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Group Tip : “You received random red envelope from group owner and got a copy of Electromagnetic Interference Device Design Drawing.”

“Electromagnetic Interference Device Design Drawing?” Hiro Hamada opens the group information to view the content. In this drawing, a device that can carry out electromagnetic interference remotely is designed.

After this device is activated, it can interfere with all wireless devices within a certain range. Hiro Hamada suddenly remembered his previous design, the micro robot!

The micro robot he designed with little finger laughter can move or combine through wireless signals sent by nerve sensing devices. This is very powerful invention, but mysterious person stole it and used it to do some illegal things. It’s also caused him a lot of trouble.

If there is this electromagnetic interference device, he has the means to restrict the other party.

“Thanks to group owner for the red envelope.” Hiro Hamada thanked in the group.

“Big white, haha, I have a way to deal with that masked man!” Xiaohong hugged the chubby Big white.

Big white: “(●-●).”

The others has received their own red envelopes. Some lucky and some bad luck.

Peter Parker : “Thanks to owner for red envelope.”

Tony Stark : “Thanks to owner for red envelope.”

Bruce Wayne : “Thank you to owner for red envelope.”

Optimus Prime : “Thank you to owner for red envelope.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: good life is safe.]”


One and a half months later, future city.

The second phase of Red Letter Group’s desert transformation plan has begun to be implemented. Given the first successful experience, the area of ​​this renovation is ten times the previous one!

Moreover, not only Red Letter Group. The general public and some companies has donated funds or volunteered to help the environment reform. Like this, more and more deserts become oasis.

There were even voices proposing a crazy plan to transform the entire Taklamakan Desert into an oasis, which directly rejected by environmental experts.

Desert ecology is an indispensable part of earth’s ecology. For example, the formation of Taklamakan Desert is mainly due to rainfall and dry climate. If the reform is forced, it will only overdraft the groundwater resources and withdraw the water from the south to the north.

Actually, Red Letter Group transformation area is only taking back the land previously eroded by the desert or from the hands of “nature” and establishing scientific water resources cycle.

Magnetic levitation intelligent roads and railways have been constructed. The world’s largest inheritance and the future city airport is being built. Every day, funds flow out like flowing water.

Future city has brought hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country and stimulated the economic development of various industries.

Lu Zixin stands on the unfinished science and technology tower, overlooking the entire future city. Everything was just beginning. He looked forward to the day Future city really started to operate!

Future City Intelligent Robot Science and Technology Co., Ltd. brought the latest news to Lu Zixin. The latest results of “Iron Arm” robot research and development team came out.

“The first generation of intelligent robots is the result of a substantial improvement on our previous research results.. The power has increased 1.5 times. Battery life has increased by 2.2 times. Load capacity has increased by 1.6 times. It’s used more than 2,000 micro sensors. The redesigned Smart Dog System… this is the most successful work from our team since its establishment!” The leader of Iron Arm Robotics R&D team, a machine dynamics expert from the military proudly introduced their products.

“Demonstration it!” Lu Zixin said.

“Okay, start it.” The Iron Arm research team leader shouted. In the test site, the staff started their smart robot dog.

The robot dog size is the size of a small horse. Four-legged, dog-like head with various miniature sensors and smart chips.

In its body, it is carrying the battery and power system. Under the machine command, the robot dog starts to move.

On a stable ground, the robot can walk normally. The walking speed is similar to that of an ordinary adult man. Run? You can only jog, if you want faster, that requires more machines.

Then there is the obstacle road. The robot dog can maintain the balance by adjusting the height and bending amplitude of the individual “dog legs”. This is indeed an improvement over the previous ones. Lu Zixin remembers their previous works. Obstacle crossing always has problems.

During the load-bearing operation. The staff fixed the load box on the robot dog. This time, it’s really difficult for the robot dog to maintain the balance. In the scenes of crossing obstacles and simulating mountain climbing and snow, he almost fell several times, but it was all smooth.

Demonstration finished.

pāpāpā!” Lu Zixin applauded.

“President Lu, our technical level is okay?” The leader of Iron Arm Research Group said triumphantly.

“Yes.” Lu Zixin nodded, “Your current thinking is to imitate Boston Dynamics Robot Co., Ltd.?”

“What they can do, we can do it. According to our current progress, it only takes one year to catch up!”

“This speed is too slow!” Dongfang Hao voice sounded.

Their Heavenly God research team also in this research base. The two teams use one test field. In this test site, there’s various complicated road conditions and experimental equipment.

“Slow?” The leader of Iron Arm Research Group coldly snorted and said, “Do you think robot manufacturing is a toy? This speed is already very fast. I dare to say, there’s no robotics research institution in the world except for Boston Robotics faster than us. When we studying this, you still breastfeeding!”

He has always been unhappy with Dongfang Hao, this brat doesn’t understand respect for Senior.

“Sorry, there is a saying that comes from behind.” Dongfang Hao said with a smile, “I really think you are slow. While you catch up with Boston Dynamic Robotics, we’ve surpassed them for over ten years!”

“Big words!”

“President Lu, today, we also come for testing. Just happens, you are here. Why not take a look together?” Dongfang Hao said.

“Okay.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Leader, this is our first test…” Behind him, the research team member reminded Dongfang Hao. If something went wrong, wouldn’t it be a shame.

“It’s okay, we have running tens of thousands of times testing in computer simulation. Plus, I have personally calculated it. There will no error.” Dongfang Hao said confidently, “Go prepare!”

His voice fell, a small magnetic levitation cargo box flew slowly behind him with loading inside. Yes, it is their research result, the intelligent robot that has just been assembled.

In the previous development time. They just made the parts and simulated the overall effect through computer simulation. They never conducted physical tests. This was their first test. The members of research team worried something went wrong.

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