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Tencent Group, Headquarters Building.

In the Cloud Intelligence Data Analysis Office, several senior executives looked at the social platform activity data last month and distressed.

In terms of social platform activity, Tencent Group has always been the top in the country. Even if Red Letter Group beat them in the game field, they still control the huge traffic portal of social platform.

Whether it is short videos or competition on platforms such as Weibo, forums, live broadcasts, and call-only, end users will still return to Tencent Group’s own channels.

And this time, the data was not as they thought. Last month, the monthly active users of the various social platforms of Tencent platform dropped by 8.5%, while the activity of Phantom virtual social platform from Red Letter Group soared by 400%!

Moreover, taking this opportunity, Phantom Virtual Social Platform has attracted many celebrity stars and companies to settled in. They have launched various activities and strive to consolidate user loyalty. This is the beginning of dividing the social attributes with the Tencent Group and fighting against each other!

“The user traffic brought to us by social platforms is the foundation for Tencent Group’s survival. For this, no company is allowed to step in!” The president of Tencent Group had to face this serious problem.

“Red Letter Group controls several major electronic products for virtual projection and binds them to virtual social interaction. This is their natural advantage. And our advantage is user service. Years of accumulation has make our social user service the best.”

“So this time, we have to release more free services to attract users, while improving social attributes of the virtual image and try to pull back the users from the phantom virtual social platform!”

“Phantom staged a ‘big white guardian’, we can do it too!” said a senior executive vice president of Tencent Group. “We can celebrate the anniversary. All the platforms of Tencent department will contribute their efforts to make super gift package to netizens. Then launch welfare activities for the old users. Virtual things don’t cost money, and there’s no harm in giving it to them!”

The Tencent Group’s social platform has many paid features, all of which are lucrative. A certain IT tycoon once said, selling software services is more profitable than drug trafficking. Although the metaphor is a bit inharmonious, it is the case.

For Tencent Group, the cost of many charging items is actually close to zero. Even if it’s opened, it won’t have a big impact on the company. If they are too many, they will reduce a certain amount of profit, but they can attract users without losing money.


“Great, after you grasp this part of users. Red Letter Virtual Entertainment’s performance is expected to continue to grow rapidly!” Lu Zixin praised in president office of Red Letter Virtual Mutual Entertainment Co., Ltd.

“I don’t dare to say such a big thing. Our competitor, Tencent Group, is not fuel-efficient. I have been crazily tortured by them in the past two years!” Xue Yao smiled gracefully, revealing her white teeth.

The main business of Red Letter Virtual Interactive Entertainment includes the three major areas of games, virtual social networking, and film and television. These three areas are Tencent Group strong areas. The confrontation between the two is going on every day.

“This kind of life is interesting. If there is no competition, wouldn’t it be too boring?” Lu Zixin said. If Red Letter Group monopolized every field, it will cause the company to lose the motivation for improvement and progress. It is really boring to become an internal struggle within enterprise.

“That’s right.” Xue Yao encouraged her fighting spirit, and said: “Then don’t interfere, let me compete with Tencent Group and give me some fun.”

“Of course, I still have the big stall of Future City to settle!” Lu Zixin said.

Future City, the airport.

This is the air transportation center in the Future City plan, including logistics and commercial aircraft. The area is currently the largest airport in the world. When designing the airport, their target for total number of passenger received per year is to exceed 100 million!

The logistics airport was first to build. Followed by various terminals, runways and affiliated commercial centers. This future city airport hasn’t fully developed and some of it still under construction. But, commercial airlines in various countries have long eyeing this fat. After the launch of future city, they began to cooperate in launching various routes to and from future city destinations.

Lu Zixin came here to review the construction of the airport and discuss a commercial cooperation.

The representative of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. is waiting nervously at the VIP reception near the future city airport.

Peng Zhengge is the president of China Commercial Aircraft Company and a retired Air Force officer. Together with him, there is the chief designer of China Commercial Aircraft Company, aerodynamics expert Gu Junming, and several deputy generals and assistants.

“I don’t know if there is any drama this time. If we can cooperate with Red Letter. Then international airlines can recognize our commercial aircraft, and we can sell it in large quantities!” Peng Zhengge whispered.

The history of China Commercial Aircraft Company is not long. It’s established with the State Council approval to vigorously support China Civil Commercial Aircraft.

After airlines such as Boeing and Airbus have already occupied the commercial aircraft market, they are still working hard to design their first commercial aircraft.

However, even if their C919 commercial airliner is manufactured, the order still extremely limited. Only some small countries that have good relations with China have purchased it, not as good as Boeing and Airbus.

In the field of international aviation, there are general doubts about the technology, safety and cost performance of their commercial airliners.

The development and manufacturing of aircraft is another big pit, which has caused China Commercial Aircraft Corporation to develop slowly. This time, it was Peng Zhengge who saw the potential of Future City airport, which is the largest airport in the world. There’s also the eagerness of major aviation companies for the future city airport.

If they can cooperate through Red Letters and reach some agreements with these airlines, the situation of commercial aircraft companies will definitely be improved.

Lu Zixin soon saw them, greeted each other and talked about cooperation.

“Our airport, in principle, does not interfere with the airline’s choice of aircraft. As long as it meets Civil Aviation Administration requirements, it’s eligible to operate here.” Lu Zixin continue, “The cooperation with you is not in the commercial field, but technical field.”

“Technical field?” Peng Zhengge said, “Where is it?”

“Of course, the manufacture of commercial aircraft.” Lu Zixin pointed to the huge airport in the distance, “To be honest, I think today’s planes are not commercial enough. It’s just going downhill and required a newer product.”

“After the emergence of magnetic levitation vehicles and roads, the efficiency of people’s travel and logistics has increased several times. Affected by this, the performance of airlines has generally declined. According to what I have learned, those airlines don’t even talk about buying new planes, even old planes can’t be sold, right?” Lu Zixin asked.

Peng Zhengge and others slightly embarrassed. What Lu Zixin said is indeed the truth. It was one of the reasons why he was anxious and took the initiative to find the door.

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