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Lu Zixin Daily water group, deal with the official business, and then played two games, it is time off work.

Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong were eating in a restaurant near the office building. He ordered three people portion for himself. Su Zhirong was amazed: “You eat so much!”

As the physical quality improves, the nutrients required by the cells naturally increase, which makes Lu Zixin a big stomach king.

“Tomorrow weekend, let’s go out and play?” Lu Zixin asked. “Don’t tell me you still have to work!”

“There is no work.” Su Zhirong reveals a helpless expresion. “Just there are other troubles tomorrow.”

“What trouble?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Tomorrow, I am going to see my younger sister. I haven’t seen her for two months.” Su Zhirong said that in the past two months, the work was really busy.

“You younger sister?” Lu Zixin heard that she also had a younger sister in high school, called Su Xiaomeng, who went to a high school in Jiangcheng and was the kind of full-time boarding.

“Yeah, she also has a holiday. The little girl is too untrue. Her class teacher called me and said that she was recently uneasy, so I have to go and see her.” Su Zhirong said.

Lu Zixin didn’t really know much about Su Zhirong family situation, and she didn’t say anything about herself. He only knows that Su Zhirong’s family is doing business. She was originally a Jiangcheng person, but now her parents have gone to Shanghai.

Only she was in college at Jiangcheng, and she has not yet officially graduated. Her younger sister Su Xiaomeng is still in her second year of junior high school, she is five years younger than her. It is said that her parents are prepared to have a boy born in the second child, who knows that it is a girl.

“That’s have a look.” Lu Zixin nodded. “High school is the most important time.”

He said, Su Zhirong mobile phone ringing sounded, Su Zhirong looked and said: “My sister.”

She connected the phone and immediately heard a girl a sweet shout: “Sister~!”

Lu Zixin observed Su Zhirong expresion and found that she did not become happy or unhappy. Instead, she asked: “Is it so close, is it doing something bad?”

“Nothing!” Su Xiaomeng retorted, “The last monthly exam, my score is still the top ten in the class.”

“Before the top ten? At the time of my high school, at least the top three in the whole year!” Su Zhirong words also gave Su Xiaomeng and Lu Zixin crit attack.

This is the schoolmaster, I feel like I’m playing with a three-year-old. If it weren’t for genetic evolution, Lu Zixin’s thinking ability would definitely not better than her.

“You are a pervert!” Su Xiaomeng said what Lu Zixin wanted to say, Su Zhirong frowned. “How do you say that?”

Su Xiaomeng tone suddenly dropped several decibels and said: “I have worked very hard. Anyway, I have no problem, you don’t have to come to see me.”

“No, tomorrow, you are not allowed to go, I am going to your school to find you!” Su Zhirong tone of domineering, commanded.

“But I have to go out to play tomorrow.” Su Xiaomeng complained.

“where to play?”

“On the Happy Valley Playground.”

Upon hearing this, Su Zhirong was sensitive to what she noticed and immediately asked: “Who?”

“Just… just a few classmates.” Su Xiaomeng replied.

“Hey, isn’t that simple?” Su Zhirong yelled.

“Sister, I am going out to play, you have to manage?” Su Xiaomeng dissatisfied.

“How can you arrange me tomorrow? Anyway, when I go to see you in the morning, you have to be at school.” Su Zhirong finished talking, then hung up the phone and did not give Su Xiaomeng a chance to refute.

Lu Zixin asked: “Are you too strict?”

“You don’t know.” Su Zhirong reluctantly said, “Don’t listen to her mouth spoiling and selling, it’s not honest at all. I can be sure that she is going to play this time. Maybe the biggest possibility is to find a boyfriend!”

“Ah? She is looking for a boyfriend in her sophomore year?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said.

“Well, last time she wanted to have a love, but I was stopped her. She must have been deceived by a little boy this time. I can’t let my younger sister be fooled by those little devils!” Su Zhirong clasped the chopsticks As if it were her younger sister.


The next day, Lu Zixin accompanied Su Zhirong to the high school where Su Xiaomeng was. Su Zhirong is planning to educate Su Xiaomeng in the morning, then go with Lu Zixin to watch movies and go shopping in the afternoon.

This time he did not drive because Su Zhirong felt that the impact of driving a luxury car to high school was not good. If Su Xiaomeng saw it, it would affect her study.

Su Xiaomeng school is a secondary school of a famous university in Jiangcheng. The name is very loud. Lu Zixin has also heard that there have been several college entrance examinations. Many parents have spent money to send their children inside.

Su Xiaomeng can be in the top ten of this school examination class. In fact, it has already been a good grade, but it has not reached the level of Su Zhirong.

Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong came here by taxi and were registered at the gatekeeper before being admitted.

Rarely on the day off, Su Zhirong put on a light-colored casual wear, white T-shirt, seven-point slim jeans, a pair of white sneakers, very fresh sunshine, walking on campus, some students are curious to see her.

“She is in the sports field,” Su Zhirong said. “When I teach her, you are serious.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded.

They came to the school playground, and on the plastic grass, a group of middle school students were playing there. Three men and three women, three boys are taking pictures of three girls with a smartphone.

The three girls, alongside side by side, danced the popular dance “CliCli” on the Internet.

The three girls are all high school students, wearing five-point jeans, revealing the youthful white legs, but also deliberately tied the school uniform to the waist, wearing a cartoon T-shirt, dancing happily.

Originally, there was a mobile phone in the BGM “Panama”, but there was a boy next to the dubbing, listening to Lu Zixin laughing.

“big brother, is there a 400 duck in your hometown?”

“Is it white, take it?”


“Yes, it is oh~”

“Yes, it is oh~”

“Yes, come and do it!”

“Sister, sister~”

“Sister, sister~”

“Do you want to pay?”


“Hahahaha!” Lu Zixin couldn’t help but laugh, and it’s amazing how a good song is sung! Even Su Zhirong next to it laughed.

They laughed, and the boys who sang were not happy, staring at them. The girls stopped, and one of them complained: “No, this time, I can’t re-record it again. It’s so annoying, these people! Don’t you bother to laugh?”

“Sorry!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

Su Zhirong said to another girl: “Xiaomeng, good school uniforms, how do you wear them like this?”

The girl said: “Sister, this is fashion! Fashion!”

“Fashion? It’s obviously non-mainstream!” Su Zhirong ruthlessly criticized.

“Slightly!” Su Xiaomeng made a gloomy face to her and said to her companion: “We will record it again.”

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