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Good products will be word-of-mouth and users will promote themselves spontaneously. The Cloud host function alone is enough for computer users to download and use Red Letter’s computer housekeeper.

Unlike the online game accelerator, this time, you can use it even if you don’t play the game. Targeting the vast audience, Cloud host is destined to be a storm in the online world.

Most of user first to download and use Red Letter Computer Manager are game users, in order to do the game task, “reluctantly” download.

But when they download, they discover the power of Cloud host! The same computer, as long as the network speed allows, the speed is twice as fast! Who doesn’t want to use such software?

Even if the performance of their own computers is good enough, many users still want to be faster, so the downloads of Red Letter Computer Manager have been climbing.

And those network Science and Technology companies have the opportunity to detect “Cloud host”.

The software development center of Jinhai, the technician responsible for detecting the “Cloud host” function of Red Letter, was shocked.

“The Cloud host feature they said is actually true!”

“This is just another era of cloud technology. How is it developed? How much computing space does it take, how many machine rooms do you need, and how many machines can be completed?”

“Red Letter is coming this time! We were too young to see them!”

The management of Jinhai Software is a heavy face, and the Cloud host function of Red Letter has already attacked the software market. This is a very important test for them.

Even the danger is on top of Tencent and Qibao 330 head!

“First take the assessment and send it to Tencent.” Jinhai largest shareholder is Tencent, as Tencent has requested it and submitted a copy.

Tencent Corporation, executive vice president of related matters, An Hao received the evaluation results from Jinhai Software.

“As with our conclusion, this Cloud host function is really the technology that they have used in online game accelerators, but this time it is more extensive and more powerful!” An Hao frowns, said to several colleagues.

“This time the situation is serious!” Another executive vice president, Ning Shaozhen, expresion is also serious.

Tencent’s executive vice president is seven or eight, plus the number of senior managers such as COO (Chief Operating Officer), CFO (Chief Finance Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and so on.

Every one of them is a big name in Internet world. It is no longer a simple matter that will allow them to discuss it seriously.

“How are their downloads now?” An Hao asked the assistant.

The assistant reported: “The data of their own platform is not known at the moment, but our Tencent browser search index, thousand search, 330 search and some software download platforms, Red Letter computer housekeeper search and download data are climbing.”

“Cloud host is a hot search term for all major browsers!”

An Hao nodded and said: “Don’t think about it, it will definitely continue to climb in the next few months. If you don’t want to do it, our computer housekeeper business will be forced to occupy it!”

“We have a bad game! The CEO has personally asked me several times. Before Red Letter appear, we have been growing at a high speed. Now the growth rate has dropped by half!” Ning Shaoxuan said, “The most disgusting thing is Their online game accelerator, we have a wide variety of games in Tencent, and each game has to pay a large amount of ‘exclusive acceleration service fee’ every month!”

“The acceleration of their computer housekeepers and the game acceleration service are not overlapping?” someone asked.

“No, they are grading and sub-category acceleration,” said An Hao assistant. “For example, Cloud host acceleration, not including games, is a special to game accelerator. Cloud Host acceleration service is divided into levels, and VIP enjoys faster acceleration service.”

“The usage versions of regular users and business users are also different, so they use a technology to earn money for several software!”

“Is this road familiar?” They think, this seems to be the profit model that Tencent invented. Directly copied by Red Letter.

“In the past, we all borrowed from others. Now we have been borrowed for others.” An Hao smiled bitterly. “There is no good way to deal with it, headache!”

“I see, I still need to find a Red Letter to communicate. How to get this technology, or to find a way to acquire them?” Ning Shaozhen said.

“Isn’t the last acquisition rejected?”

“Reporting up, meeting for a discussion, and buying them now, the cost is estimated.”


Compared to Tencent, the most uneasy thing is Qibao 330. Every network Science and Technology company has its own “old”.

For example, Tencent is an instant messaging software, QQ and other program, and they are old enough to rely on the users of these two software to quickly promote their other businesses.

And thousands of degrees, is a search engine, and other companies’ online banking.

A big network of Science and Technology companies, as long as they are old, even if the profit is not high, it will not be too bad, there is always a chance to turn over.

The core of the Qibao 330 company is security software, and the carrier of security software is the computer housekeeper. With the users of this software, they developed browsers, games, mobile guards, etc., and also achieved good results.

In the office, President Zuo Yu face is ugly. He only spoke in the media yesterday, accusing the Red Letter of false propaganda. Today, when the Cloud host came out, it immediately hit his face.

Now on his Weibo, a lot of people watched the hilarious netizens his fault.

“@Zuo Yu, don’t you say that the Cloud host of Red Letter is fake? How do I use it?”

“@Zuo Yu, I used it, Red Letter software is much better than your 330.”

“Zuo, why do I use your software computer make my computer slow down, and the speed of the computer with Red Letter is getting faster, can you explain it?”

“Apologize, apologize!”

“Is my own garbage saying that others can’t? hehe!”


Zuo Yu just looked down a little, and immediately shut down Weibo comments, and secretly deleted the Weibo that was sent before.

However, netizens are arrogant, and some public accounts have also rushed to release the latest news.

“Let Zuo Yu delete the Weibo post, what exactly is Cloud host?”

“Can the Red Letter Cloud host threaten the status of Qibao 330?”

“One day, I’m going to change my face!”


Zuo Yu took a deep breath and asked the secretary: “How is the situation now?”

The secretary picked up the documents and stated in one article: “Technically, it has been determined that Red Letter computer housekeeper does use Cloud host technology and there is no further progress.”

“Data feedback shows that the number of downloads of Red Letter computer housekeepers is rising, and the number of users of our Qibao 330 computer housekeepers is decreasing.”

“What causes the reduction?” Zuo Yu asked harshly.

“Probably… because they downloaded the Red Letter computer housekeeper, so they uninstalled our software.” The secretary said cautiously, Zuo Yu’s fist slammed on the table and shocked the secretary.

“Go ahead!” he ordered.

“In terms of market valuation, several financial institutions have lowered our market valuation. They said that if we can’t cope with the impact of Red Letter, they will further reduce the valuation.”

“There are several invitations from the media, they want to ask you to do an interview…”

“Don’t go, push it!” The secretary had not finished talking and was interrupted by Zuo Yu.

When the secretary finished the report, Zuo Yu face was dark. He shouted: “Where does this Red Letter come out? Why can they make a Cloud host and we can’t study it?”

“Call the core team to meeting immediately! It is the moment when the company wants to go back to the market. This must be solved!”

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