BSI Chapter 20 : Road

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“Join Kido Corps?”

In the face of question of Kido teacher Tsuno Hiroshi, Xia Yan was surprised. I didn’t expect the first one to send an invitation is him.

Tsuno Hiroshi nodded and said: “Xia Yan, you learn Kido speed far beyond others, and master the essentials of abandoning chanting. Your Kido Talent is beyond doubt. Joining Kido Corps is the biggest play for your Talent?”


Xia Yan knows that Kido is training to the ultimate power of formidable, which allows people to have Captain-class combat power.

But there is super Captain and special combat power above the Captain level. In these people’s formidable Strength, Kido’s combat power is only a small part.

Just like Xia Yan knows the enemies that will appear in the future, Aizen.

He can even make Hadō #99 Goryūtenmetsu‎ such a Forbidden level of formidable Kido, abandoning chanting of Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi, basically reached the ultimate in the cultivation of Kido.

Even Xia Yan did not know how to surpass him on Kido.

If you decide to join Kido Corps, then almost all of the time will be put on the practice Kido, and even after getting Zanpakuto, you will rely on Kido to practice.

Xia Yan intends to master Kido well, but only intends to be an aid to the battle. Before he can get Zanpakuto, Kido will be his first training goal.

But after getting Zanpakuto, Kido will be placed in the second, even third position.

Tsuno Hiroshi saw that Xia Yan hesitated and asked: “If you are willing to join Kido Corps, then I can teach you Kido in your free time, to help you master Kido faster. As long as the graduation, you can join Kido Corps.”

This is to open a small benefit.

Xia Yan heard this and decided to say: “Teacher, I still don’t plan to join Kido Corps after the graduation.”

Tsuno Hiroshi asked inexplicably: “Why is this?”

Xia Yan replied: “I still intend to use Zanpakuto as the main fighting style, and I become Shinigami  original intention.”

Kido main function is to open the channel, opening the boundary, seal and other quest.

In the following plots, only the use of Kido’s Shinigami and Tsukabishi Tessai and the use of Kido’s Corps, and no other Kido appearances, even when the Soul Society died and suffered, they did not fight.

Xia Yan hopes to fight on the front line of the battlefield instead of doing logistics and support.

When he heard Xia Yan words, Tsuno Hiroshi nodded and understood his approach.

However, Tsuno Hiroshi is not willing to let a good seedling leave, so he said: “Xia Yan, you don’t need to join Kido Coprs, after the graduation, but before the graduation, I will teach you Kido, let you master more Kido. And then at your graduation is time to make a decision, how about this?”

When Xia Yan heard this, the eyes lit up and said, “Is it really ok?”

Tsuno Hiroshi nodded with a smile and said: “Of course, I can teach you Kido after two classes every afternoon.”

The Spiritual Arts Academy’s course is six lessons a day, four in the morning, two in the afternoon, and can be left at about four and a half.

Xia Yan looked a little excited. I didn’t expect that Tsuno Hiroshi was planning to teach himself Kido. Instead, he made Xia Yan a little embarrassed.

At this time, the Kido class has ended. Tsuno Hiroshi said: “After everyone, the training will be well after class, and the next class will be assessed. If you can’t finish it, you will be given a punisment.”

Leaving this sentence, Tsuno Hiroshi and Xia Yan agreed that after the second class of the afternoon, Xia Yan went to him to start a separate training and left the training room.

Xia Yan left the classroom with other students. After the end of the class, it was noon. Xia Yan found Renji, Rukia and the others and ate together in the cafeteria.

Xia Yan told them about today, and learned that Teacher Kido wants train Xia Yan alone.

Renji and Hinamori Momo and the others have lost some of their blessings.

Xia Yan Talent is a budding man. His reputation is very loud at the Spiritual Arts Academy. Many people refer to Renji and Rukia as Xia Yan’s childhood friends, Kira Izuru and Kondo are called Xia Yan’s roommates, and Hinamori Momo as Xia Yan’s friend.

Under the reputation of genius, the radiance of those who are not as good as him is easily covered, even if they are excellent.

So this meal has a lot less words and it has become a bit quiet.

Xia Yan did not realize this problem. After going back to the bedroom for a while, he went to the afternoon class. It was a Zanjutsu and Hakuda class and two classes together.

The Spiritual Arts Academy has a six-day course with 30 lessons a week.

From the first grade to the third grade, there are two train classes, eight sections each, for a total of sixteen sessions, and fourteen cultural lessons.

In the fourth grade, there are four train classes, and Kido, Shunpo and Sword Technique are divided into four sections for a total of sixteen sessions and a fourteenth section of the cultural class.

In the afternoon, Xia Yan is going to take a white class. The word “white” refers to the fighting technique of bare-handed fists. There are two forms of fighting here. One is boxing and the other is wrestling.

However, after the evolution, there are many other genres, constantly improving the white-handling skills.

This course is also a course that Xia Yan feels distressed because his body is very disadvantageous.

Although he is now thirteen years old, he still maintains his appearance at the age of eleven, only one meter four.

And as long as his Reiatsu continues to improve, it is estimated that in the hundreds of years, do not want to grow taller.

Like Tōshirō Hitsugaya, he has maintained his appearance at the age of nine, even if he is sixty or seventy years old.

Therefore, each time Xia Yan opponents are weak girls, the winning rate is not high without the use of Reiatsu.

Fortunately, the final exam is a Hakuda technique, not an outcome, or Xia Yan is difficult to go to school.

After Xia Yan finished Hakuda class, he dragged the tired body to find Tsuno Hiroshi.

In the train room, Tsuno Hiroshi helped him to improve the power of Hadō. Although he mastered the speed very fast, his power has not yet reached its limit.

Just like Sho of Kuchiki Rukia and the Sho of Kuchiki Byakuya, the former is just a shock wave that shakes people back. The latter is three or four times more powerful and can knock a person out three or four meters away.

Moreover, Byakurai was used in the hands of Kuchiki Byakuya, which was more powerful and had unexpected effects.

Tsuno Hiroshi forced the Xia Yan to train Sho 100-time, allowing him to upgrade his power to the extreme and teach him the second Kido.

Hadō #2 Hi.(X-N: not have record in manga or anime, so i just rename to 火)

This trick is what the name means, transforming Reishi into a Flame bundle and hitting the opposite side.

Although the power is good, but it is restrained by one of Hadō, as long as the flame is broken by the rush, the Hadō #2 has no trace of power.

After Xia Yan mastered it, he was asked to go back and practice. When Xia Yan left the training room, it was more than eight o’clock in the evening.

There is already a little smoke on the campus, and only the empty moonlight is left.

This is the first time that Xia Yan walked alone in the evening on campus, feeling a sense of loneliness.

I have been in a class, and I didn’t go out to school together in the evening. Xia Yan found that he and his friends were getting less and less time, and the relationship was slowly alienating.

But the road that Xia Yan took is destined to be a lonely road.

In order to prevent people who cherish themselves from being damaged, Xia Yan can only choose one person to continue.

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