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The World Artificial Intelligence Conference is held as scheduled. High-tech science and technology companies, scientists and media workers from all over the world gathered in future city.

If it is in the past, such a provincial capital will certainly be warmly welcomed by the people. However, in the current global economic turmoil, people all over the world are not only concerned about and looking forward to its establishment, but also doubtful.

The media heard rumors about the founder of Red Letter Group, Lu Yan, would attend. And they had been waiting for a long time at the Science and Technology Tower conference venue.

The conference is about to begin, and the venue seats is full. The conference will live broadcasted all over the world without delay through live news. Mainstream media in various countries have obtained broadcasting rights.

“Let’s invite Red Letter Group Founder, Mr. Lu Yan to deliver a pre-conference speech!” After the host said, there’s a warm applause in the venue, and people’s eyes focused on Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin walked to the front of the stage and said: “I know that today, World Artificial Intelligence Conference,  everyone has mixed praise and criticism. Some people think this is the provincial capital of Science and Technology development, and some people think it or all the high-tech technologies it represents is the chief culprit of economic turmoil.”

“Today, I’m came here to attend this conference just to chat with you about my ideas. Which is the issue that everyone is most concerned about, such as quantum information technology, robots, or others high-tech technology represented by artificial intelligence. Is it good or bad for us? Are they really the culprits that cause unemployment and economic turmoil all over the world?”

“Technological development will make a large number of people unemployed, causing economic turmoil and social unrest. This is not the first time such things or worries have happened. Every new industrial revolution will be accompanied by these problems.”

“During the first industrial revolution, machines began to widely used. Those handicraft workers who had worked safely found that machines has “grabbed” their jobs! Even for the most primitive steam machines, the improved work efficiency and productivity can’t be replaced by humans. Just like today, our intelligent technology and robotics technology replaced Traditional industrial manufacturing.”

“At that time, development of the machine was also indispensable to people’s ‘disgust’ and ‘complain’. Some even felt that as long as there was no machine, they could continue this stable life. So a British worker named Lude smashed two machine, and people at that time also regarded him as the leader of anti-industrialization.”

“In economics, Lude fallacy came from this view. This view holds that the development of technology will reduce the demand for labor and lead to an increase in unemployment. After centuries, even now, many people still hold this view.”

“In fact, the development of Science and Technology has liberated people from heavy labor. And when people have free time, they have more needs. They have to listen to music, have coffee, watch movies, play games… More jobs are being born.”

“There are many people who believe that the development of Science and Technology has led to the emergence of unemployment. I oppose this view. Since the development of high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, some traditional industries have indeed gradually disappeared, but new jobs and industries also emerging.”

“A decade ago, can you imagine a career like an artificial intelligence trainer or an artificial intelligence maintainer?  Will there be professions like robot command researchers and unmanned controller?”

Lu Zixin said that, a reporter raised his hand below and Lu Zixin nodded to him and said, “Do you have any questions? Please let me know.”

The reporter said: “Hello President Lu, I am a reporter for Economic Daily. The new profession you mentioned is indeed emerging, but the professional requirements for such a profession are too high. We ordinary people still face the risk of unemployment.”

“You are right.” Lu Zixin nodded. “It is undeniable that the development of new technologies has replaced simple labor positions and the requirements for vocational skills in new industries are increasing. From the industrial structure of the past, every industrial revolution is like this. A period of unsuitability is inevitable.”

“But, this doesn’t mean we destined to be pessimistic and become a sacrificed generation by the times! The Nobel Prize in Economics Leontief said that the most essential difference between man and machine is that a man can perform new and more complex tasks.”

“From the perspective of technological development, the impact of automation technology and artificial intelligence replacement on many current professions is inevitable. But again, the opportunities it creates for us are unprecedented.”

“For example, the lawyer industry needs to learn a lot of knowledge and find a lot of information, and the time and energy that this lawyer have is limited. At this time, the emergence of artificial intelligence assistants can help him to screening a huge amount of information. Let his one month work, or even half a year, completed in one day!”

“What does this show? This shows that artificial intelligence and other high-tech technologies have essentially brought changes in tools. From cumbersome industrial robots to intelligent industrial robots now, production efficiency is improving and process precision is improving. And it is humans who control these robots. We design robot programs, perform safety maintenance, adjust production capacity, and so on.”

“You may think that I am talking about high-end Occupation, for most people, their knowledge and skills are still can’t reach this level.” Lu Zixin paused for a while and said, “Yes, it is indeed the case. New occupations, need new knowledge. Then what we have to do? It is to learn and adapt.”

“When you treat artificial intelligence as an enemy, you will be defeated by it. After all, one’s wisdom is limited. But, behind artificial intelligence, it is the crystallization of countless people wisdom. And when you use artificial intelligence as a tool, then you become a leader in the new era!”

“Does AI really make a certain job disappear? No, the emergence of AI just updates the tool.”

“Medical, art, transportation, education… no matter what the field, this the latest tool for use.”

“This change is coming too fast. Many people feel panic and don’t know how to adapt. This is not just a problem for everyone, but a problem for our business and society. Companies should know that if they use this tool, if we let our professionals learn to use this tool. And society should encourage new professions and create new ones. New occupations will allow the industrial system and economic structure to be adjusted as soon as possible.”

“Simply put, we broke the old rice bowl and gave people a new rice bowl so that the vast number of workers will not be eliminated by the times!”

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