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The sound was crisp and sweet, and it immediately attracted the attention of many people in the classroom.

Within a few seconds, I saw two girls panting and coming to the door of classroom, apparently trotting all the way.

Although it is nearing the fall, the climate in Jiangcheng is still hot, so the two are wearing more cool.

One of them is wearing an orange-red knit off-the-shoulder short sleeve, a long, beautiful hair and a micro-roll at the bottom. The figure is good, the same color of the jumpsuit, revealing the white and slender thighs.

The face is long, but Lu Zixin thinks she may have the suspicion of plastic surgery. After all, it is similar to the face of the actress of Korea.

The other person, the feeling is more comfortable. She wore a white T-shirt and showed two lotus-like arms. The chest is quite large, giving the T-shirt a three-dimensional look. Because it is still breathing, the mountains are ups and downs.

The waist is slender, and the big long legs are also dazzling. The pens stand together, and underneath are a pair of white sneakers.

Overall, her body proportion is more perfect. Her hair is shorter than her companion, but she is more temperamental and spiritual.

Fine eyebrows, bright eyes and eyes, goose egg face, fair skin, although not very stunning, but it belongs to the kind of girl who looks more will more charming. Lu Zixin couldn’t help but look at her more.

In the classroom, both the elite of  workplace and the students of the graduate school have gathered their sights on them. Two young and beautiful female students are much more attractive than the old professors and books on the stage!

“Teacher is good!” The two sisters reported at the door.

The professor of the class nodded and the two came in. They looked around the classroom, and there were people in the front row, so they sat down in the back position, very close to Lu Zixin.

After starting classes, Lu Zixin regained his attention and listened attentively.

I have to say that this training class is still a bit useful. There are many flaws in the management of business management. The systematically summed up the experience and theory, as well as various cases, are more inspiring.

Lu Zixin benefited from the practical problems he encountered in managing the Red Letter game company.

However, Lu Zixin has never been a schoolmaster who can keep focusing for a few hours.

Inadvertently, he took his eyes to the side of the sister. The long-haired girl is playing with her mobile phone, and the temperament short-haired girl is taking notes carefully and typing on her laptop.

This kind of enterprise management training class basically takes a laptop to take notes, because it can also receive the electronic information sent by the lecturer in real time.

She sat upright, a pair of long legs pressed tightly together, the body leaned forward slightly, from the side, just can see an S-shaped arc.

The neck is as elegant as the neck of swan, and the lines of the chin are also very natural, especially like the charm of the Chinese character in the calligraphy!

The lips are gently licking, the nose is like jade, the eyes are bright, and the carefully painted Liu Mei is wrinkling, seemingly thinking about something. Short hair just covered the ear, she rubbed it with her hand. At that moment, it was like a swan that took care of the feathers of his neck and was elegant and beautiful.

“I go, side face killing and killing! Double crit!” Lu Zixin shouted in confidence, he had to admit, just now the girl’s side face and bursting movements, so that his heart followed.

It can be said that the movement of the moment just made the charm of women undoubted. Such a temperament girl, Lu Zixin has not seen it for a long time.

When he was in school, the girl who secretly loved seemed not better than her.

Lu Zixin confidence is an idea: “This training class is not a loss! You can find a way to get to know each other.”

If Lu Zixin saw such a girl before, I’m afraid I’ll be able to play with it. But now his mentality is completely different, so his ideas have changed.

“How do i get in touch?” Lu Zixin has a small abacus in his confidence.

When you think about it, the easiest thing is to know it directly, but the other high-value girl of the other party must have been accustomed to this way of knowing, and will not put him too seriously.

Lu Zixin saw her laptop and suddenly flashed in his head. Yes, you have to know, there is a way!

The other party’s computer must be connected to the network in order to receive the electronic data sent by the lecturer. And here is the public wireless network of classroom multimedia equipment, which means that it can connect to her laptop through the campus network.

Lu Zixin opened his laptop and operated quickly. He was very skilled in invading the campus network, secretly observing the sister’s computer model, looking for this type of laptop in the classroom’s wireless network management center, and then sent a Trojan virus.

This virus is not a big hazard, it is just a mischief.

“Enterprise management course materials?” The girl saw a file transfer on her computer, and she didn’t want to receive it.

Once received, her notebook was poisoned, not only can not operate, there is a pattern of octopus.

The sister stunned and said to her companion: “Cao Nan, I have a virus in my computer!”

“Well? What happened?” Next to her, Cao Nan long-haired girl, “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you secretly download a small movie?”

“Go!” The girl shook her head. “Someone just sent me the courseware information. I received it as soon as I received it.”

“Why? Isn’t it a courseware?” She was puzzled.

Cao Nan also shook his head and said: “I don’t know the computer. Do you have important information in it?”

“Yes, my papers have been written for more than half, just inside, what to do!” The girl was in a hurry.

“What can I do? Send it to repair! Or find someone to help you look, it should be able to fix it.” Cao Nan comforted.

Lu Zixin smiled in confidence, brother is ready, sister, come and ask me!

The girl was anxious for a while and went to class. She looked around and wondered if she was looking for a question. In her eyes, boys seem to know more about computers.

Lu Zixin is next to her, looking for an opportunity to help the girl repair the computer. Suddenly someone walked directly toward them and asked: “Is there a problem with the computer? I heard you say it in class.”

He was in his early twenties and looked quite handsome. He was about one meter tall and was wearing a big back. Shining. Wearing a foreign brand that Lu Zixin did not know, from the Rolex watch worn on his hand, the clothes should also be famous brands.

“Yeah! Can you fix it?” asked the short-haired girl.

“Is there still a half-way robbery?” Lu Zixin frowned.

“Of course, I am doing this!” The man smiled confidently and said, “I will help you!”

“Thank you, this notebook has my paper, I must help me!” Short hair girl shouted.

“Package on me.” He smiled confidently.

“Handsome, what is your name?” Long-haired girl Cao Nan asked curiously.

“Xu Cheng, what about you?”

“My name is Cao Nan, this is Su Zhirong.” From Cao Nan’s answer, Lu Zixin finally learned the name of the short hair girl – Su Zhirong.

Cao Nan seems to be very interested in Xu Cheng, has been chatting with him, and Su Zhirong, more concerned about the papers in her computer and hard disk.

Lu Zixin looked at him quietly, he was waiting for the opportunity. If the Trojan virus is cracked, the hacker of the Octopus organization will not agree!

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