Chapter 13 : Zaraki Kenpachi

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  Seeing the man in front of him, Xia Yan mind came up with a name: Zaraki Kenpachi.

  11th Division Captain, after the seal was unveiled, was the strongest Kenpachi in the history, and it is one of top five special combat powers.

  He exudes a formidable breath, and his two-meter body covers their vision, leaving only a shadow in front of him.

  He just stood there, as if there was a murderous suffocation that enveloped everyone, and There seems to be a sword in front of everyone, and to kill them.

  In the face of his questioning, everyone shivered and did not answer for a while.

  Zaraki Kenpachi saw that they didn’t answer, and some impatiently asked: “I ask you, hurry up and tell me where is this?”

  Renji came back and said in a whisper: “This is the food street in the north of Seireitei.”

  Zaraki Kenpachi heard this sentence, and some dissatisfied said: “Damn, how come here, Yachiru, do you know the road?”

  With the words of Zaraki Kenpachi, a girl with a pink haired crawling out from behind Zaraki Kenpachi and said, “Of course I know the way, but you are wrong.”

  Seeing the girl, Kusajishi Yachiru, Xia Yan body is shaking.

  Born in the Yachiru district of the 79th district of Rukongai, she met Kenpachi in the Miki area of ​​the 80th district. She was taken in by Zaraki Kenpachi because she was not afraid of his murderousness.

  However, after the millennium bloody battle in the future, Kusajishi Yachiru disappeared because of Zaraki Kenpachi Shikai, and after Zaraki Kenpachi fell to the ground, let Zaraki Kenpachi use herself.

  Many people think that Kusajishi Yachiru is Zanpakuto of Zaraki Kenpachi, but Kusajishi Yachiru itself can use Zanpakuto and contradict it.

  But is the three-step sword beast really Shikai? After all, Shikai is the inference of the brave sound, and Kusajishi Yachiru said that before and after Zanpakuto, someone imitated her movements, so she summoned two sword beasts. But the name is called the three-step sword beast, but there are only two sword beasts. These two sword beasts are also hollow.

  It is quite possible that the three-step sword beast is actually two hollow ones that can be invisible, plus Kusajishi Yachiru.

  These two hollow genres are more likely to be the abilities of Kusajishi Yachiru owned by Zanpakuto. The materialized Zanpakuto has the Ability and also performs in the original work.

  Nimaiya Ōetsu has created all the Zanpakuto, where his Zanpakuto can become a woman, where Miyajima Mela, Sakagawa Shirakawa, Chinobu Natsumi, Hamamiya Sinko, and Sugawara Lotus are the guards of Nimaiya Ōetsu.

  Among the five, Miyajima Mela played the most, and she had her own Ability and fire.

  In addition, Hamamiya Sinko can unplug his teeth and turn it into a hammer to let Nimaiya Ōetsu build Zangetsu.

  Therefore, Zanpakuto materialization can also have a strange ability. Xia Yan believes that Kusajishi Yachiru is the Zanpakuto materialization, and the two hollow ones are the ability of Kusajishi Yachiru.

  As soon as Kusajishi Yachiru disappeared, Xia Yan had some regrets.

  Zaraki Kenpachi was still quarreling with Kusajishi Yachiru and then went back and asked: “Where are the little ghosts, in which direction is the Spiritual Arts Academy?”

  Renji pointed to out to guide and said: “First out of this food street, then go east and go south.”

  Zaraki Kenpachi scratched his head and finally said, “Forget it, are you also a student of the Spiritual Arts Academy? Take me with you. ”


  Everyone did not expect Zaraki Kenpachi to make this request, carefully leading the way ahead.

  Everyone walked out of the food street and walked toward the east. The atmosphere is make everyone afraid. Instead, Xia Yan did not fear. He curiously asked: “Zaraki Captain, why do you want go to the Spiritual Arts Academy?”

  Zaraki Kenpachi heard the question and glanced at Xia Yan, saying: “It is natural to recruit students at the Spiritual Arts Academy.”

  “Zaraki Captain personally recruited?”

  Xia Yan stared with big eyes, and Captain-level Shinigami personally invited, at least the Shinigami of the genius series.

At least there must be Kaien Shiba and Ichimaru Gin such a latent talent.

  Xia Yan tried his best to recall the members of 11th Division in the future, but most of them have now entered 11th Division.

  Who on earth is it?

  Renji said in a timely manner: “Is it Hisagi Shuuhei?”

  Hisagi Shuuhei, the most powerful student of the Spiritual Arts Academy, is in the sixth grade this year. Zanpakuto who has just been temporarily borrowed for two months, has mastered Shikai, and is strong in Reiatsu. He can be seated as long as he joins the team.

  More Wood Captain nodded and said: “Yes, it is him.”

  Xia Yan naturally knows that Hisagi Shuuhei, the future 9th Division Lieutenant, assisted Sajin Komamura in the Karakura Town to kill Tōsen Kaname, and then after Kensei Muguruma and Mashiro Kuna returning to 9th Division, he can still surpass Mashiro Kuna to become Lieutenant.

  His Talent is not comparable to Kaien Shiba and Ichimaru Gin, but in the history of Soul Society, it is also a difficult genius.

  In the absence of graduation, it has already been vying by various Division, and because Zanpakuto ability meets the requirements of the 11th Division, Zaraki Kenpachi has no problem in recruiting students personally.

  Only Hisagi Shuuhei is destined not to join 11th Division, his goal is only one, 9th Division.

  This is because Hisagi Shuuhei had encountered a hollow attack in his childhood, and was rescued by 9th Division Captain, Kensei Muguruma at the time. Kensei Muguruma has 69 numbers on the abdomen, so Hisagi Shuuhei is on the face. 69 two figures, 69 means Kensei and 9th Division.

  Joining 9th Division is the goal of Hisagi Shuuhei efforts, and how can he join 11th Division.

  Although I know these things, but Xia Yan did not say it, these contents should not be known.

  Six people took Zaraki Kenpachi and Kusajishi Yachiru to the Spiritual Arts Academy, and the two went directly to Hisagi Shuuhei.

  Hisagi Shuuhei is also a resident of Rukongai, so he lives in the dormitory of the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  Two people were sent away, six people stood in the distance, and the look was a bit complicated. Renji said: “I really envy Hisagi senior, has not graduated, and have so many Captain attention.”

  When he heard this, Xia Yan smiled a little, and Hisagi Shuuhei was powerful, but could it compare with the six people standing here now?

  Except for Kondo’s lack of fame in the future, I don’t know what the result is.

  Hinamori Momo is Lieutenant of 5th Division in the future, and Kira Iziru is Lieutenant of 3rd Division. After Ichimaru Gin betrayed, he became temporary Captain.

  Rukia finally became Captain of 13th Division, and Abarai Renji was her Lieutenant after the Millennium War arc.

  Which of these four people will be weaker than Hisagi Shuuhei?

  Their grade, which can be called the second strongest grade of the Spiritual Arts Academy, is only a little weaker than the first strongest Kyōraku Shunsui and Jūshirō Ukitake.

  Even the Kaien Shiba, Ichimaru Gin and Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who are sixth-class spiritual pressures, are not comparable to their respective grades.

  Xia Yan is among these people, how can he be willing to become an ordinary Shinigami?

  Xia Yan said faintly: “As long as we work hard, we can reach the strength of Hisagi seniors.”

  Renji face regained its brilliance and said: “Yes, we have to let other Captains recruit in advance.”

  Six people have made up their minds because of what happened today, and they must work harder.

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