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“Then wish us all the best.” Joyce raised the glass full of champagne.

“Everything went well.” Several people responded with a toast.

Sent away several officials from Nigerian Land and Resources Ministry, and several people at BHP Mining continued to discuss the matter.

“Are they reliable?” one person questioned.

“You don’t have to worry.” Joyce said, “Our network in West Africa is more than that. This is the most convenient one.”

“There is news from China. Recently, the CEO of Guangtu mining group visited Pengyun Machinery. It’s said, they will reached cooperation with Red Letter Group to jointly develop African mining market.” Some people is worried, “Will this affect our plan? Influences?”

“That is just a rumor. Besides, even if they cooperate, it will not affect us. Red Letter Group business is mainly Electronic Science and Technology, right, and the automobile industry. I think their cooperation is at most the raw material supplier. “Joyce is not worried, “In the mining industry. We are the world’s number one. What is Red Letter Group?”

“Dear friends, for up to a year, the mine will fall back to our name!”

“At that time, your assets will skyrocket!”

Speaking of this, everyone smiled. One person said with a smile: “Who knows, that iron ore is actually ilmenite. Fortunately, we have obtained samples of the ore, otherwise Guangtu Mining will take advantage of such a cheap price.”

If it’s just a simple iron ore, it’s certainly not worth the effort of BHP. The reason they must take the mine is because they got the ore produced by the mine through some channels.

After technical analysis and testing. It was found this mine is not only iron-rich mine, but also an associated ilmenite ore! In the rock formations, the content of titanium also very high. If purified, its value estimated to reach billions of dollars!

Coupled with the recent international iron ore sales, the value of the entire mine is more than 10 billion USD. Such huge benefits can fully accepted by spending some relationship and means. Joyce and others will certainly not let go!


A month later, Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd., in the production workshop, workers were assembling general-purpose mining robots under the direction of Zhang Qiang, that is, RI-8901.

The shape of mining robot has not related with people, but a medium-sized construction machinery. The main functions are drilling, mining, and excavation.

Compared to other mining machines. Its advantage was fully automated operation, it’s only needs to set up operation details in the quantum data center. The mining robot can automatically complete the mining operation and transport the raw material ore to the placement site.

Fully automated operation is not only more efficient than manually controlled machines, but also avoids various dangerous states in mining operations. It can ignore day and night, ignore the heat and cold, and operate 24 hours a day.

What the workers have to do is regular inspections and maintenance, management and deployment.

“Chief engineer, the assembly is complete!” The technician reported to Zhang Qiang. Zhang Qiang nodded and said: “Now pull to the test site for routine operation experiments.”

The test site is a rocky land. Although it is not a mine, the rock hardness and strength are not lower than most mines. If it is a conventional mechanical operation, it is very difficult to extract these rocks.

In the test site, Lu Zixin also came from the head office when he received the news. Now his task at Red Letter Group, in addition to control general direction, is to actively launch a variety of new Science and Technology products, the new mining robot came out, he naturally wants to take a look.

“President Lu.” Several high-level executives of Pengyun Machinery greeted him.

“Well, hello everyone.” Lu Zixin exchanged a simple conversation with them and said: “Is the preparation done? Let’s start.”

“Okay, start the actual operation test immediately.” After Zhang Qiang finished, a staff member began to operate.

First, it was a relatively new model of mining machine, which they rented from other companies for comparison experiments.

The operation of mining machine requires the operation of a highly skilled technician. In the idle operation, Zhang Qiang introduced the performance data of this mining machine to Lu Zixin.

“This is currently the world’s top-ranking open-pit mining machine. It’s made by domestic Huagong Heavy Industry. The mechanical arm is up to 18 meters! The hydraulic shovel in front of the mechanical arm has a bucket capacity close to 60 cubic meters. The weight is close to 2000 tons!”

“It can be said, most of the equipment used in mines will not be better than this. It is working, you can see it now.”

Zhang Qiang said that the open-pit mining machine had already started operating. With huge machine roar, the huge open-pit mining machine began to move. Because of its excessive weight, it moves slowly, and the operation of mechanical sticks and electric shovel is also slow.

There was a loud “rumbling” sound. The crushed rocks and dust in the test site were scooped up by the bucket, then moved by the surface mining machine moved and transferred to the designated location.

The open-pit mining machine stopped working after digging a sufficient target value. This process took more than 40 minutes, and it also required the cooperation of multiple operators. The excavation process was also flawed.

Next, it’s the mining robot designed and produced by Pengyun Machinery!

The size of mining robot is also very large, and the chassis is based on the design of special engineering vehicle. Its mechanical arm is another model of Sky arm. It has the same function as Sky arm. It can also be connected to a bucket or drill to achieve multiple functions.

In the control city, quantum computers have already planned goals and methods of operation. The mining robot starts to run automatically and does not require operator control. It travels to the target location and begins mining operations.

The powerful Sky arm excavates the hard rock and then automatically shovel it to the target location. The whole process only took a quarter of an hour!

Compared to previous open-pit mining machine, it’s three times faster! And this is only a short-term comparison. If it’s a long period, counting the functional limitations of open-pit mining machine, the operation of workers, rest and start-up caused by various factors cannot be carried out normally. The strength of mining robot will be more obvious.

“The test basically achieved the goal. In the next few days, we will test other aspects such as Security System, Emergency System, etc. President Lu, what do you think?” the subordinate asked.

Lu Zixin has full confidence in the design of industrial robots, he nodded: “Yes, with our sharp tools, mining will also enter the era of full mechanical automation.”

“When the test passed, you can notify General Manager Sheng of Guangtu Mining and tell him the good news. Also let him know the strength of our company!”

These days, Sheng Wenyan didn’t ask about the machinery. He was under too much pressure. So, he was very concerned about it.

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