Chapter 12 : Izakaya (Taverns)

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  For next period of time, Xia Yan was taken care of by Renji, Rukia, Kira Iziru and Hinamori Momo. Four people take careful care of injury and he didn’t feel anything different.

  Seven days later, Xia Yan found Isane Kotetsu, who was in the medical training class. After the examination by Isane Kotetsu, after Isane Kotetsu removed the bandage for Xia Yan and told Xia Yan that he could train Zanjutsu without worrying about the bones.

  In the Soul Society, all the souls are made up of Reishi. Every part of the body, muscles, bones, lungs, and blood are all composed of Reishi.

  So as long as Reishi is replenish, it will recover very quickly. If you break the boundaries of Shinigami, you can also achieve super speed regeneration.

  After Xia Yan recovered, on Saturday, Renji received the salary for the first month of work. The income was not high, but it was enough for them to spend a winter in Rukongai.

  In order to celebrate his first month salary, and the recovered Xia Yan, Renji decided to entertain his friends to eat.

  In addition to Xia Yan, Rukia and Kira Iziru, they also invited Kondo, the same bedroom, and Hinamori Momo.

  Renji was dissatisfied with Hinamori Momo who injured Xia Yan, but for a week of care, Renji added more recognition to Hinamori Momo and invited her to go out to eat.

  At around 5 pm, Xia Yan, Renji, Kondo and Kira Iziru waited at the school gate. After a while, Rukia came here, but after a quarter of an hour, Hinamori Momo did not.

  When everyone was thinking about whether to go in and find her, Hinamori Momo ran to the gate.

  Renji asked with no anger: “Why are you this late, what are you doing?”

  Hinamori Momo said with apologetic sorrow: “I attended the calligraphy classroom, and Aizen teacher asked help to pack things up, and delayed some time, sorry.”

  ”Aizen teacher?”

  Xia Yan eyebrows wrinkled, and he didn’t expect the two to have contact at this time.

  Rukia asked curiously: “You are learning calligraphy with Aizen teacher? What have you learned? ”

  Hinamori Momo nodded and said: “I joined in half a month ago and now I mainly learn some simple strokes and fonts.”

  Rukia still wants to ask, but Renji waved his hand and said, “Okay, don’t talk, let’s go eat.”

  Renji walked north with five people, and looked a little proud. After a while, he entered a street and there was a small shop next to it.

  Seireitei is the living place of Shinigami. There are many shops, not only restaurants, but also optical shops, snack shops and tea shops.

  For example, in the court of Seireitei, there is an optical shop, the name is the silver plaque of the glasses, and the manager Ginjirō Shirogane is Lieutenant of 6th Division. In the future, he will resign from the position of Lieutenant because of the successful operation of glasses. In the future, Renji from 11th Division went to 6th Division to serve as Lieutenant, which replaced Ginjirō Shirogane. And Renji biggest leisure hobby is to pick goggles at this store. The owner hobby is to let 6th Division Captain Kuchiki Byakuya wear his own goggles.

  Renji went on with five people, turned a street and entered the food street.

  In this street, there are food shops on both sides of the store, Oden, Izakaya, sushi, cake, ramen, and Chinese food.

  The six people have been walking inside and came to the front of a home Izakaya(tavern). Renji said: “This is where I work.”

  The izakaya that Renji said is not too big. It is still not in the evening, and there are not many people inside.

  Renji pushed the door cloth open and the first one walked into the room and the others followed.

  When we got inside, a strong man walked out from the back, and saw Abarai, then smiled and asked: “Renji, how come you here, you didn’t have a work today?”

  Renji said: “The store manager, can’t I come to eat? Give a room, I want to ask my classmates to eat.”

  Another clerk took the six people into the room. This is a four-door tatami room. The four doors are connected together. Each door has a small square table for three or four people.

  They have six people, so they put together two small square tables and occupy two doors of tatami.

  After the six people sat down, the clerk handed the menu to them and let them browse.

  Xia Yan turned over to look at the menu, where there are skewers, stir-fries, oyakodon, sushi and Oden, and the meals are rich.

  ”Do we eat Oden? This is cheaper. ”

  ”Oyakodon is not bad.”

  ”It’s okay to have some chicken skewers.”

  They know that Renji income from working is not high. They only order some Oden, chicken, kebabs and oyakodon, which is the cheapest meal.

  ”You don’t need to save money for me.”

  Renji grabbed the menu directly and ordered a lot of barbecue skewers, grilled fish, grilled squid, and grilled eggplant plus baked mushrooms.

  In addition, he ordered a box of sushi and a few bowls of oyakodon.

  Finally, he ordered sake and juice.

  When I saw a table full of meals, Rukia asked with concern: “Is this too much? Your income may not be spent on asking us to eat. ”

  Renji waved his hand and said, “This is not too much. I naturally won’t spend all of it. Let’s eat it quickly.”

  Xia Yan and the others started, Renji, Kira Iziru and Kondo took the sake, but thoughtfully poured juice for the girls, but when Xia Yan wanted to drink sake, it was stopped by Renji.

  ”You are too young, still drink juice.”

  Renji put a glass of juice in front of Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan is helpless, and he is now only 12 years old. Even in Seireitei, he can’t drink at this age, especially sake containing Reishi, which is more likely to cause drunkenness.

  Xia Yan sat there, picked up a chicken skewer, put it in his mouth, and bite it.

  The skewers here are not the same as the hometown. The chicken skewers are mostly square, while the mutton skewers are thicker. They are chewed in the mouth and the meat can be better filled in the mouth.

  Not only that, but many Japanese-style foods are filled with food filling in the mouth, such as sushi, fried rice and Oden.

  Therefore, eating a lot of food, filling the mouth with food, and then taking a sip of sake after swallowing is really very smooth.

  Of course, Xia Yan can only drink juice.

  Six people ate and chatted, and the atmosphere was very lively. Kira Iziru, Hinamori Momo and Kondo were very curious about the relationship between Renji, Rukia and Xia Yan. They learned that the three were dependent on each other and helped each other to survive in Rukongai and the relationship is so close.

  After a meal, they ate for more than two hours. After a full meal, Renji called the clerk to check out, but found that the price was only half of the calculated price. he wondered: “How is it so little? Liang Tian brother, are you wrong? ”

  Liang Tian said with a smile: “The boss said that as long as Renji comes to eat in the future, you only need to pay half of the bill.”

  When Renji heard this, he opened the wooden door and looked at the boss who was grilling the skewers on the bar in the distance. He waved his hand and said with smile: “Then many thanks, boss.”

  Renji paid the bill and the six men came out. Xia Yan finally walked out of the shop, only to find that the first five people were on the spot.

  ”What happened?”

  Xia Yan did not understand the raised the head, only to see a tall man standing not far away, more than two meters high, hedgehog head, with a black eye mask on his face, the body exudes a repressed breath.

  He wore a black Shihakushō, dressed in white haori, and it was a Captain of Gotei 13.

  He stood in front of a few people and glared at a few people with eyes that didn’t wear black eye masks. He said, “Hey, little devils! Tell me, where is this? ”

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