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“One minute?” Gao Song laughed. “Young man, I from birth, don’t dare to say that! If you can solve it in one minute, I can eat the keyboard!”

He knows that Xu Cheng is unhappy with Lu Zixin. So immediately speak out.

Xu Cheng also asked: “What if you can’t solve it in a minute?”

Lu Zixin said with a smile: “It’s not your computer, do you manage so much?” He turned to ask Su Zhirong, “What do you think?”

Su Zhirong hesitated. I feel that Lu Zixin just said that it really can be solved. Then she nodded. “That is bothering you. Anyway, how can you fix it? My information is not so important. It doesn’t matter if it is gone.”

She doesn’t understand the virus. Since others have the heart to help, they can’t give people a mentality Burden, so that’s why.

“OK!” Lu Zixin snapped a finger and picked up her laptop to get started.

“Can you do it? Don’t break Su Zhirong computer!” Cao Nan questioned, she is more willing to believe in Xu Cheng. However, her voice just fell, and Lu Zixin stopped moving. He put down her computer and shrugged.

“I said you can’t fix it!” Xu Cheng said, he is very disgusted with Lu Zixin, who has no eyesight. I have already identified myself, and if I am interested, I will definitely cooperate with myself.

And this Lu Zixin, seeing wearing is like a student, the behavior is not “mature”, has always interfered with his picking up.

“Fixed.” Lu Zixin looked at Su Zhirong, “Look at it.”

“Repaired?” Xu Cheng, Gao Song and Cao Nan simultaneously raised a doubts.

Xu Cheng did not believe that he was a master in computer field. He couldn’t understand it for a long time. Lu Zixin was only able to get it in less than a minute.

Gao Song is also frowning. When he sees the sign of the Octopus, he knows that this is not a simple virus. It is necessary to be a professional technician. Can this kid be so fast? Isn’t that going to break the computer?

And Cao Nan first reaction is that Lu Zixin is deceiving.

Su Zhirong also quickly took the laptop and played with it to see how it was. This time, no matter what operation she did, it was all right. It was really intact. The creepy octopus pattern disappeared.

“Really good!” Su Zhirong said, “My information is also, thank you very much!”

“What’s so good?” Cao Nan took her computer to play with, and found that there is no problem. She suddenly felt very incomprehensible. She just suspected that Lu Zixin couldn’t fix it. So soon, others would solve it. Isn’t it a face?

Xu Cheng was even more embarrassed. He had been drumming for a long time. He had always stressed that Lu Zixin could not solve it. But Lu Zixin speed made him feel that his face was dull and he could not wait to recover all the words he had just said.

He simply smashed the pot to kettle and asked: “Don’t you say that the virus is very powerful?”

Gao Song is also wondering, so fast? Just now he also said that if Lu Zixin could solve it in a minute, he would eat the keyboard. Fortunately, his thick skin, directly exposed this embarrassment, and quickly gave Xu Cheng a pot, said: “Maybe I made a mistake, sorry!”

“It doesn’t matter, thank you for your help.” Su Zhirong said politely. .

She once again thanked Lu Zixin and said, “Sorry, I just misunderstood you. I am sorry.”

“No need to use it.” Lu Zixin waved. “Don’t you fix a computer? Do your best. Oh, yes, just now. They are right. Your computer is indeed hacked, indicating that there may be some loopholes in your computer.”

“I am not sure that it will be solved once and it will be a problem. You better put it. The data is stored in other places.”

“Ah?” Su Zhirong brow frowned slightly and somewhat helpless said: “Well, only this way.”

“If there is another problem, I can help you solve it completely. If you have to worry, you can add me to WeChat. You can ask directly the next question.” Lu Zixin finally revealed his original purpose, but he said it was very natural, and Su Zhirong already I believe in his computer technology, so I didn’t notice it.

“Well, how much is your WeChat?” Su Zhirong agreed.

Seeing this scene, Xu Cheng was secretly upset. This time, the paralysis was not pretending, but Lu Zixin took the lead.

Gao Song consciously left, Xu Cheng is still not willing, when thinking about ways to continue to talk, Cao Nan took the initiative to say: “Xu Cheng, just trouble you. Just classmates, since I met, leave a contact ”

Cao Nan is very interested in Xu Cheng, this is the heir to Tiancheng Electronics, the real second generation! The key is long and handsome, the proper high and handsome, if she can make him a boyfriend…

“Well, Let’s know each other.” Xu Cheng said that he could take the opportunity to contact Su Zhirong. He asked for the contact information of two sisters. When he went to Lu Zixin, he asked: “Yes, I haven’t asked, this brother, where are you working?” The two girls also looked at Lu Zixin, and Lu Zixin introduced himself: “Lu Zixin, now in a game company.”

“I thought you were a student of our school!” Su Zhirong said differently.

“It’s not your school, but only graduated for half a year.” Lu Zixin said,

“What game company?” Xu Cheng said in an old-fashioned tone. “Jiangcheng’s big game company basically cooperates with my family. Which one are you?”

“Small company, it was only established.” Lu Zixin said freely.

Upon hearing this answer, Cao Nan immediately lost interest in him. And Xu Cheng, is a smile like a winner.

“Sure enough, it is a small staff!” Xu Cheng smiled in his heart, he knew all the big game companies in Jiangcheng. The company that was established soon is definitely an unknown small company. Looking at Lu Zixin, it is estimated to be a small staff member.

When you are on holiday, come over to study, and expect to change jobs later.

This level of people is not in his eyes at all. More in his company!

Thinking of this, Xu Cheng showed a scornful smile and said: “It turned out to be like this.” He put the phone directly back into his pocket, apparently did not want to add friends to Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin secretly felt funny, he just did not want to add this guy, adding a waste of time to black.

After knowing, Xu Cheng was active again. Find some topics and try to chat and improve relationships.

Lu Zixin is not to be outdone. He chats with Su Zhirong and finds that this girl is really appetizing. Face value is on the one hand, she is also a high student of the School of Business Administration of Jiangcheng University, and her ability is not bad.

“Hey, you play this too?” Lu Zixin saw a familiar icon on Su Zhirong mobile phone and immediately asked.

“Yeah. When you are free, you can play a few games for entertainment.” Su Zhirong nodded.

That icon is the icon of the “Desolate Battlegrounds” app.

“I also play, haven’t been in class yet, are you black?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Open!” Su Zhirong nodded. “But I am very good at cooking.”

“Nothing, I will take you!” Lu Zixin said. The two played together and Lu Zixin found that Su Zhirong was particularly excited when she played the game.

“I am behind someone, he is ordering me!” Su Zhirong shouted.

“Where? I saw it, I will kill him!”

“Lu Zixin, I took an eight-fold mirror, do you want it?”

“Yes, wait, somebody, squat under me!”


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