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“Three, two, one! You can open!” Lu Zixin shouted.

Su Zhirong slowly opened her eyes, and the next second, her pretty face showed a shocking look.

She saw the space around them, and there was an endless flower sea! Blossoming flowers and very beautiful. It seems that there is a breeze blowing, the flowers are rippling, and it is even more beautiful.

“I… is it a dream?” Su Zhirong has no idea what to say, she can hardly believe what her eyes see.

Just now she and Lu Zixin are still on the waterfront, but now she can see the big river, which has been covered by flowers. And just a minute, where are these flowers coming from? Only by dreaming can you have such a beautiful view!

“You are not dreaming, these are for yours!” Lu Zixin smiled at her.

Su Zhirong reached out and tried to caress a flower, but her hand touched it. She discovered that these are light and shadow, not real, but she is not dreaming, but personal experience!

“It’s so beautiful!” Almost all the people in the riverside park are surrounded by such beautiful scenery, they have never seen it!

“What the hell is this?” a sister shouted. “It’s so beautiful, it’s more beautiful than the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen!”

Someone picked up the phone and record it and said, “It’s amazing, I want to make my friends know!”

Someone is on the phone, “Husband, you are coming out, Jiangbian Park. It’s so beautiful!”

More people are curious: “What is this? The projection is too realistic? And where is the projection from?”

They looked around and didn’t find the projection equipment. No one would have thought that the projection was just a few marble-sized metal balls.

Lu Zixin pulled up Su Zhirong hand and looked at her with a gaze, saying: “All the flowers here will bloom for you!”

He finished, the flowers seemed to be able to hear him, and bloom at the same time. Not only that, but also the flying petals are dancing all over the sky, more real than the scenes seen in the movie, one hundred times beautiful!

Su Zhirong has been enchanted by such beautiful scenery, some colorful, cute butterflies flew over and hovered around her.

Not only that, from the flowers, there are some fairy with transparent wings, dancing around Su Zhirong.

Dreamlike, like an immortal realm!

Su Zhirong heart is drunk, and any girl will be conquered by such beauty!

The road people also stopped their steps and felt while taking pictures.

“Beautiful?” Lu Zixin asked softly, putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Beautiful!” Su Zhirong tone is also one of the shocks, her pupils, reflecting the sky dance, colorful!

“No beauty!” Lu Zixin slowly said.

Su Zhirong reveals a pleasant and shy emoticon, just like the water lotus’s shyness.

Lu Zixin couldn’t help it anymore, took her into his arms and kissed her.

At this moment, the virtual projection of the fairy danced beside them, the butterflies were paired, the air fluttered, the petals fell, and they sprinkled on them.

At this moment, the passers-by stopped shouting and looked at the two people in the middle of the beautiful scenery.

“Good and beautiful, so romantic!” A sister can’t wait to replace Su Zhirong and appear there.

“If my boyfriend gave me this, I will marry him right away!” Her companion is also envious.

“Aaahhhhhhh!! So envious!”

Not only women, but men are equally envious. Such a romantic scene is that it is hard to find money. Especially this real fantasy, estimated to spend a lot of money?

The heroine in the scene is also beautiful to look up, as if she only has to stand there and enjoy the same treatment as the goddess!

Su Zhirong was completely unprepared and was already succeeded by Lu Zixin.

She was short of breath, and the body seemed to lose strength. Only Lu Zixin held it to stay.

“Hate!” She pushed Lu Zixin, said while playfully pouting.

However, Lu Zixin just laughed, didn’t talk, made her more shy, and the red halo spread to the neck, it was cute.

“A lot of people are watching!” Su Zhirong sneaked a few eyes and found that people were looking at it, and others tried to take pictures.

She squinted at his face, Lu Zixin didn’t worry, the virtual projections interfered with the light, and their cell phone camera shots were not very clear.

He pressed the instrument and the projection disappeared.

“Where are they going?” People are surprised.

“Where is it projected? I want to buy one, where it sell?”

“I want to see it again!”

Lu Zixin bent over and picked up the three virtual projection beads and handed them to Su Zhirong. He said, “That world just gave it to you.”

“Just, is this thing?” Su Zhirong widened her eyes and looked at the things on her hands. This inconspicuous little metal bead has such a magical function?

“Well, I will explain to you later, let’s go straight now!” Lu Zixin saw that many people came here.

“Hey, brother, wait, what was that?” Someone asked in the back.

“Wait a minute, I am a reporter from the Jiangcheng Evening News. Can you please do an interview?”

“What is that? Where can I buy it?”

“Wait a minute!” There were a lot of people to ask, but Lu Zixin took Su Zhirong and didn’t stop and ran straight out.

Lu Zixin took her directly to the car and drove away. The latter person only saw the car shadow of a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

“It’s really a local tyrant!” they sighed.

“Just the thing, I can guarantee that there is no domestic. It is definitely a super high-sense Science and Technology thing, not a local tycoon can afford it!”

“Too cows approved!”

The Jiangcheng Evening News reporter is also a pity, not able to interview people, or tomorrow’s news headlines are this!

But it doesn’t matter, although people are gone, the news can still be written.

He hurriedly interviewed the people around him and asked, “Hello, I am a reporter for the Jiangcheng Evening News. Have you seen all the things you just saw? Can you tell us?”

“I have seen it! It’s so beautiful! It’s so romantic!” A sister immediately said it.

The reporter quickly recorded the contents of the interview with his mobile phone. He asked: “So, can you provide some photos?”

“Yes! But it is not clear!” said the girl. “I just took a lot of pictures, but the light of the projection interfered with the picture, it was very vague, it was a pity!”

“I knew that I would bring the SLR out!”

The reporter found a few people, and there were only some vague photos. He thought that the car that the man had just opened was worth a lot. It is estimated that the person with the status is not low, and it is not easy to report it casually. The vague photos can be used. There is no need to go deeper.

Even if you have a clear photo, you can’t send it, so as not to get into trouble.

In the car, Su Zhirong is still working on the three virtual projection beads. The range of projection can also be adjusted. For example, in the car now, you can project only a range of basketball size.

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