BSI Chapter 108 : Double Thunder Wing

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X-N: change of term for the process use hollow mask to Blur

After Muguruma Kensei use Hollow Mask, the speed became faster, the feet stepped on the ground, and the body suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in front of Xia Yan, and the short knife in his hand cut to Xia Yan neck direction.

Xia Yan body leaned back, the blade wiped the tip of his nose, and Muguruma Kensei knife cut the air. It was just the elbow and turned back to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan boss hands blocked the blow, but they felt the power came.

Speed, and Strength, can be compared to his own Shunko.

Xia Yan stepped on the ground with his right foot and quickly retreat, trying to pull the distance away.

However, the wind is getting more and more, and a gust of wind gathers into a wind blade, coming from all directions towards himself.

The wind blade is bigger and the strength is stronger.

This is the result of a brief increase in Reiatsu after wearing mask.

Faced with these wind blades, Xia Yan boss hands held Zanpakuto and cut a dozen wind blades. It was only an instant, and the front wind blade was broken, but there were still two wind blades coming.

The strength of the wind blade is not high, but at the moment of crushing, the explosion sounds, the air is moving around, and there is a gully on the surrounding ground.

With the explosion, Muguruma Kensei appeared again behind Xia Yan, rising high and slamming.

It’s too late!

If the wind blade is solved, it will be cut by Muguruma Kensei.

“Xia Yan is not Kensei opponent after Shikai and Mask. It seems that he must at least use Mask to win.” Aikawa Love standing in the distance and said.

“No, Xia Yan does not have to use mask.” There is a smile on the corner of Ushoda Hachigen mouth.

In the field, Xia Yan eyes a glimpse, regardless of disregard, the wind blade crushed and chopped, and Muguruma Kensei knife also fell, but did not touch Xia Yan, but hit a circular fan.

Bakudō #39, Enkōsen.

The Enkōsen instantly Shatter, but has given Xia Yan a moment of opportunity, Xia Yan stepped a little, appeared in the distance, and opened the distance.

“Running very fast.”

Muguruma Kensei smashed his head and held the knife in his hand to attack again.

But after he jumped into the air, six pieces of light flew, and the body of Muguruma Kensei was sealed, causing him to lie on the ground.

“Bakudō #61, Rikujōkōrō.”

With Rikujōkōrō power, the binding force is even more amazing, but in the face of Muguruma Kensei, the light is fragmented.

But the next moment, a huge chain flew out, entangled Muguruma Kensei body, and then a railing descended from the sky, sealing Muguruma Kensei body.

Three high-level Bakudō, Muguruma Kensei body was sealed on the spot, unable to move.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xia Yan raised his hand and gently recited: “I faintly reveal the article of muddy, the arrogant talent…”

When Muguruma Kensei broke open and appeared in midair, Xia Yan just finished the last few words.

“Not good.”

How did Muguruma Kensei didn’t know what this is, but the next moment, Muguruma Kensei is shrouded in black coffin.

Kurohitsugi has a cross, and then Kurohitsugi stretches out a black ray that runs through Kurohitsugi and smashes all the objects inside.

“Hadō #90, Kurohitsugi.” Hirako Shinji stood up, revealing the horror.

“And it’s all chanting Kurohitsugi, ready to rescue.” Yadomaru Lisa said with concern.

Aikawa Love said: “Don’t worry, he has not lost.”

The next moment, the ground shattered, a gust of wind blew from the ground, Kurohitsugi slowly dispersed, only to see Muguruma Kensei body standing there, the body appeared a bloody, arms covered by a white bandage, white bandage There is a circle behind it, and there are two toothed knives in the hand.

“Bankai, Tekken Tachikaze.”

Muguruma Kensei Bankai, a wide range of control winds, can fill the surrounding Space with a gust of wind.

“Even if I use the wind to form a shield, Still hurt by you, you are really amazing.”

Muguruma Kensei Looks at Xia Yan, coldly said, he wrapped his body in the wind at the last moment, trying to resist the invasion of Kurohitsugi, even then, the shield was broken by Kurohitsugi, hit him hurt.

“But, it’s here, use your Zanpakuto, otherwise you are not my opponent.”

Muguruma Kensei gently waved his arm, the next moment, a gust of wind smashed the ground, forming a huge whirlwind, swept away toward Xia Yan.

Xia Yan fast escaped, but a figure appeared in front of Xia Yan, a knife cut.

Xia Yan wants to dodge, the surrounding winds gather, crushing his hands with the arms, and let him be fixed in the air.

Seeing that it was going to be stabbed, Xia Yan’s face showed a mask, banging, breaking free from the wind, and appearing in the distance, avoiding Muguruma Kensei Slash.


Xia Yan had to use Hollow mask to evade, but the sizzling winds in the surroundings around the look at the sunset, Xia Yan knows that just this can’t beat Muguruma Kensei.

Blurring can only increase speed and Reiatsu, but it can’t avoid the wind that pervades the entire space. As long as it is hit by the wind, you may be broken.

So Xia Yan said lowly, “Let’s land, Kaminari.”

The next moment, the training field was covered with clouds, and the arc was littering in it, and a flash of lightning fell into the hands of Xia Yan and became Kaminari.

“Thunder Zanpakuto? This is the first time I saw Xia Yan using Zanpakuto.”

Yoruichi picked up her eyebrows and looked a little surprised.

“Look at this scene, the power will not be too weak.” Hirako Shinji said with a smile.

Training field center, Muguruma Kensei look at Xia Yan, asked: “This is your Shikai?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes.”

Muguruma Kensei said with a smile: “Offensive, it is enough to make you Shikai and use Blur, let me see the power of your Shikai.”

Xia Yan looked at the complex Muguruma Kensei, and the body was gradually covered by the blue thunder, forming two pairs of thunder wings, with a mask with sharp corners, making him like the ancient thunder.


Xia Yan figure disappeared, the next moment, he appeared in Muguruma Kensei back, and his short gun caught his vest.

Muguruma Kensei lie down and evade, but the back hurts and has left a bloody mouth.

He raised the head and found that Xia Yan had appeared in the distance and was floating there to look at himself.

“I, I lost?”

Muguruma Kensei were full of horror, some could not believe that they lost.

“This speed!”

Yoruichi picked up the eyes, and Xia Yan’s speed was faster than the eye’s capture of Ability, which was faster than using Thunder Shunko.

Maybe you can catch up with him if you use Thunder Shunko.

Xia Yan feels that it is a matter of course, Hollow Mask and upgrading his Reiatsu and speed, plus two pairs of thunder wings, so that Xia Yan’s speed reached the extreme, the second make Muguruma Kensei lost.

In this state, Aizen speed is not as good as himself, and he can have the Ability to fight him.

But this is not enough.

Because of the next moment, Xia Yan’s mask suddenly shatter, the thunder disappeared, and the Shikai state disappeared.

Xia Yan Reiatsu within the body has disappeared.

Blurring, two pairs of thunder wings, plus Thunder Shunko, the complete Kurohitsugi and three Bakudō, will consume all Xia Yan Reiatsu.

Xia Yan has a seventh-class Reiatsu, which is the Captain-class Reiatsu, but it cannot satisfy the application of these Ability.

Blurring, this is the advance of Reiatsu, and the consumption of the double-wing is more terrifying, so Xia Yan can not support too long.

With complete Reiatsu, Xia Yan can last for 20 seconds, once consumed in advance, it can only last for about seven or eight seconds.

Only by reaching the eighth-class Reiatsu, Xia Yan can make the use of time longer, and truly possess the possibility of being against Aizen.

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