BSI Chapter 107 : Muguruma Kensei

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Xia Yan punched out and collided with Kuna Mashiro foot, and after a loud bang, he saw a ripple that was scattered and the dust around it instantly rose.


The masks on Xia Yan and Kuna Mashiro face were simultaneously fragmented, and together they were smeared.

“Very good, relying on the strength of the fist, you can already resist the long-term Mashiro kick.”

Yadomaru Lisa stood aside and said with a smile.

Kuna Mashiro was somewhat lost and said: “Xia Yan, you have become so good, I can’t beat you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “After all, it has been ten years.”

It’s been ten years since Xia Yan came to Human World. In the past ten years, Xia Yan has been able to draw and win Kuna Mashiro.

This is due to the constant battle between with Kuna Mashiro and the result of Xia Yan using the magnetic field to quench the body.

Now Xia Yan skin muscles are extremely tough, and have reached the point of pseudo steel.

As long as it continues, Xia Yan is sure to become real steel skin in 20 years, so most of Shinigami Slash can not hurt himself.

“Xia Yan Shunpo has also improved a lot, and Wind Shunko is almost complete.” Not far away, Yoruichi said with a smile.

In ten years, Xia Yan Shunpo has been enhanced a lot, and with the help of Quincy Hirenkyaku, it has reached the grades of Yoruichi and Soi Fon.

Wind Shunko is almost complete, and it can be used barely.

“And Kido, Xia Yan has mastered high level Kido.” There Ushoda Hachigen smile on the side.

With Ushoda Hachigen help, Xia Yan can already master high level Hadō and Bakudō.

Most of Bakudō can use without a chant, with a power between 50-60%.

Hadō’s abandonment chanting is also completed, Raikōhō can achieve 50% power, but like Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, only one-third of the power.

As for Kurohitsugi, Xia Yan is still unable to completely abandon the chant.

“Xia Yan Hakuda have reached Mashiro level, Shunpo has also reached Yoruichi level, and Kido has also been recognized by Hachi. I am going to test your strength and see that you use all the strengths, what level can be reached.”

Yadomaru Lisa looks at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan asked with curiosity: “Sister Lisa, how are you going to test?”

Yadomaru Lisa clap her hand and said, “You can come out.”

With the words of Yadomaru Lisa, Muguruma Kensei, Aikawa Love, and other people all appeared in the underground training field.

Muguruma Kensei smiled and said: “Brat, let us be your opponent, let you play full Strength.”

“What do you mean?”

Yadomaru Lisa looked to Xia Yan and asked.

Xia Yan nodded and said, “Okay, I want to see how much I have improved.”

“Who is first?”

Yadomaru Lisa looked at everyone, and Muguruma Kensei came forward and said, “I am coming, I think at least, I have to use Bankai to be able to play with this kid, so you’d better stay away.”

Thinking of Muguruma Kensei Bankai, everyone went to retreat and came to the edge of training field.

“Then I still need to set up an barrier.”

There Ushoda Hachigen said that while set up a barrier.

Seeing their actions, Xia Yan felt that the strength of Muguruma Kensei may not be as weak as the one show in the original work.

Therefore, Xia Yan did not dare to swear, said: “Please enlighten Kensei senior.”

“Come on.”

Muguruma Kensei clenched Zanpakuto, the next moment, Xia Yan’s body shape disappeared, appeared in Muguruma Kensei behind, a knife stabbed.


Xia Yan Zapnakuto was blocked by Muguruma Kensei, but the tip of the knife was only one inch away from Muguruma Kensei face.


Muguruma Kensei has some lingering fears, but it is only a little bit worse.

This is the reason why Xia Yan moves farther than himself. With his Hakuda skills, he is not his opponent at all.

“Blow it Away, Tachikaze.”

Muguruma Kensei shouted, the next moment, his Zanpakuto became a short knife, with a gentle wave.

A wind blade spurred toward Xia Yan.

Xia Yan raised his Zanpakuto and went forward and banged.

At the moment he touched mid-wind blade, a violent explosion sounded.

This is the “Shikai Ability of Muguruma Kensei”, which can control the wind and turn the high-condensation weathering into a silk thread or a blade to attack the enemy.

At the moment of touching the enemy, the wind can explode, causing a huge damage.

Xia Yan was occluded by the explosion, just rushing out of the airflow range, and several wires flew in, surrounded Xia Yan body.

“Awesome Ability.”

Xia Yan eyes a glimpse, the body is rapidly retreat, but the next moment, a figure appeared behind Xia Yan, a knife stabbed.

Muguruma Kensei speed is not fast, but Xia Yan front is wind net, unable to dodge, and behind is a stab.

Xia Yan had no choice, the surface body flashed a thunder, and Xia Yan disappeared in place, appeared in the distance.

Xia Yan does not intend to use Wind, it is Xia Yan’s own killing skills, and even can be superimposed with the Shikai state, to stay at the most critical time.

Muguruma Kensei was stabbed the empty air, and the footsteps were a little bit slow. He once again flew toward Xia Yan. At the same time, the process of moving forward, waving the short knife in his hand.

The lines of air condensed into each other are intertwined, and in the grid near the thread, there is a wind blade that closes the space in front of Xia Yan.

Facing the wind blade full of explosions, Xia Yan toes were a little bit, and his body shape suddenly disappeared. He appeared again and came to the top of Muguruma Kensei, and stood upside down with him.

“So fast.”

Muguruma Kensei did not expect Xia Yan to appear on the top, raising his short knife and waving upwards.


The short knife and Xia Yan Zanpakuto collided together, and a violent explosion sounded, and a hurricane hovered at the collision site.

Muguruma Kensei wants to resist Xia Yan by the explosion of wind energy.

However, a bit of a bang, Xia Yan Zanpakuto was heavily squatted, and directly slashed the back Muguruma Kensei, leaving a blood mark directly on the back of the six-car boxing.

“That’s awesome!”

Muguruma Kensei fast retreat, pull away the distance, looks at the injured shoulder, and the eyes pick up.

He only used Shunko to defeat my own Shikai. It was a wonderful little devil.

Shikai of Muguruma Kensei is very strong, and with only Shikai, he can defeat all Vice-Captain.

But Xia Yan was able to fight Shiba Haiyan by incomplete Shunko 20 years ago. After 20 years, Xia Yan Shunpo has improved, muscles and skin have become tough under the magnetic field, and the body has a stronger strength.

Muguruma Kensei are only based on Shikai, and it is impossible to defeat Xia Yan.

“Kensei Shikai not even enough to forced  out Xia Yan’s Shikai and Hollow Mask, let alone, he still holds Kido.” Hirako Shinji looks at the battlefield, said softly.

Aikawa Love also said: “Kensei can’t beat Xia Yan, even if Bankai and Hollow Mask can not be done.”

Otoribashi Rojuro exclaimed: “This little devil is really terrifying.”

“Kensei senior, don’t you use Mask?.” Xia Yan looks at the boxing west and said softly.

“I will!”

Muguruma Kensei reached out and grabbed a full-covering Mask on his face, and then he rushed toward Xia Yan.

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