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Lu Zixin just use a day at high speed and went home to He County in the night. He has not returned since he graduated from university.

There are many places in He County that are under construction. It seems to have prospered a lot more than before. You can see the modern commercial center and the development zone where the enterprise is built along the way, as well as the large number of residents who returned to country because of the annual festival.

Lu Zixin drove his car into a community. He wanted to let his parents buy a house, but his parents had to wait for him to come back to discuss, so they still lived in previous place.

“Mom, I am home!” Lu Zixin called.

“Come on!” Shen Man said with a surprise in her tone. After a while, she went downstairs with Lu Zixin father Lu Yue.

It’s more than nine o’clock in evening. There are dim street lights in neighborhood, and the cool winds are blowing outside. Shen Man was wearing a coat and rushing to find Lu Zixin’s figure, and her eye wrinkle was a little more than before.

Lu Yue is wearing a black jacket, his hair is no longer black and shiny, and his body is not as powerful as Lu Zixin imagined.

Lu Zixin was very emotional and greeted his parents: “Dad, Mom, I am here!”

He came down from the car and Shen Man walked over and was amazed: “You don’t want to spend my eyes? How is your change so big?”

Now Lu Zixin seems to change too much from before, from appearance to temperament.

“Mature!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Just come back, is this your car?” Lu Yue said with amazement. Lamborghini logo he knows naturally, this is a valuable luxury car!

“Well, where do I stop? There is no parking lot in this community.” Lu Zixin asked, the old-fashioned community, there was no parking lot at the time of construction, and the tallest building was only seven stories.

“Know that you have to drive back, your dad has cleaned up the warehouse a few days ago, stop at the warehouse.” Shen Man said, “I open it to you, this car is beautiful, worth a lot of money?”

“What’s more! Maybe it’s more expensive than our house!” Lu Yue said with emotion. “Hey, this is a lot of money!”

Although I learned something on the phone, but I saw Lu Zixin luxury car, Lu Yue still felt emotion. In just one year, my son has already had a better life than Laozi. It is really waves of Yangtze River.

Lu Zixin parked the car in the warehouse and followed his parents upstairs. The home has been renovated and added a lot of furniture, which has changed.

“Mom, what about my bed?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Oh, you never come back, so throw it,” Shen Man replied.

Lu Zixin: “…”

After a chill, a family of three sat in front TV and chatted. Lu Zixin made it simple to say that his parents were amazed.

“I don’t think my son is so promising!” Shen Man said proudly. “This big company has a profit of hundreds of millions. It is much better than other children! It is really my son!”

Lu Yue deeply said: “We can’t keep up with times. Internet profitability is stronger than our hard work.”

He said that is the case, but the heart is still full of pride, after all, Lu Zixin is even more powerful, is still his child.

When the family talked in the middle of night, Shen Man was still excited and said: “When you catch up with children, when I will see your relatives, and your mother will have a face!”

Lu Yue is slightly frowned and said: “You should not say more about your son.”

“What’s wrong? The son has a good time and can’t say it?” Shen Man wondered.

“I don’t mean this. It’s natural to say, but don’t be too exaggerated.” Lu Yue said, “You know, we have a few relatives and friends, and there are some flaws in personality.”

“If you tell the news that your son is making big money, they can’t pass the wind and rain. Even then, when people ask for your help, find out what you borrowed, what do you do?”

“If we can help, we will definitely help, but my son is busy with work, and he don’t have time to help. When I am in a hurry, I have to be smashed by people.”

“As the saying goes, poor people are not asked in downtown area. Fu has a distant relative in the mountains.” Lu Yue said, “I have seen too much. Isn’t there any news? Anyway, low-key points are good, so as not to be remembered.”

When Lu Yue finished, Shen Man nodded and said, “It is this. Then we don’t say too much, so we can make some money.”

The two also confessed to Lu Zixin, talking about the topic of buying house. Lu Zixin said: “Do you want to buy a house in Jiangcheng or Pengcheng? My company has branches in both cities, and it is convenient at the time.”

“No,” Lu Yue said. “I have discussed it with your mother. We have lived in He County for decades, and we have no idea of ​​going out.”

“Now He County is also engaged in development, just buy a house in He County. You want to buy it in a big city, that is your business.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Also, I can’t do it. I buy it on both sides. I also know friends who are real estate, just ask.”

In fact, he is still more worried about the safety of his parents. If there was one ordinary citizen, it would be nothing. But now he has more than one billion assets, and he is already a rich man in the eyes of ordinary people.

If someone finds out his parents and plots to do something wrong, that is a big deal. So be sure to live in a safer place. Lu Zixin is even prepared to ask one or two professional bodyguards to follow the parents and help them to take care of family.


In the evening, Lu Zixin slept in bed and sent a message to Senior Sister Xue Yao asking about housing.

Xue Yao replied: “The kind you said is at least a high-class villa community. I don’t know if you have any in the county. But you have to buy it in Jiangcheng, say less than five million, you have to look at the lot and The environment is expensive for tens of millions.”

Lu Zixin: “No way, my parents must live in He County. I don’t know about real estate situation here. It seems that there is no such community here. Unless it is a single villa built by the rich. My parents are not used to living.”

Xue Yao: “This way. I can help you ask the colleagues there. We have a project in He County!”

Lu Zixin: “Really? That’s good. It’s best to let him find a suitable one for me and give the agency fee.”

Xue Yao: “You still talk about the agency fee! This sister will definitely help, you have helped me so much!”

Speaking of Hongxin Building, Red Letter side has already paid off the final payment. This one-to-one billion-dollar order allowed Xue Yao to secure a position as a senior business manager at BaiJia Real Estate. The salary at the end of year was 200,000+, and the commission was higher than the salary, so she was naturally Be grateful to Lu Zixin.

After finishing the matter, Lu Zixin asked her about her recent situation: “Is there a Chinese New Year?”

Xue Yao: “[emoticon: sigh] no, I won’t go back this year.”

Lu Zixin: “Why? Very busy?”

Xue Yao: “The main thing is that my family is bothered. I haven’t returned yet. They are ready to let me go to blind date. I am too lazy to go. Go back and see after new year is over.”

Lu Zixin: “Yes is very annoying. Senior Sister, you should also find a boyfriend.”

Xue Yao: “I think too, no one wants.”

Lu Zixin: “Just kidding, on your terms, people who chase you are afraid that they will not know how long they are in the queue.”

Xue Yao: “It’s still the same sentence. If you look at me, I can’t look at it. I can’t look at it. I don’t see me. I am tired!”

Lu Zixin: “Who can’t see you? His eyes must be problematic.”

Xue Yao: “[emoticon: snicker] I also think.”

The two chatted for a while, and Shen Man got up to toilet and shouted, “You still playing with my mobile phone so late, not afraid of your eyes go bad? Sleeping!”

Lu Zixin had no choice but to reply: “My mom let me sleep, good night.”

Xue Yao: “Good night.”

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  1. You may be a superman, the youngest billionaire, owner of the most potential company of this era, a friend of tony stark, but when your mother tells you to sleep, there’s no hesitation in obeying, mother power XD
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