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In the darkness of the Space, the sight is full of black mist.

The mist slowly drifted toward Xia Yan. The latter wanted to escape, but could not move. He could only cover himself with black mist, cover his mouth and nose, and kill himself.

But at this moment, a thunder fell, illuminating Space and dispelling the darkness.

Written like a lyric, “Like sunlight, piercing the night. The dawn was quiet and crossed the horizon.”

That’s right, that light is three million years ago the light giant, Ultraman Tiga!



Xia Yan violently opened the booth eyes, gasping for a big mouth, and look at white ceiling.

where is this?

Xia Yan head was a little painful. He looked around and found himself lying on a bed and trying to twist the body, only to find that there was pain in the body.

What exactly has happened?

Xia Yan tried to think back to what happened before the coma.

That’s Right, I fought with Zaraki Kenpachi and then unconscious.

Xia Yan remembered the battle at that time. Zaraki Kenpachi wanted to kill himself. He took control of Shikai at a critical juncture and fought Zaraki Kenpachi without blindfold. He took advantage and fell down because he was exhausted.

It seems that he did not kill himself.

Since He don’t kill myself, why should He put myself to death?

Xia Yan couldn’t understand it. At this time, a voice rang in his ear. “Xia Yan, are you awake?”

Xia Yan turned his head and saw that the iconic doll with sleepy face, it was Soi Fon.

“Soi Fon Captain, have you saved me?”

Xia Yan looks at the opposite side.

Soi Fon stood up and smiled and said: “You fainted, and Zaraki Captain is not shooting.”

“No further shots?”

Xia Yan frowned and asked: “But he really wants to kill me?”

Soi Fon replied: “The reason why he wants to kill you is my request, which has nothing to do with his intention.”

“Soi Fon Captain’s request? Why are you asking him to kill me?”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, full of puzzles.

Soi Fon said slowly: “You have never mastered Shikai, and you can’t help yourself. My own experience can’t help you. I want you to master Shikai by killing. Now it seems that this method is not bad.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “If I didn’t succeed, I am going to die now.”

What Xia Yan feels about Zaraki Kenpachi, is he really wants to kill himself. If it is not the last moment to master Shikai, this time I really want to be killed by Kenpachi.

Soi Fon said confidently: “Of course not. If he really wants to start, I will save you, even if he is full power.”

When Xia Yan heard this, the eyes lit up and asked: “Soi Fon Captain has mastered Shunko?”

“If I don’t grasp the Shunko, how can I dare to use such a dangerous method.”

Soi Fon corner of the mouth is tilted up, with a smile that can’t be covered. She takes off her haori and reveals the body wrapped in combat suits.

The next moment, there is a strong explosion behind the battle suit. The energy of blue gathers behind the shoulders and the arc spreads along the limbs. This is the thunder.

Xia Yan saw this scene and said with joy: “It turned out to be really successful, Captain, congratulations.”

He said, he would straighten up, but he is wounded, snorted and lay back.

“You stupid brat, don’t move, just lie down for me.”

Soi Fon saw Xia Yan move and get angry.

Although showing an angry look, but seeing him happy for herself, regardless of injury, she is more and more satisfied with this little devil.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “The strength of Soi Fon Captain has increased.”

Soi Fon smiled and waved her arm, leaving a shadow in the air and saying, “It has indeed increased a lot.”

After forty years, she has only mastered the incomplete version of Wind Attribute Shunko, and now She masters Thunder Attribute Shunko in forty years in advance, Thunder Attribute Shunko is more in line with her Shikai Ability, and the increase in Strength is a grade.

Xia Yan really rejoiced for her. After all, Soi Fon Strength position in the original work was rather awkward, and there was no good record. There was no end to Kensei Muguruma Bankai, Tekken Tachikaze, and there was a Shihoin Yoruichi has been holding the name of Shunshin(Flash Goddess) in front.

But now it’s different. Soi Fon Strength is increasing. With Shikai, it is also the best among the Captain. Even if you can’t beat them, no one can do anything to her.

“Soi Fon Captain, can you take this energy away? This kind of Strength fluctuations is not good for patients. ”

A voice suddenly sounded, and a silhouette emerged behind Soi Fon.

Soi Fon suddenly became stiff and quickly took energy. She said to the behind person: “Sorry, Unohana Captain.”

“Nothing, just pay attention.”

It was Unohana Retsu who appeared behind Soi Fon. She nodded to Soi Fon and came to Xia Yan. She smiled and said: “The battle between you and Zaraki Captain is very intense. Most people in the Seireitei can feel you. The black cloud in the sky and the release of Reiatsu, your Shikai, is another Zanpakuto that provokes the sky, is Thunder Attribute?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It is Thunder Attribute.”

This is not something that needs to be hidden. Although I don’t know how to coma for a few days, the scene of the battle should have spread throughout the Soul Society.

Unohana Retsu added: “I heard that if you have Stamina, you killed him?”

Xia Yan said: “But I still failed.”

Unohana Retsu said softly: “It’s already good, and there is such a Strength at a young age. But remember, don’t be proud. ”

Xia Yan said seriously: “I will remember.”

“Your internal injury has been treated, the organ damage has been worn through the abdomen has been repaired, but the wound has been left. The chest injury is only to stop bleeding. There is no to heal, the bone fracture is connected, but it is still recovering. Next, there will be 4th Division members to help you with treatment every day. If you want to recover, it will take another five days, so you need to stay in 4th Division for the next few days.” Unohana Retsu said slowly.

Xia Yan quickly said: “many thanks treatment of Unohana Captain and 4th Division.”

“Then you take a rest, I will leave first.”

Unohana Retsu nodded and turned away. After she left, Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon asked, “Captain, how long have I been in a coma?”

Soi Fon thought about it and said, “About a day or so.”

“What about Renji Big Brother? Is he okay? ”

Xia Yan remembers that he was stunned by Kusajishi Yachiru.

“Don’t care about yourself, care about others first.”

Soi Fon gave him a look at Xia Yan and said, “Of course it’s okay. He woke up and came to see you. He still stayed here. I don’t like anyone else here, just drive him away. I also have driven are Kusajishi Yachiru, Matsumoto Rangiku, Ikkaku, Kuchiki Rukia and two others, who seem to be your classmates.”

You are really overbearing.

But he was fine, Xia Yan just let go, the two students should be Hinamori Momo and Kira Izuru.

At this time, Soi Fon asked: “Are you hungry now?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It is a little hungry.”

Soi Fon picked up a bag, took out a box of sushi from it, opened the box, and placed it in front of Xia Yan, saying, “Eat.”

Xia Yan looks at sushi, I didn’t expect Soi Fon Captain to be so considerate, and there was a little joy in my heart.

He picked up a sushi, was about to put it in his mouth, and saw Soi Fon staring at himself. Suddenly his heart had a mind, his arm swayed, the sushi slipped on the bed, and Xia Yan frowned.

“What happened?”

Soi Fon asked quickly.

Xia Yan said: “It involves a wound, a little pain.”

Soi Fon saw Xia Yan painful appearance and said, “Then don’t move, let me feed you.”

Say, Soi Fon picked up a sushi and placed it on Xia Yan mouth.

Xia Yan didn’t know why, his heart was very happy, he bite gently, his lips just touched Soi Fon finger, and Soi Fon didn’t move her fingers. When Xia Yan swallowed it, she took it back.

Xia Yan is eating sushi. I don’t know why. I always feel that the taste of sushi in my mouth has become delicious.

Xia Yan swallowed the sushi and looked at Soi Fon, who picked up a piece of sushi and stuffed it into Xia Yan mouth.

So after Xia Yan wiped out a whole box of sushi, he felt a little support. he looked at Soi Fon and said, “Captain, I am a little thirsty.”

Soi Fon heard this and went out to pour a glass of water and came to Xia Yan to hand him the cup.

Xia Yan took the cup and put it on his mouth, then handed the cup to Soi Fon.

Soi Fon took the cup and froze on the spot.

Xia Yan asked inexplicably: “Soi Fon Captain, what’s wrong?”

“You just seem to drink water yourself? It seems that your arm seems to be fine. ”

Soi Fon face is black and scorns Xia Yan.


Xia Yan immediately pressed his right arm with his left hand and shouted: “Ah, pain, pain, sore.”

“You give me stop.”

Soi Fon couldn’t help it anymore, raising her hand and knocking on Xia Yan head.


Xia Yan holding his head, looked poorly at Soi Fon.

Soi Fon coldly snorted, put the cup on the table next to it, and then said: “Okay, don’t make trouble. Tell me about your Zanpakuto, I am curious about the name and ability of your Zanpakuto.”

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