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The power of electric furnace didn’t represent the purification process. In the end, the improvement depends on the purity of high titanium slag.

Previously, high-titanium slag smelted by Guangtu titanium smelter maximum purity is 90% and the nearby Pancheng Steel Group is 92%.

The first batch of purified high-titanium slag came out, and a sample analysis was underway to see the proportion of each element in the raw material.

Sheng Wenyan, Guo Min and others are waiting nervously for the results of analysis and Lu Zixin have confident looks.

“President Sheng, the results are here!” A researcher came to report excitedly, carrying samples and analysis data sheets in his hands.

“How pure is it?” Sheng Wenyan asked quickly.

This purity is related to the trend of Guangtu Mining Group. If the purity is high, their ilmenite didn’t have to sold at low prices. They can self-produced and processed, and sold as higher-priced titanium industrial raw material!

If it’s not enough, all the hard work these days will be ridden. The hoarded ilmenite ore value will shrink by 20%!

“96%!” Researcher loudly said, “It actually reached 96%, and this is only the average of our five samples, and even higher! It has surpassed the previous world’s highest level of purification!”

“What? Average 96%?” Guo Min hurriedly took the analysis data sheet and watched it. On the chart, the proportion of each element in the sample is clear!

“So high! It can meet the demand of all titanium industrial raw materials!” Guo Min said with surprise, “In this way, the quality of high-titanium slag we produce can directly reach the highest quality in the world. There’s no need to sell at low prices like small processing manufacturer. We can satisfies all the demand of titanium raw materials!”

“The road is wide!” Guo Min face is full of smiles, the competition of factory is the product quality. With the highest level of titanium industrial raw material products, demanders from all over the world will come to their door. For Guangtu Titanium Industrial Smelter, this is a great road ahead!

Sheng Wenyan is overjoyed. Now, Red Letter Group let him see the strong side of their technical strength! It can be said, after boarding the big ship of Red Letter Group. Guangtu mining industry future will be bright!

Perhaps, in the near future. Guangtu Mining Group business can spread all over the world, becoming top presence of mining companies and controlling the world mineral industry!

“How President Sheng? Are you satisfied?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Satisfied, satisfied, 10,000 satisfaction!” Sheng Wenyan nodded again and again, his face was unstoppable joy.

“Red Letter Group technology is really strong!”

Guo Min said with the same emotion: “It’s really there’s people beyond people, Heavens beyond Heavens. We have studying it for so many years. It turned out just pediatrics!”

“Master Guo, we improving it on your basis. Once, you familiar with the principles, maybe you can improved it better.” Lu Zixin comforted.

Guo Min was hit hard. He used to think, he is already a master in his field. Today’s observations have made him discovered the technological gap between the companies can be as big as this!


After the improvement of smelting process. Guangtu titanium industrial smelter soon announced. They can smelt the world’s purest high-titanium slag industrial raw materials!

Those demanders come to consult can get the samples they give. After testing it, it’s no different from what they announced!

The more high-tech industry, the more they need this high-purity titanium industrial raw material! Suddenly, the demand side crowded Guangtu Mining Group, they wanted to place orders.

Because Guangtu Mining Group has produced titanium industrial raw materials likes high-titanium slag with higher purity. The price of highest purity high-titanium slag naturally fell!

Guangtu Mining Group no longer exports ilmenite raw materials, and even has the intention to acquire. In the international market, the price of raw materials fluctuated again.

The biggest loss of this wave is Rio Tinto Mining Company and Quebec Vanadium and Titanium Company, which jointly control the price.

“Now the high-titanium slag with a purity of 92% in the international market, the price drops by 10%! This is our company’s main industrial raw material product, which is equal to company’s profit directly falling by 10%!” Canada Quebec vanadium and titanium company, President Filian looked at the latest market price list, which was a headache.

“Who can tell me? Why their titanium smelting technology suddenly rises so much?”

Prior to this, Quebec vanadium and titanium company has constantly mastering the world’s top titanium industrial raw material smelting technology.

And Guangtu titanium industrial smelter is not even on their competition list! In China, the only ones likely to catch up with them are Pancheng Steel Group.

But now, Guangtu Mining Group has become the top. They took a big step directly, and walked in front of them.

“It should be Red Letter Group! The news came from China is Red Letter Group has provided them with technical support!”

“Red Letter Group? What monsters are they?” Filian complained helplessly.

In Australia’s Rio Tinto mining company, Joyce came out of the conference room, looked decadent. Just after high-level meeting, he was removed from office!

The company believes. His wrong decision caused the company to suffer heavy losses in titanium raw materials competition. Even the big consortium behind him didn’t support him. Now, he became complete loser!

He already regretted it, why he had to compete with Guangtu Mining. He regrets the most is why he must insist to compete. After he knows Red Letter Group is providing assistance to Guangtu Mining!

Who would have thought the technology subversion come so fast?

Not only him, this make British consortium behind Rio Tinto Mining Company worried.

“From the recent performance of Red Letter Group, they have already focused on the heavy industry from the field of electronic science and technology, directly threatening our position!”

Originally, Red Letter Group competed with US Science and Technology company, these British capitalists is less affected. Mainly the electronic industry in United States.

Now, Red Letter Group has begun to reach the traditional heavy industry, and the old capitalists in Europe feel panic.

First, German automobile industry was hit head-on. The emergence of unmanned and maglev vehicles and smart lanes allowed the most developed automobile industry to directly transfer from Germany to China.

Now it’s mining industry. The old-fashioned capitalists in UK and France have mastered a large amount of mineral resources. They now facing the impact from Red Letter Group and they started to panic!

“We should taken responsive measures now! Limit mining ore in countries likes Africa and Australia.” Some capitalists has started to operate. To make the governments in these countries, introduce new policies to restrict Guangtu Mining’s for mining these important mineral resources.

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