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The press conference is not over yet, and Internet has already started. The first is the live broadcast of the conference, which then spreads to Weibo and other online media channels.

Douyu live broadcast home cover recommendation: “Directly hit Rice mobile phone conference, Tian Xiangshan and Red Letter agreed to one billion gambling!”

The title of “One Billion Gambling?” is too attractive. Many netizens who browsed live broadcast platform immediately went in to see the specific situation, and others asked on barrage.

“Just come, fighting fish said billion, what billion?”

Immediately, the old driver explained: “Explain to new friends, just now Tian Xiangshan and Red Letter agreed that compared to shipment of the first mobile phone of their respective brands, the bet is one billion!”

“One billion! My God, rich, willful!”

“One billion? I don’t believe it, it must be hype!”

“Red letter mobile phone? I have never heard of it, I have heard that Rice mobile phone is very easy to use.”

“I went to check, there is no mobile phone of the Red Letter brand! What is the situation?”


Tencent News Push: “On the first day of the New Year, you will be thrilled!”

The majority of QQ users immediately saw this news, saw a billion of titles, many people are curious to point in and understand the situation.

Rice mobile phones, most users naturally know, and the Red Letter brand, many talents are the first to see this name.

Although Red Letter Eat Chicken mobile game is famous, most people will not pay attention to the development company of mobile game.

The following comments in the news skyrocketed:

“Isn’t Red Letter a computer stewards? How do you sell mobile phones?”

“This year’s, New Year’s Day, I still eat instant noodles at home, fuck big slaps are a billion! People are more than people, mad!”

“Small intellectual retardation, start a picture, the content depends on the compilation, I don’t believe it!”

“So what red letter wants to be famous and want to be crazy? I will ask, Rice mobile phone must have got one billion, do they take it out?”

“Does gambling not break the law? I am going to sue them! Is there a bonus?”

Other news media also rushed to send out current events, and the word “billion gambling” began to be screened.

Red letter company, some employees are working, just opened the browser, it pops up a news: “live broadcast, Rice and Red Letter billion gambling!”

“Hey? Our and Rice billions of gambling? What happened?” Red Letter’s employees were stunned.

“Now the news is written? This should contact the Ministry of Justice to tell them!” The employee said, the colleague next to him said, “It is not written, it is true, you see, there is news on the mobile phone!”

When he saw the news, he was really real. He suddenly looked surprised: “I am going, is Octopus so sloppy? Directly bet one billion! Too exaggerated!”

Colleague nodded and said: “Yeah, our red letter mobile phone has not come out! And gambling with Rice, very hung!”

“You two are really young!” The old employee next to said with a smile, “Look at me, General is beautiful!”

“What do you mean?” The two were puzzled.

The old employee explained: “Do you think this is a bet of one billion? If you lose, you really lose money?”

“Don’t you give it?” The two wondered.

“Of course not!” said the old employee. “First of all, the gambling is against the law. Therefore, it is an ‘amazing’ joke that it does not have legal effect.”

“But it’s okay, as long as the majority of people who eat melons believe it. The one billion gambling bureau will let them put their concerns on our Red Letter mobile phones, and they will be free to publicize.”

“Look at the hot news now, it’s all this! In the next few days, I guess it’s still the same. Is this wave of propaganda more powerful? If you advertise yourself, spending 100 million will not have such an effect!”

“And General didn’t reveal any information about it at all. When it was lost, everyone couldn’t get him up. At most, it was to ridicule our red letter. It doesn’t matter, big companies will be ridiculed.”

“So General word has saved at least one hundred million in publicity fees for Red Letter mobile phone, and even more, you said that it is wonderful?”

“God!” The two said in unison, and at the same time admire the face: “I don’t think it is General, he think it is different from us!”

“But there are also shortcomings in doing this.” The old staff paused and said: “That is if the mobile phone market of our red letter is not good enough, it is likely that it will be completely ruined by netizens. At this time, it is very difficult to operated.”

It’s not just them, the top executives of Red Letter have been shocked by this news. They haven’t gotten a bit of wind before, like Lu Zixin’s temporary intentions.

Liu Tong, Liang Song and others all sent inquiries, and Su Zhirong also made a call to Lu Zixin.

“General, you have a bit of fun playing this game! Really not afraid to lose?” Su Zhirong snarled.

“You can rest assured that my wife has not enough, how can I lose? When red letter mobile phone is officially released, they will know!” Lu Zixin from the channel.

“Then I will wait and see.”

The spread of billion-dollar gambling bureau was fast, and it was quickly searched on Weibo. As a result, all kinds of hot public numbers came out, and they were reprinted or commented.

At this moment, the Rice mobile phone conference is coming to an end, and it is the link of the reporter’s question.

This time, everyone’s focus is no longer the latest features of Rice phones, but the billions of gambling games of Tian Xiangshan and Red Letter.

Tian Xiangshan also did not evade this. On his mobile phone, the staff has sent some latest news to him. The billion-dollar gambling is rapidly fermenting on the Internet, and this wave of propaganda is very powerful. It can be said that the attention of netizens at Rice conference is the highest ever!

Therefore, he will continue to gamble, the more fire, the better!

“Hello, Mr. Tian, ​​I am a reporter for New Wolf Entertainment. Do you have confidence in this billion-dollar gambling?”

“Of course! And 100% confidence!” Tian Xiangshan from the channel, “Our Rice will definitely win! Next!”

“Hello, Mr. Tian, ​​I am a reporter for Phoenix Science and Technology. The mobile phone of Red Letter has not been announced yet. Why are you so sure?”

“This is the style that our team has been uphold since we started our business. It’s better! When Rice 1 was released, our results were very good. I believe that the mobile phone of Red Letter is also good, but want to be three months more than us. The monthly sales are still too exaggerated!” Tian Xiangshan said politely.

“Hello, Mr. Tian, ​​I am a reporter for the Beijing Daily. If you lose, will you really lose one billion?”

“It is impossible to lose. Next!”

There were reporters who blocked Zhu An and Tang Gang who had not yet had time to leave, and asked about the interview.

Tang Gang said directly: “Media friends, this is press conference of Rice. We are guests, we can’t take the initiative. So everyone has questions can ask Mr. Tian.”

“As for other news, we will reply on official website or official online account of Red Letter. Please focus on the ‘red core’ chip, and the upcoming red letter mobile phone! Thank you!” He did not forget to give a red letter before he left made an advertisement for the phone.

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