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Wu Huaide began to introduced the role of inhibitors for malignant tumors. Through targeted injection of drug molecules, to inhibit the division of cancer cells and kill them.

By this means, it can effectively suppressed most malignant tumors. In addition, this drug has passed the special approval from State Food and Drug Administration. The clinical cases are relatively normal and can be put into production and use.

The more he explained, the more excited the audience below. Everything about this shows that people are no longer helpless with cancer treatment?

“This new type of drug, we named it Red Target series. We divided into No. 1, No. 2 and many other numbers, respectively targeting different malignant tumors.” Wu Huaide said, “We will carry out a brand new development at the newly opened Red Letter International Hospital. For the treatment of malignant tumors, patients and friends from all over the world can apply for this treatment!”

“Especially to celebrate the construction of the future city. We will voluntarily treat three Chinese patients. If you meet the conditions, you can apply at the official website of Red Letter International Hospital.”

After Wu Huaide’s finished, the audience applauded.

In a third-tier city in China, a cry of surprise came from an ordinary house.

“Dad, Dad, your illness has been saved!” an eleven or twelve-year-old girl cried out in surprise. She was watching live TV just now. In this era, not many people still used traditional TV’s. Residents in big cities are all using smart homes such as virtual projections.

“Cough!” In the room, there’s a strong coughing sound, and the girl rushed into the room, which smelled an unpleasant smell of Chinese medicine.

In the room, there’s withered middle-aged man lying in bed.

“Dad, your illness is saved. I watched TV just now and it said the drugs for cancer treatment has been developed!” The girl shouted in surprise.

Her father, the man in the hospital bed, is a patient with advanced gastric cancer. Before he became ill, the family was harmonious and happy.

However, when his health worsened and he was checked for stomach cancer, everything changed.

Going to the hospital for medical treatment and treatment, I spent all my family savings and owed a large amount of foreign debt. The girl’s mother divorced her father and left the house, and now the two are dependent on each other.

Holding the idea of ​​a dead horse as a living horse doctor. He’s still taking some traditional Chinese medicine, but he knows this is probably useless.

“Can cancer be cured?” He squeezed a bitter smile.

“Yeah, father.” The girl said joyfully, “It said on TV, the most powerful red letter company has researched it. When I was in school, my teacher told me, Red Letter was the most technologically advanced company in the world.”

“Yes, that’s amazing.” Her father smiled and touched her head kindly, but there’s no joy in his heart.

“Dad, I took a leave of absence with the teacher and sent you to there for treatment!” the girl asked cleverly.

But she saw that her father shook his head and said, “No, Dad’s illness is not that serious.”

“Dad, don’t be stupid, I am not a child, I know!” the girl exclaimed emotionally. “You will be too late if you die!”

The man was silent for a few seconds and said, “Dad knows. Even if my cancer can be cured. Can we afford to pay it? The family won’t be able to pay a penny anymore!”

“I am going to find relatives to borrow!” said the girl.

“No, it’s too late for them to hide from us. Hehe…” The man sighed deeply and said: “If Dad fails, you can go to your aunt’s house. Aunty has promised to take care of you..”

“Dad!” The girl burst into tears and said, “No, it must be treated! I don’t want to lose you!”

“Right, they said that as long as they apply, there is a chance free treatment. I will apply for it!” said the girl.

“Wenwen…” The man closed his eyes and a tear passed from the corner of his eye. The most serious disease in the world, maybe not cancer, but poor disease.


Red Letter Group’s future city conference is over, but this “craze” has just begun to set off in the world.

Whether it is the construction of “Future City” or the invention of malignant tumor cell inhibiting drugs, it is enough to attract people’s attention. No matter what media you open, it show this related topics.

The future city is a grand project, and many well-known companies have begun to understand.  On the same day, after Hongxin Group announced that all its sub-groups and subsidiaries would build their headquarters in the future city. Many big group immediately said they will consider entering the future city and participating in the construction.

Without them, a place, as long as there’s Red Letter Group’s industry, are you afraid it will not develop? Those crazy investors in the capital market also spotted this opportunity and began to prepare to enter future city.

Compared with future city, the people are more concerned about the affairs of Red Letter International Hospital. The official website of Red Letter International Hospital has reached the top in one day, and many people leave messages or ask for medical treatment.

Many patients have even sent out applications to go to Red Letter International Hospital for treatment.

In the international medical community, several deadly medical organizations have eliminated representatives and went to Red Letter International Hospital to learn about cancer treatment.

Of course, the medical profession also indispensable from doubters. Dr. Allison, who previously won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on malignant tumors, spoke in person, saying he had witnessed the miracle of this drug.

His voice immediately reduced a lot of doubts. Similarly, patients from all over the world wanted to apply for admission to the Red Letter International Hospital for treatment. There are a large number of cancer patients all over the world. Who doesn’t want to recover?

Soon, Red Letter International Hospital accepted the first cancer patient. When the patient first learned the news. He came from abroad and reached the hospital within two hours. On the way, his assistant has already completed all the procedures.

The future city hasn’t built the airport yet. So, on the small apron outside Red Letter International Hospital, a luxury private helicopter from the Middle East stopped.

In the helicopter, in addition to a variety of gold, silver and fur decoration. There’s a beautiful personal assistants, private doctors, flight attendants, etc., most importantly, a local tyrant patient from the Middle East.

Gammel is a local tyrant from a certain oil-producing country in the Middle East. He’s also a member of local royal family. From birth, he has lived a rich life. The problem that can be solved with money is not a problem in his opinion – until he’s suffering from cancer!

He has hired all famous doctors and institutions that conduct research on malignant tumors on the five continents. Unfortunately, no matter how much money he paid for cancer. The doctors can only nurse his body and let him live a few more years without a complete cure.

Originally, Gammel was desperate. Just now, his personal doctor told him that China Red Letter Group announced, they had developed a drug that can inhibit cancer cells and opened up treatment. He immediately decided to go and become the first cancer patient of Red Letter International Hospital.

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