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The media were sizzling hot, Rice and Red Letter also pushed behind one another to make the event even hotter.

Various experts have jumped out, analyzing and researching the gambling of both parties, basically analyzing the Rice phone to win.

Red letter does not respond to this. Anyway, through this incident, the masses know at least that there will be a Red Letter mobile phone, which is the best advertisement.

The inside of Red Letter is also in a busy schedule. First, the improvement of the chip, and then the adaptation of other hardware settings, the design of mobile phone System, also handed over to subsidiary Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Lu Zixin is also trying to improve the competitiveness of Red Letter mobile phone. The chip is on one hand, the development of other hardware, it is impossible to complete immediately, so he shifted his goal to software upgrade.

As we all know, the mainstream mobile phone operating System, in addition to the Android System is Apple’s IOS System, the two operating System have their own favorite crowd.

IOS System is a patent of Apple Inc., only suitable for Apple products.

Red letter mobile phones, unless you develop your own mobile phone system, you must also use Android System.

Still the previous problem, now Red Letter has limited research and development capabilities. It is too difficult to re-develop a completely different mobile phone system. It is the best way to improve on the Android System.

The road has to go step by step, so Lu Zixin has proposed a project for the Red Letter Software Development Company, which is the “Super Android System” project. The Android System, based on open source (commonly developed software system), was redesigned to make a “super Android System” that is more powerful than other mobile phones, which is an evolutionary version.

Red Letter Software Development has a supercomputer from Red Queen and Lu Zixin help. The project should be enough, just for a long time.

When Red Letter was busy with all the work, Rice Mobile has released the latest mobile phone with this heat.

They took the form of online sales, the first batch of goods were released on the Internet, and immediately snapped up! Sales and word of mouth are very good!

And the mobile phone of Red Letter still has no wind. Everyone is waiting Red Letter mobile phone is released, and the one billion gambling is completed.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is getting closer and closer, and Red Letter is getting busy. Lu Zixin called his home and urged him to go home early for the New Year.

Lu Zixin took part in annual meeting of main company and two subsidiaries while handling things. The annual meeting of Red Letter is directly packaged for professional teams to do it, saving effort and time.

In the office, Lu Zixin clearly arranged the main affairs during Chinese New Year.

“Old Tang, you have to work hard this New Year. Contact the foundry, chip production, you have to look at it.”

Tang Gang nodded and said: “This is my duty. I will not go home in the New Year, just stare at the company.”

This year his family’s situation changed dramatically, first in bankruptcy debt crisis, and was pulled by Lu Zixin. In general, I have been able to live a peace of mind.

Lu Zixin said: “Your home is close to you. If you are not busy, you can go home directly to reunion. Anyway, you can come to company anytime.”

“Yeah.” Tang Gang nodded.

The two subsidiaries don’t have to explain, and both Liu Tong and Liang Song know how to arrange. Lu Zixin also made a special call to ask Su Zhirong. She was preparing for the Chinese New Year and went to the younger sister to have a simple round with her parents. The holiday was not long.

As for Lu Zixin himself, the preparation for the holiday is only one week, mainly to go back to see parents.

Two days before the New Year’s Eve, Lu Zixin set foot on the way home. His home is a half-day drive from Jiangcheng. Because it is a county town, there is no railway, and you can only go back at high speed.

Close to New year, high-speed blocking into a dog, Lu Zixin can not fly back, had to open the smart driving System directly, and then take out the phone to start chat in group.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin and Red Queen discuss the “super Android System”. The current progress is that the architecture of the Super Android System has been built and only needs to be improved and testing.

Red Queen : “The basis of the mobile phone software is hardware performance of the mobile phone. According to the performance data of your red core, the performance of super Android system can only be 1.5 times that of sample you provided to me. However, the vulnerability is perfect, the operation optimization will definitely be better. “

Mr. L : “This is enough!”

The Android System is criticized for its long-running Caton and some issues such as security vulnerability. If Red Letter’s ultra-Android System, even if it is just 0.5 times faster, it can be called a weapon to change the market!

What’s more, when you do business, who will take the baby out? For example, a performance of a mobile phone, the manufacturer has actually studied the third stage, initially selling only the first stage of mobile phone. Then in second stage, you can get an S series. In the third stage, you will get a P series. One technology makes three money, which is really beautiful.

There are more routines, and you can get one more out of several body colors.

Lu Zixin has determined that Red Letter’s first mobile phone, only the chip and ultra Android System, will not have more black Science and Technology.

Peter Parker : “Bubbing!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: puncture bubble!]”

Peter Parker : “Is Mr. Wayne here? The last multi-functional belt was so good!”

However, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in the group are not online, only Red Queen has sent an emoticon : “[emoticon: cold field? This baby is warm!]”

Peter Parker : “No, it’s pity. Red Queen is screaming, that’s fine. I have a question to ask you, do you say that humans may become lizards through genetic variation?”

Red Queen : “It’s all possible!” She said that, then she had sent a few pictures of zombies, all of which were grotesque, almost stunned the little spider.

Peter Parker : “Well, this is too terrifying! I am talking about another, that is, it becomes a homogeneous creature.”

Said, he sent a picture of a large lizard. It can be seen that this was taken in the city. There was a big lizard on the bridge of the city. I thought it was not a normal event with my toes.

Red Queen : “Of course. I have found out from your serum studies that you have added animal genes to your variant factors, so you have some of spider ability. If anyone has a way to join the genes from other organisms, it is theoretically OK. It’s ok.”

Peter Parker : “I understand, it seems I guessed it.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: zombie face with question mark.]”

Peter Parker : “Many thanks, I have something to do, I have to go offline!”

Say, little spider becomes offline.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: one is not there, this breaks the group to eat jujube pills!]”

Mr. L : “…”

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