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The graduation ball has not officially started yet, and Su Zhirong chats with the students. She have been missing for almost a year, and I am facing graduation. I can’t talk about each other’s words.

“Cao Nan is married, do you know?” said Wu Wenwen, who just returned from the welcome position.

“Ah? So fast, I haven’t contacted her for a long time.” Su Zhirong surprisedly said, Cao Nan was the girl who had read business management with her before.

“I heard that there is, so she got married, and she didn’t come this time.” Wu Wenwen said with enmity. “Her husband is a local tyrant, and he is particularly concerned about her. Every day in the circle of friends, envy is dead.”

Speaking of this, she asked: “Yes, Su Zhirong, what is your boyfriend doing? It seems that it is not our school?”

“Well, a company.” Su Zhirong replied simply.

“Colleagues? What position is in your company? How much is the annual salary?” Wu Wenwen looked curious and Su Zhirong was helpless and said: “It is a high-paying class.”

Wu Wenwen said with emotion: “Your eyes are definitely not bad. When so many handsome guys and local tyrants chased you, you didn’t agree.”

Having said that, she whispered again: “Yes, tell you something. Just when I was welcoming, I saw seniors!”

“Section of the seniors?”

Wu Wenwen reveals a fascinating emoticon, saying: “Duan Chi, former president of our college student council! He is so good now! He came as an invited entrepreneur, his own company, already It is listed, and now has a market value of several hundred million! It is handsome and talented, and the most is single.”

“When I first came, I talked with our tutors and principals, and there was a male god!”

“When he was pursuing you, we all thought that you would agree, who knows that you actually rejected him.”

“That’s all in the past.” Su Zhirong shifted the topic. “Old friend, how are you?”

“Salted fish, work and boyfriend have no shadow, can kill me.”

They only talked for a while, Tao Fang said: “Everyone is quiet first. Now there are several entrepreneurs in VIP lounge. I will take you all to visit first. Everyone needs rare opportunities. Other instructors also want to bring them. Students have no chance in the past.”

“Tao teacher is mighty!” the students shouted happily.

Tao Fang took eight students to VIP lounge and knocked on the door.

On the sofa inside, there are four entrepreneurs sitting and chatting with each other. Three of them are middle-aged, and only one young man is in a crane in a flock of chickens.

He is taller than 1.8 m, wearing a smart suit, and his shoes are bright and handsome. This person is Duan Chi, two years older than Su Zhirong, one of Su Zhirong’s former pursuers.

He is talking with three older entrepreneurs about his own opinions: “I think blockchain technology will definitely be the next wave of Internet. We are already expanding the application of this information. This time I will come. ……”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly stopped and looked at the door. At this time, Tao Fang was coming in with the students, and his eyes stayed on Su Zhirong.

Su Zhirong in a black dress, like a blooming black rose, has more charm than before. Duan Chi’s heart trembled fiercely, as if he had found the feeling in heart.

His conditions are good, there are too many women, and ordinary women can’t afford his interest. And possessing temperament, but rare to see, Su Zhirong is such a best.

The other three also noticed the difference of Duan Chi, one of them said with a smile : “Xiao Duan to see acquaintances?”

Duan Chi came back, said with a slight smile: “Yeah, seeing her, I feel worthwhile!”

“Hahaha.” The three people will smile, Tao Fang said: “Don’t bother you? These are my students, very good. You are all seniors, give pointers.”

The oldest one said: “I can’t talk about it, it’s okay to exchange ideas. Come and sit down.”

A group of people sat down, Duan Chi’s eyes still looked at Su Zhirong. Wu Wenwen whispered in Su Zhirong’s ear: “Look, he still likes you!”

“Don’t be kidding!” Su Zhirong said with a serious tone, Wu Wenwen had to take back her own gossip.

Tao Fang shouted: “I will introduce to you first, this is the Pang Xing senior, is the 08 session? Now is the general manager of Central China region of Bia.”

She introduced them one by one until Duan Chi turn, said: “Duan Chi, should you know? It is also the student I have brought before. The company that he have established has already achieved a lot of achievements, and the market value has reached several hundred million yuan.”

Duan Chi said: “It’s all taught by Tao teacher.”

“The student is really good!” Several students admired. Seeing the gaze of the schoolmates and sisters, Duan Chi is also quite satisfied in his heart. There is a saying that is good, rich and not returning home, such as starry night.

With achievements not going back to dressing, life will lose a lot of fun. When he saw Su Zhirong, he was somewhat disappointed. Su Zhirong was very calm and did not compliment him like everyone else.

At the next time, the four entrepreneurs and Tao Fang’s students exchanged, and also observed in secret, paying attention to some of them, if they like, then they will find Tao Fang to contact them and dig them into their own company.

After all, Su Zhirong has held important positions in Red Letter. She is more experienced than other students and has unique insights on some issues. She immediately caught the attention of four people.

Pang Xing said at the moment: “This primary school girl, are you interested in coming to work in our company, I am missing an assistant!”

He said that everyone is envious of Su Zhirong, Pang Xing’s assistant, which is equivalent to directly becoming a high-level executive.

Su Zhirong refused: “Thank you for your appreciation, but I still want to continue to develop in the current company.”

“That’s a pity, but if you want to change jobs, you can always contact me.” Pang Xing said.


After a simple exchange for more than half an hour, the graduation ball will begin soon, and Tao Fang leaves with students.

She specifically took Su Zhirong and said: “They just looked at you very much. How can you refuse so fast?”

“Mrs. Tao, I really don’t need it,” Su Zhirong said.

“You don’t need to refuse, go out to work, and have multiple relationships.” Tao Fang shook her head. “You are still too young, but it doesn’t matter, there will be opportunities for the prom, don’t be so stupid.”

They haven’t gone far, and Duan Chi actually blows out, and said to Tao Fang: “Mrs. Tao, do you have something now? I want to find Su Zhirong to talk about something.”

Tao Fang looked at him, and she said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You talk, You want to talk how long it takes to talk.” After she finished, she withdrew and made Su Zhirong speechless.

Duan Chi looked at Su Zhirong, swept her sight, took a deep breath, praised: “I haven’t seen you for a long time, you are getting more and more beautiful!”

Su Zhirong smiled and said: “If you have something, just say it, I still have things to do.” In the tone, the meaning of indifference is very obvious.

Duan Chi touched the nail, but he was not discouraged. If Su Zhirong was so well contacted, he would not be so interested.

He smiled confidently and said: “In terms of personality, you haven’t changed at all. I appreciate you. Go there and ask for a glass of wine. I have a lot of words to tell you.”

“That’s still okay, my boyfriend is waiting for me there.” Su Zhirong’s attitude is very clear.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Duan Chi heard this sentence, and he felt a feeling of dissatisfaction. He did not catch up with Su Zhirong, and now Su Zhirong actually has a boyfriend!

“What a pity! It’s a pity! Actually, this time I came here, half of the reason is because of you. You actually have a boyfriend.” Duan Chi shook his head and said: “I really want to see, who can win you? The heart of school goddess.” He still does not give up, now he is a young successful entrepreneur, self-confidence is no worse than anyone.

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