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Old Father and Ye Guang talked for a long time under the palm trees.

On the other side, Father Liu and Mother Liu also prepared lunch.

Aunt Wu greeted everyone to eat at the table.

The meals are relatively simple, they are all ordinary home-cooked dishes. The color of these dishes looks good, it seems that Father Liu still has some craftsmanship.

Ye Guang is still a little surprised at the image of Father Liu wearing an apron and busy in the kitchen. Of course, this is actually a kind of habitual thinking. Many times people are like this. When another person has a specific image in your mind, It’s hard for you to accept another image, such as Father Liu. In Ye Guang heart, he is unsmiling and “worrying” about national affairs every day. He has a solemn and steady image, but now he is a family ‘man’ in the house. How could this make Ye Guang not surprised.

If you still don’t understand this explanation, then you can make up your mind. Think about the scene of Gates picking his nostrils with great relish, and think about the scene of Ma Yun being a ‘milk’ dad. Does the sense of disharmony suddenly appear, but, this way, can they really not do or say they can’t do it? Not necessarily, at least picking your nose should be something everyone will do.

At the dinner table, the atmosphere was still quite active. Together with Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu and Grandpa Liu, a total of eight people were eating around a table, and the natural atmosphere is active when there are more people.

Although Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu is responsible for taking care of Old Father daily life, but their relationship with the old man is not ordinary. Old Father and Liu Chiyan a family never take them as outsiders, Uncle Wu is Old Father comrade-in-arms legacy, Uncle Wu father used to be an army officer under the hands of old Father. Old Father and Uncle Wu’s and Uncle Wu’s father cared very well, and were as close as brothers. In one action, Uncle Wu’s father died heroically. Later, Old Father took the young Uncle Wu as his own son.

Father Liu is a few years older than Uncle Wu, so Uncle Wu has always called Father Liu as Brother Liu and Father Liu has always regarded him as his brother.

Uncle Wu also joined the army when he was young. He was a good player in the army. He once served as the bodyguard of a certain prime minister. Later, Father Liu busy with work and Old Father moved here to provide for the elderly. Although there are special personnel to take care of him in daily life, but after all, it was an outsider. Old Father was here alone without a close person who could talk. It’s inevitable to be lonely, so Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu also moved to here to take care of Old Father life full-time, which was regarded as repaying the grace of nurturing.

A group of people ate at the dinner table, talking and laughing.

Old Father came with interest and patted the table, “I am so happy today, my grandson-in-law is coming here. How can I not drink some wine, Lan Zhi, go, get some wine!”

Aunt Wu refused without even thinking about it, “There is no ‘door’, so don’t change to ‘flowers’ thinking about drinking. In and out of our yard, even if you dig three feet in the ground, you can’t find a half drop of wine. Don’t think about it.”

Old Father suddenly looked down.

Old Father  is getting older. Although he is still tough now, it is considered a good aftercare.In fact, there are a lot of big and small problems on his body. Otherwise, Aunt Wu, who has a medical background, doesn’t need to be there every day to accompany Old Father, drinking will hurts his body, and it is easy to seduce the old ‘fault’ that is suppressed in Old Father body. So, Aunt Wu is determined not to let Old Father drink, and try to make him eat less meat. For this reason, Aunt Wu also specially asked Uncle Wu to quit the wine.

Mother Liu also quickly persuaded, “Dad, your health is important. Let’s not drink this wine. Besides, no one can drink with you on this table. You see, Qiang’zi also have no wine. Now, your son hasn’t drinking for many years.”

Grandpa Liu looked unhappy, and then looked at Ye Guang, “Isn’t there still my grandson-in-law? I’m happy that my grandson-in-law came today. My grandson-in-law accompanies me to drink.”

Mother gave Ye Guang a look, and Ye Guang immediately understood and said, “Grandpa, I really can’t drink this wine with you. You don’t know, I’ve never drank, so I don’t know how to drink.”

Grandpa Liu immediately became disappointed and dissatisfied, “Such a young doll, he doesn’t know how to drink alcohol, he’s not good for it.”

Ye Guang could only make a smirk. A large family was coaxing Grandpa Liu. What could he do? He could only coax him. Grandpa Liu could just say something angry. Anyway, there is also a lot of ‘meat’.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa Liu couldn’t drink and was unhappy. He looked at Ye Guang as if he was looking for a punching bag, and said, “Look at you with thin arms and thin legs. You don’t have much meat on your body. If you are thin and don’t exercise, the wind can blow you down. If you encounter two gangsters, you can be beaten there in a few seconds. You said that after Yan’er followed you, how can you protect her?”

Ye Guang suddenly got a black line, damn it! What’s the situation? Old Father, your attitude changed quickly. Before you eat, you still keep boasting me. What is the meaning of this? Ye Guang said that and felt a little awkward, sir, if we bring you a bottle of wine, can you take back those words?

Of course, it is impossible for Ye Guang to bring wine for Old Father. He looked helpless and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. Moreover, Father Liu nodded with approval on the side, which made Ye Guang feel speechless.

Ye Guang: “Grandpa, you are wrong in this.”

As soon Ye Guang said this, everyone at the table looked at him. Yiyi, who has been busy eating all the time, stopped moving his chopsticks. Listening to Ye Guang’s meaning, do you want to talk back to Old Father?

Ye Guang ignored everyone’s gaze and smiled, “Grandpa, don’t look at me as thin…” In fact, Ye Guang is not thin, but he is thin from Old Father aesthetics and eyes, “But, I am not so bullied. I am not bragging. I’ve also practiced. Seven or eight people can’t beat me.” Ye Guang originally wanted to talk about a dozen or twenty people, but after thinking about it, I’d better down it a bit, afraid of breaking.

When Ye Guang said that, the other people on the table didn’t react too much. Old Father  was amused, and patted the table, “Ha, you have practiced, come and show me some hands.”

Ye Guang stunned and said, “… Grandpa, this can’t be practiced. I’ll do some tricks by myself. When I have a chance, I’ll find a few people and practice some hands in front of you when I have the opportunity.”

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but laugh, Ye Guang bragging made her laugh. Beside her, Mother Liu also smiled, she suddenly discovers that Ye Guang still quite funny.

Grandpa Liu interest come up. How could he just let Ye Guang go so easily? “It’s not easy to do, Qiang’zi, you come, you and grandson-in-law will practice a few hands, see how much kung fu he has practiced.”

Uncle Wu stunned, and he pointed to himself, “Huh? Me? Don’t… it will hurt Little Ye.”

Grandpa Liu: “What are you afraid of, won’t you keep some hands? Just let you practice. It’s not a real fight, let’s say, what man is afraid of getting hurt?  I didn’t suffer any injuries from the bullets rain back then. What are you afraid of getting hurt?”

Uncle Wu stopped talking, turned his head to look at Ye Guang, his eyes were full of inquiries.

Ye Guang clearly reads the message from Uncle Wu eyes: What should I do now? Should we practice or not?

Ye Guang said that he was a little dazed, sir, can we not be so serious, I’m just talking, you take it seriously, what can we do now?

Is it practicing? Still not practicing? this is a problem.

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