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He rushed out of the office and asked, “Where is Lu Zixin, where is Lu Zixin?”

Ding Yu stood up and said: “In the Mr. Chai office, to completed the resignation formalities.”

“What?” Qin Zhijie heard this and couldn’t help to yell. “Damn it, Chai Mao, on other things he’s not diligent, but on this he’s diligent!”

Then he went to Chai Mao office, he was to lazy to knock the door as he rushed straight in.

The employees were even more curious when they saw Qin Zhijie frantically looking for Lu Zixin.

“What happened to General Qin looking for Lu Zixin?”

“Is there anything urgent? Is it related to the Blue Hole company?”

“Impossible! How can a company like them be looking for an intern. He must be looking for Supervisor Chai Mao!”

Ding Yu and Zhu An are even more curious. For what reason did Qin Zong ask for Lu Zixin? Did Lu Zixin do something bad and was found out?

In Chai Mao office, Lu Zixin has already completed the resignation procedure. The process is simple, because he doesn’t even have a formal employee contract.

Chai Mao said: “The remaining salary will be give to you on the 15th next month, but you are dismissed. According to the regulations, the bonus will be deducted.”

“Oh, that bonus, I don’t care!” Lu Zixin said in disdain, this garbage company is really black! If he can deduct more, it is definitely a lot of bucks!

“Don’t care?” Chai Mao sneered, “Lu Zixin, I don’t care about you but I will tell you, if you are like this, you will suffer in society!”

“Now, pack your things and leave!”

He had just gave the order, when Qin Zhijie rushed into the office.

“Lu Zixin, is Lu Zixin still there?” Qin Zhijie asked urgently.

“Is not that right?” Chai pointed at Lu Zixin, and said, “Rest assured, I have told him to leave after packing things up.”

“Who told you to do it!” Qin Zhijie suddenly roared, shocking Chai Mao.

“Is not that what you order…” Chai Mao’s words have not been finished yet. Qin Zhijie has a bad feeling and said: “What did I order?”

“I’m wasn’t ordering you to fire him, Lu Zixin is such a good employee, we should pick him! I was ordering you to make him a formal employee!”

What Qin Zhijie said to Chai Mao stupefied him, what is going on? Just now, Qin Zhijie himself was ordering him to expelled Lu Zixin, how can he change so fast?

“But the resignation has already been done.” Chai Maozhen said.

“Finished!” Qin Zhijie cursing endlessly inside his heart!

He took a deep breath and tried to squeeze out a smile. He said to Lu Zixin: “Sorry, Lu Zixin. This is a mistake in our side. In fact, we were not trying to fire you.”

“I mean, you are doing well and you should be converted to a formal employee. It may seem as Supervisor Chai Mao misunderstood my order. To not to let you suffer for this misunderstanding, the company is willing to give you a compensation plus a bonus.”

Chai Mao feels that he really stole the dog. Its clearly Qin Zhijie himself that order him to do it. Now what is Qin Zhijie playing here? the pot calling the kettle black!

Isn’t he is just an intern? With such good words to persuade him, but also become a formal employee , and bonus! It’s simply a fuss!

Lu Zixin is also puzzled. This Qin Zhijie, he is not familiar with him right? After staying in the company for nearly three months, he never said a word to him.

Because of Ding Yu, he did not has any good impression about this guy. Now that he suddenly had his attitude reversed, and saying only good things to him.

Lu Zixin thought for a little, and he suddenly realized what was happening and asked: “Is the Blue Hole company here?”

Listening to him saying that, Qin Zhijie words came to an abrupt end, and said: “Yes, they are in the office, I already know these things.”

“You are doing very well, which means great to the company! If this cooperation can be achieved, the company will not treat you badly, I can see your ability to be a manager!”

Lu Zixin sneered: “Oh come on, this is my business and it has nothing to do with you! ”

Qin Zhijie did not give up, such a big interest, how can he do nothing. He continued to laugh and said: “Hey, what do you say?”

“You have made a contribution, the company will distribute the rewards according to work, and will never treat you badly. As for the cooperation with Blue Hole, we have to sit down and talk.”

“Talk my ass!” Lu Zixin said bluntly, “You don’t think too much, this matter has nothing to do with you. Are they in the office? Bye bye.”

Lu Zixin opened the door and was ready to find Zhang Xiaofeng.

Chai Mao did not figure out the situation, but Qin Zhijie face couldn’t help to changed as he rushed out to follow him.

He exclaimed : “Lu Zixin, as long as you agree, the company is willing raise your position to vice president! and I will give you 30% of the shares!”

His words is so loud that the whole people in the company hear it, and everyone widened their eyes and doubt that they heard it wrong.

What did they hear just now? Mr. Qin actually wants Lu Zixin to be the vice president, and he will divide 30% of his shares!

This kind of treatment is simply against the sky! what is the problem? Didn’t they just expelled Lu Zixin?

“What the fuck, did I heard it wrong right?” An old employee was dumbfounded.

“Did General Qin take the wrong medicine?” Someone whispered in the heart.

Ding Yu shocked, what is this situation? She did not respond at all.

Zhu An was shocked and nearly dropped his glasses, he still didn’t have time to worried about Lu Zixin expulsion. This turn is too fast, right?

Is today April Fool’s Day?

Lu Zixin smiled back and said: “General Qin, you are really a good at calculation. What is the use of the broken company’s vice president and shares? Sorry, I don’t want it!”

“You!” Qin Zhijie was speechless and angered by his face.

And the onlookers are shocked. Lu Zixin refused! He actually refused! Is this a drama? Otherwise will such a thing happen?

Who knows, the next two people’s conversation made them even more surprised.

Qin Zhijie knew that he had offended Lu Zixin, and there was no way to rely on persuasions. But he must never give up this interest.

Therefore, he threatened: “You have to be clear that any software or programs developed during the employee’s employment are owned by the company, and yours are includes!”

His eyes are cold, although he use despicable mean, but as long as you can get a part of the money, it is a million start, no loss!

“Ha ha ha!” Lu Zixin responded, he was not only was not nervous, but also laughed.

He said: “You think too much. I don’t have a formal employee contract at all. I don’t have this clause in the intern contract. These are also all done in my business time, not related to the company’s business, and there is no relationship with money, nothing.”

“There is no way you can’t threaten me!” Lu Zixin pretended to sigh.

Qin Zhijie face is blue, he actually forgot, Lu Zixin is really not a formal employee! He is a temporary worker, the kind of temporary workers that can stay or leave as they please!

At this time, Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming in the office had heard the quarrel outside. Zhang Xiaofeng came out and said to Lu Zixin: “Are you Mr. Lu?”

“Yes, it is me. Are you Manager Zhang?” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you.” Zhang Xiaofeng came forward to shake hands with him.

Seeing this scene, the employees of the Death Game Company felt that their mind was becoming blank! First, General Qin used his ultra-high treatment to retain Lu Zixin, but Lu Zixin refused. Now the blue hole company big brother actually came to Lu Zixin and  gave him a handshake.

It seems that they are looking for him specifically. What is going on here? They are curious and surprised.

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