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Lu Yue deliberately sent an opening ceremony to his old friend. He only arrived at the door, and Yu Lang and his son had already arrived.

Yu Lang’s one or two fat meats are full of laughter, and across the distance, he greets: “Old Lu, you can be counted! You are our first VIP!”

Lu Yue joyfully said: “Congratulations, opening the business!”

“Good luck, good luck!” Yu Lang laughed and closed his mouth. As far as the current form is concerned, this day’s turnover is worth a few months of his previous company!

This gap is simply a difference! He has been doing business for decades, and it is the first time to realize the feeling of sitting on the cloud. It is too easy to make money!

“Uncle Lu is good!” Yu Kang also greeted enthusiastically, his attitude is more respectful than before. On the day of going to Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd., he only knows Lu Yue, or how much energy Lu Family has!

Lu Zixin’s words can change a person’s destiny! One of his decisions can change the future of an industry!

“Old Lu… President Lu is coming!” Those merchants from He County also rushed one by one.

In the past, those businessmen who were not very cold with Lu Yue, today saw the hot scene of this Pengyun car 4S store, have already turned Lu Yue into a god!

When Yu Family father and son decided to listen to Lu Yue’s persuasion, some of them were still laughing and ironic when they opened the store.

Today, they discovered that it turned out to be really reliable! Shen Guoqiang and others are even more regretful to die. I knew that I could work with Yu Lang and his son. This money can also have a soup for them!

Therefore, they have tried their best to flatter Lu Yue, hoping that they can also get a little light.

“President Lu has come over from He County, has it worked hard? Let’s go to the upstairs VIP room to rest!” Shen Guoqiang said enthusiastically, as if he was the owner here.

“Not hard, I am flying, half an hour is coming.” Lu Yue said casually.

“Isn’t He County without an airport?” someone asked.

“Private Jet!” The businessman next to him reminded him.

“President Lu, here, here.” Someone preached to him.

Lu Yue was somewhat flattered. These people used to be less respectful to him. A group of people have been crowded to VIP room, and quickly began to introduce themselves, change contact information and the like.

“President Lu, it’s a rare sight! I have long wanted to know you!” said with personal enthusiasm, “I am the president of He County Business Association, Ren Yixing.”

“Fortunately, fortunately.” Lu Yue shook hands with him. He used to know this person, the county’s leading businessman. In the past, he had no level to make friends with him.

He remembered that a few years ago, Yu Lang had something to ask for, and he had seen a lot of relationships before he saw them and sent a lot of gifts. Nowadays, this person actually greets himself with enthusiasm, and his attitude is respectful.

Lu Yue couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He knew that it was all because of Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin’s words made Yu Family father and son salty fish turn over and let these people see his energy, so they were enthusiastic.

After a whole day, Lu Yue did not know how many people wanted to make friends, and he did not remember the name. Anyway, no matter who he is, he is coping with it and does not promise what to guarantee.

These people were still feeling deeply until Lu Yue left.

“Huh, old Yu Family is really going to be developed this time!” A businessman slammed his chest. “I was there that day when Old Yu invited Lu Yue to dinner, I thought he was just talking about it!”

“Who knows that it is true, good guys, today I see that they have ordered more than a dozen cars, all of which are one hundred thousand! Really make money!”

“Well!” said a businessman. “I have a friend who opened an 4S store. He still sell foreign brands. He sold more than a dozen vehicles a month. After one year, the money was not earned, and he lost hundreds of thousands.”

“Don’t say it, this opportunity has been missed. I don’t know if there is any in my life.”

While they are feeling, they think in their hearts. In the future, they must find ways to pull in with Lu Yue. If they can get such opportunities, they will be developed!


After the official release of Pengyun Automobile, it quickly became a hot model. Automated driving cars began to appear on the streets of various cities, along with a few paragraphs and pictures.

Some local tyrants have bought this kind of car and went to the university and bar.

Fully automated driving has begun to become a trend. At the same time, Frontwalk driver Unmanned System Co., Ltd. also announced that it provides fully automatic driving system services, including various models, not only family cars, commercial vehicles, but also freight cars, passenger cars and so on.

The initial success of Pengyun Auto gave Lu Zixin more confidence to develop magnetic levitation vehicles. At least for the moment, Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. has a stable income growth point and can afford high R&D expenditures.

In the “fortress” villa of the two robots, Lu Zixin is teaching Iron Head, which is now Dongfang Hao.

Dongfang Hao wearing a body suit, a scorpion meat, well-proportioned, height 1.8 m, is enough to be a male model. Since the iron head was replaced with the liquid metal body, it rarely became a motorcycle form, but every day narcissistic on the social network to send some selfies, videos or something, there are many fans.

“How much did you burn this month? Three times the budget!” Lu Zixin looked at the financial report and said: “Now I am looking for the head office to apply for an additional investment of 5 billion. Are this money wind blowing?”

“Daddy, you can’t count it!” said Dongfang Hao. “You said that you want to develop a magnetic levitation car. I looked at it. There are even a few basic materials in the factory. So, I will spend money. Let them do the laboratory for material synthesis.”

“It’s just a lab, it costs a few hundred million. Then the material is synthesized, there is also a failure rate! There are some precision crafts, we can’t produce it, is it necessary to start from the machine… In short, the money will be spent over.”

Lu Zixin said directly: “You simply say, how much does it cost? The investment in the head office is also subject to detailed project regulations.”

Although Red Letter Group has money, it cannot burn money. After all, Lu Zixin is doing business, not doing charity.

“This is not good. Maglev cars, it will be almost a hundred billion.” Dongfang Hao said, “It is mainly road construction, which requires a lot of money.”

Maglev cars can’t maintain magnetic suspension on normal roads, so roads need to be rebuilt. If we only transform one or two roads, it is meaningless. To transform, it is national!

Such a big project can’t be done by Pengyun Automobile itself.

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