BSI Chapter 170 : Success

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In the lab, Xi Yan looks at the Hōgyoku in his hand, and looks full of expectations.

It’s been six months since he started debugging Hōgyoku himself, which is two months longer than the information left by Aizen.

Until now, Xia Yan just now really blended two Hōgyoku perfectly and got the perfect Hōgyoku.

Xia Yan holds the perfect Hōgyoku and is not in hurry to use it. He also needs to verify the effect of Hōgyoku.

Next, Xia Yan has to do a complete Shinigamiization for Harribel, Nelliel and Grimmjow, and Perez, which is completely Arrancar.

Arrancar is the act of breaking the mask, and at the same time is also the hollow of possessing Shinigami Strength.

But they have very few Shinigami Strengths, just some Shinigami.

Just like Shinigami with Hollow Strength, they are partially blurred, but there is a mask on the face, borrowing a part of the hollow Strength.

There are only exceptions, such as Tōsen Kaname, which is Shinigami but can use
Resurrección, which is completely blurred.

So Arrancar can also do a full Shinigamiization, which is completely Arrancar.

In Espada, even Arrancar will leave some armor on his face, and after
Resurrección, the armor will not be eliminated.

For example, the first Espada Starrk, after Resurrección the mask is in the left eye, such as Grimmjow, the mask becomes on forehead from the right face.

No matter who, after Resurrección, still retain some of the mask.

What Xia Yan has to do is to remove this part of mask, and the only thing that can’t be removed is Ulquiorra alone.

Because he has done the complete Shinigamiization.

Ulquiorra’s second stage is the one in all Arrancar, only one by one, and there is no mask on the head.

His un-Resurrección state has half mask on his head.

After Resurrección, the half of mask at the top of the head became the entire mask.

However, after second Resurrección, the mask completely disappeared, and there was no armor on the body.

Xia Yan feels that the second Resurrección of Ulquiorra is actually completely Shinigami.

Why can he do the second Resurrección?

Because Ulquiorra and Starrk are the few hollow to become Arrancar, and then Hōgyoku, you can achieve secondary Arrancar, completely Shinigami.

What Xia Yan has to do is to help Harribel, Nelliel, Grimmjow and Perez thoroughly this

The reason why they did not choose their subordinates was because they were too weak, and even had no fighting power against Espada and could not withstand the increase of Reiatsu after the complete Arrancar.

“It’s almost there.”

Xia Yan stood up and looked at Hōgyoku in front of him, and he was a little excited.

“Did you make it?”

A voice rang from Xia Yan behind, and Nelliel slowly came over.

Xia Yan showed a smile and said: “Yes.”

Nelliel said with smile: “Is it possible to carry out the complete Arrancar experiment you said? I was amazed when I learned that Ulquiorra had a second Resurrección. His second Resurrección is much stronger than mine.”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “You don’t worry, I don’t have much confidence in the experiment. Once it fails, the soul is confused and the hollow will die.”

Nelliel asked curiously: “Who are you going to experiment with?”

Xia Yan said: “Perez.”

The first one to be thoroughly carried out by experiment was Perez, who was a Menos Grande at Adjuchas level, sufficient for complete Shinigamiization experiments.

More importantly, the test is depleted, and Xia Yan has no way to guarantee a 100% success rate.

So he can only choose the weakest strength and who is the latest joined him.

Of course, before the test, Xia Yan did a lot of calculations to ensure that the risk was minimized.

Nelliel nodded and knew Xia Yan’s consideration.

Xia Yan held Hōgyoku, and his right hand clicked on the air a few times, which let Perez come to him.

“Lord Xia Yan.”

Perez came soon, kneeling on one knee and lowering his head.

Xia Yan looks at him and said: “Next I will do an experiment for you, which can help improve your strength, but this experiment has certain risks, so I need your consent.”

“Lord Xia Yan, I am willing.”

Perez shouted excitedly.

Xia Yan saw him like this, but he couldn’t bear it. He just regarded him as an experimental product, but he was so excited.

“Let’s go.”

Xia Yan stood up and picked up Hōgyoku and took Perez and Nelliel to the virtual hole.

The virtual hole is a huge pothole, Space is small and can greatly restrain the crazy behavior of Arrancar.

The Hollow Shinigamiization is much simpler than the blurring of Shinigami.

Because Hollow itself represents madness, Shinigamiization is the way to find sensibility.

The blur of Shinigami is easy to lose reason.

Arrancar’s process, only once in the original work, is the grandfisher, fled after fighting with Kurosaki ichigo, returned to Hueco Mundo and was transformed into Arrancar, then returned to Human World to attack Kurosaki ichigo, but met the soul control Kurosaki ichigo body, finally solved by Kurosaki Isshin.

The Arrancar process of grandfisher at the time was extremely common, but it was extremely painful for Arrancar object.

Xia Yan looks at Perez and said softly: “No matter what you have, I hope you can stick to it.”

“I will!”

Perez answered seriously.

Xia Yan pointed Hōgyoku to Perez, accompanied by the illumination, and the body of Perez’s screamed.


Xia Yan will carry the pharmacy into Perez body and withdraw it from the virtual hole.

The medicinal agent is not a soul limit restriction agent, but an agent that prevents the body from collapsing.

The Hollow Shinigamiization acts on the body’s Evolution, just like Ulquiorra. After the second Resurrección, the body is closer to the beast, but there is no blurring material.

The other Arrancar is also the process of body change.

Therefore, Xia Yan made a solid body Reishi pharmacy, so that Reishi constructing the body will not collapse.


Perez in the virtual hole made a noise, and the white matter on his body disappeared a little.

Whenever a little white matter disappeared, Perez gave a painful sound.

“He looks very painful.”

Nelliel has some intolerance in her eyes.

Xia Yan said: “But you can feel his Reiatsu is improving.”

And he himself is constantly changing, his face is raised, his back is raised, his body becomes huge, and he becomes a two-meter-high, half-man and half-dog’s creature.


The figure jumped up and appeared in front of Xia Yan.

“be careful.”

Nelliel subconsciously blocked in front of Xia Yan, but the opposite side slowly fell to the ground, shouting screamingly: “Lord Xia Yan, I feel that I have gotten a lot stronger.”

“Very good, seal your Reishi core.”

Xia Yan said directly.

Perez’s figure was reduced, his face appeared, his arms and cheeks wrapped around his face.

But then the white armor disappeared, leaving only a circle of forehead, and turned into a long sword.

Like Ulquiorra’s bladed state, the first time the blade is more than the unshelled carapace, but the carapace of the second blade will disappear.

“We did it.”

Xia Yan breathed a sigh of relief, his expression was a little excited, and the success of the second Resurrección proved that he had created the perfect Hōgyoku.

With the perfect Hōgyoku, I can start the Evolution.

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