a ghost face on her face, and the broken blade on her right hand slammed forward.

However, with a bang, Sarugaki Hiyori broken blade was completely broken.

“How could…”

She saw a row of teeth in the dark Space, surrounded Sarugaki Hiyori.

“Forgot to say, there are teeth in my mouth.”

Liltotto thought with a smile, all the teeth began to slowly close together, and Sarugaki Hiyori were helpless, and only the eyes were at the teeth.

Are I’m going to die?

Sarugaki Hiyori face pale.

Who else can save me?

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