Chapter 18 : Chanting

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  After seeing Xia Yan success in abandoning the chanting, Tsuno Hiroshi said that he was on the spot and thought it was accidental, but then Xia Yan finger sent another shock wave.

  Although this shock wave is only one-third of the power, it does not use chanting.

  It’s really genius.

  Tsuno Hiroshi went to Xia Yan and asked excitedly: “Xia Yan, have you just abandoned the chanting?”

  Xia Yan was shocked by Tsuno Hiroshi, who suddenly appeared. He said a little bit, “Yes, teacher, what happened?”

  Tsuno Hiroshi was excited by the resistance and asked: “Xia Yan, how did you do this?”


  Xia Yan recalled the process of giving up his chanting.

  I couldn’t find a clue. I didn’t know how to abandon the chanting, but then he thought of a question. If you want to abandon the chanting, what is the role of chanting?

  The role of chanting has three purposes. The first is the sense of ritual. The language is used to set the ritual, the ritual is used to form the primer, and the primer is used to stimulate the Strength.

  The second is the rhythm of chanting. Chanting is not simply a narrative, but a rhythmic chanting. The sound is generated by the vibration of the object, and the rhythm is different. The amplitude of the vibration is different, so the rhythm is the utilization of energy and the amplification.

  The third is that language influences thinking, just like another time and space has a hypothesis called the Samuel-Wolf hypothesis. He believes that all high-level thinking depends on language. In turn, it affects people’s perception style of World.

  To figure this out, Xia Yan tried to simplify these three points with other styles.

  First, the sense of ritual, Hadō and Bakudō can not be revoked. Only rituals can provoke Reiatsu. Since the ritual cannot be cancelled, can it be replaced? In Hadō and Bakudō, gestures are also extremely important. Gestures are also a kind of ritual. They only use gestures to perform rituals and abandon chanting. Can this be?

  The second point is the rhythm of chanting. The rhythm can produce an amplification on the Strength, and losing the rhythm will reduce the Strength. This is not critical, so it can be directly waived without any need for simplification.

  The third point, thinking and perception.

  This is crucial. The first two points have alternative methods. Even if they are not used, they are only weakening Strength.

  However, if the perception is not correct, then Hadō can’t be used, so Xia Yan tried to think back to the feeling of thinking when singing, and then imitated it, giving the feeling to Reishi exciting state and successfully exerting Hadō.

  In this way, this make Hadō #1 succeed, and the power was reduced by two-thirds, but it did avoid chanting.

  However, Xia Yan feels that if the gestures can be increased, the rituals and rhythms can be increased, has it reached the point of improvement of power?

  Can you put the ritual completely on other objects and use objects to increase your power?

  In the mind of Xia Yan, a few thoughts were glittering, and I had to interrupt it before I had to think about it.

  Xia Yan didn’t have the idea of ​​self-respecting, and said his own thinking process. When it comes to the three functions of chanting, Xia Yan said a little, and Tsuno Hiroshi couldn’t help but nod. When Xia Yan complained about his simplification process, Tsuno Hiroshi nodded again and said: “Your thoughts are correct. Most Shinigami passed the training of thousands of times to reach the abandoned chanting. But in fact, some of the rituals and rhythms are discarded. This is done by training, remembering the perceptions of Hadō and Bakudō when they are excited, and simulating perception. ”

  With the approval of Tsuno Hiroshi, Xia Yan put forward two styles that he had guessed, adding gestures and using objects.

  Tsuno Hiroshi said: “It is not necessary to increase the gesture. The gestures represent a weak sense of ritual, and the numerous gestures mean the increase of time, so the gains do not make up for the losses. As for what you said to replace the ritual with objects, this is a good idea, not only that, but also the special material can be used to enlarge the Ability.”

  ”If Ability can be magnified, then the increase in combat power will increase greatly. ”

  Xia Yan couldn’t help but hear the words of Tsuno Hiroshi.

  Many Shinigami don’t use Kido and Bakudō in battle because the power of Kido, which can abandon chanting, is too much weaker and it can take a long time to abandon chanting.

  Just as Renji first tried to enter Las Noches, he used abandon chanting Hadō #31-Shakkahō to Attack Las Noches wall and the result was only a little firelight.

  Therefore, the use of Kido in a fierce battle may be too small, unless the battle is crushed, just like Aizen chanting Kurohitsugi to finish off Komamura at a glance. In fact, Aizen doesn’t have to chanting, and to finish Kokujō Tengen Myō’ō with a sword, which is called by Komamura Zanpakuto Bankai.

  If you can really use the object to restore the power of Kido, then let Shinigami record the perception of use through the train, so that the instant does not weaken the power of Kido, then the effect is enormous.


  Tsuno Hiroshi nodded.

  Xia Yan was excited and said: “Then teacher let’s get this research out as soon as possible.”

  Tsuno Hiroshi shook the shook head and said: “There is no research value.”

  Xia Yan asked inexplicably: “Why?”

  Tsuno Hiroshi looks at Xia Yan, saying: “Different Kido rituals use different objects as rituals and enhance power. Only one Kido can be enhanced. Even if the Attribute is the same Kido, it can’t be used unless it is like Hadō #33-Sōkatsui And Hadō #73-Sōren Sōkatsui, this is the same Hadō, otherwise you can only use one Kido Strength.”

  Xia Yan heard this and frowned, but immediately said: “I can do a Kido instant, and it can also help the battle.”

  Tsuno Hiroshi said with a smile: “The combat style that carries Reishi with objects has long been created, and even developed more thoroughly. It has become a unique combat style of race, but the reality proves that even if the fighting methods are diverse. It is also not as useful as Shingami’s Zanpakuto.”

  Xia Yan had a guess, but still a little uncertain, asked: “What kind of Division?”

  Tsuno Hiroshi said: “Quincy.”

  Xia Yan heard this, and thought of the fighting style of Quincy in the original work. After throwing away the sacred words and the sacred body of the sorcerer of the millennium blood war, Ishida Uryū did not get the fighting style before the holy text.

  The foundation combat style is the use of the spirit bow, using a cross necklace as a carrier, inspiring the spiritual bow, using Reishi to condense long arrows.

  There are many kinds of spiritual bows. Kojaku, Ginrei Kojaku, and Heilig Bogen are all physical bodies.

  At the same time There are also Sanrei Glove to overdraw the Reishi, and there is Seele Schneider to create a high-frequency Tremor Reishi blade.

  There is also a silver tube, a silver arrow of the holy instrument, and so on.

  Both use objects, carry spiritual power, and turn Reishi into weapon to attack enemy.

  Of course, this kind of Reishi weapon and Xia Yan said that the object carries Kido, which is very different. The latter’s Attribute is more mottled, but the former’s combat style is more diverse.

  In terms of combat power, it is more useful to Quincy Reishi weapon.

  But even then, Quincy of the Millennium Blood Wars gradually abandoned this style, but used the Holy word and the Eucharist to fight.

  So think carefully, this combat style is not of much value, the low-level and Middle Level Kido Instant Strength is limited, and the high-level Kido is difficult to carry even if there is an object.

  It is better to develop the Ability of Zanpakuto. After all, Zanpakuto is the weapon that Shinigami infused with soul, and has the same ability as Shinigami. It is more formidable and more useful.

  Xia Yan wants to understand this, some depressed, and his first thought is shattered.

  But then Tsuno Hiroshi said: “You can think of so much, it is already very good. You have a great Talent for Kido, I ask you, would you like to join Kido Corps after the graduation? ”

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