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“There is another Reiatsu disappearing, Reiatsu rank is four, three, and five.”

Xia Yan sat in the room and carefully wrote down the book.

The massive Reiatsu disappearance event in Karakura Town represents Aizen’s attack on Shinigami, which is rotated in Human World.

This incident will attract Shiba Isshin to Human World. As a result, he encountered a Hollow, and with just Shikai he could not defeat white hollow. When he was wanna release Bankai, he was attacked by Aizen, so he fell in battle with the white hollow.

After that he was saved by Kurosaki Masaki, and Kurosaki Masaki was also attacked by white hollow, so there was a hollow hole.

At this time Shiba Isshin came to Human World for the second time and met Kurosaki Masaki, who has hollow hole. With the help of Kisuke Urahara, he injected his Shingami power into her body and saved her.

Then Kurosaki Masaki graduated from high school, went to university, university graduation and married Shiba Isshin, gave birth to Kurosaki ichigo.

But when Kurosaki ichigo was nine years old, Yhwach launched a holy attack against all the mixed blood, and met a virtual attack and died.

Xia Yan knows that Shiba Isshin is about to appear, but he has not helped him.

I can’t expose it now, I can only maintain high-intensity combat power for 20 seconds, and I can’t play full power against Aizen.

So I still need time.

The birth of Kurosaki ichigo will be a good trigger point, as long as the plot continues as it is.

When Kurosaki ichigo went to save Rukia, he could sneak into Seireitei, look for Unohana Retsu, go to find Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, fight the battle, and fight Aizen in this battle.

I can’t wait until Aizen merges with Hōgyoku. At that time, he has an immortal body. Even Kurosaki ichigo can’t beat him. He finally defeated Aizen, Hōgyoku then read his thoughts and stopped the Evolution.

Xia Yan made a good plan and waited carefully.

In the second month, finally, a formidable Reiatsu burst in Karakura Town.

At least seven.

Xia Yan feels the Reiatsu from far away, knowing that the owner of Reiatsu is definitely the Captain-level Expert, and only Shiba Isshin appears at this point in time.

Shiba Isshin sneaked into Karakura Town, just to investigate the missing Shinigami.

Four Shinigami were killed one after another, so Shiba Isshin did not report and went directly to Human World.

Here we go.

Xia Yan eyes a glimpse, standing on the warehouse, wearing a black cloak, waiting quietly.

More than one Reiatsu, the second Reiatsu appears.

This Reiatsu is not Shinigami Reiatsu, but hollow Reiatsu, which should be the first white.

The white hollow is transformed with Shinigami soul, very formidable, the shape of the bull’s head, and a big hole in the chest.

This is how Kurosaki ichigo turns into a bullhead in the future.

Shiba Isshin Shikai couldn’t beat white hollow, and when he wanted to use Bankai, he would be attacked by Aizen, which made him unable to solve the problem.

The Reiatsu fluctuated constantly, and after a while, it was raised.

It is different from previous Reiatsu, this is the Reiatsu of Quincy, no accident, it should be Kurosaki Masaki, which is the mother of Kurosaki ichigo.

The three Reiatsu are intertwined and finally end with the disappearance of Hollow Reiatsu.

This is Kurosaki Masaki to sacrifice the right arm to kill the hollow, but a few days later, she entered Hollowfication.

After a few minutes, Shinigami Reiatsu disappeared, and Quincy Reiatsu was hidden.

This is Kurosaki Isshin and Quincy have left.

At this time, the plot was officially started, and finally it was not because of its own appearance, changing history.

Xia Yan stood there, after a while, he returned to the room and waited quietly.

Five days later, Yoruichi came to Xia Yan and said to Xia Yan: “Aizen has a new move.”

Xia Yan looks at Yoruichi, The latter slowly said: “Shinigami, who is called Shiba Isshin, recently investigated the attack of the subordinates and was attacked by a strange hollow. The Quincy was thus infected by hollow Strength, Shiba Isshin came to Human World again, and Kisuke Urahara helped to save the Quincy, but the price was that Shiba Isshin had to use his Shinigami energy to curb the annihilation of Quincy.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “That is, Shiba Isshin can’t be Shinigami.”

Yoruichi said: “Yes, he is now settled in Human World and plans to open a clinic.”

Xia Yan said: “Yoruichi senior, do you and store manager think that Aizen did it?”

Yoruichi nodded and said: “It must be him. The hollow Strength has a part of Shinigami. It is the result of soul breaking the boundaries. Only Aizen can do this. In addition, Shiba Isshin had to use Bankai to kill the hollow, but was sneaked, because that the body was injured and could not use Bankai. The sneak attacker must be a behind-the-scenes creator, but when he sneaked, Shiba Isshin could not find the traces of others, and you said that Aizen copied Kisuke black cloak, which is basically Aizen.”

Xia Yan said with a voice: “And knowing that Shiba Isshin Bankai needs to consume a lot of Reiatsu, it must be Shinigami from Seireitei so Aizen shot again.”

Yoruichi asked: “Kisuke asked me to ask you, if you want to see Shiba Isshin?”

Xia Yan took a deep breath and said: “Of course.”

I have to meet Shiba Isshin, and I want to ask about the situation at the time. I also want to ask about Seireitei.

I want to ask how Soi Fon now, how Rukia and Renji have been, what other friends are doing.

What is the announcement of his death in Seireitei, Xia Yan wants to ask a lot of words.

“Let’s go.”

Yoruichi stood up and the two left the warehouse together and went to Karakura Town.

Xia Yan asked: “Yoruichi senior, Shiba Captain Where is he?”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “He is still at Urahara Shop, and now he is worried about what to do next.”

Xia Yan nodded. The two arrived at the Urahara Shop. Just walked in and heard a voice. “Hey, Urahara, you said that you want to introduce me to someone. Who is it? Why not come yet.”

The sound is lazy and very similar to Shiba Isshin.

The voice of Kisuke Urahara came, “Shiba Captain, please wait quietly.”

“Who is so mysterious.”

Shiba Isshin voice was a bit curious. At this time, Yoruichi pushed the door open and walked in and said, “I brought it.”

“Who is?”

Shiba Isshin looked at the door and saw a small man with a hood standing there.

Accompanied by Shiba Isshin question, Xia Yan pulled the hood down and revealed his face.

Seeing Xia Yan moment, Shiba Isshin stared big eyes, dumbly said: “You, you are Xia Yan?”

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