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“I really want to build a car!” Su Xiaomeng came to interest and asked: “When is it, I want to buy it!”

Su Xiaomeng has made a lot of money on the Internet in recent years. In the past year, relying on the promotion resources of Red Letter, it has become a first-line network red, a small rich woman. In addition, her own family is also a billion-dollar asset. Buying a car is just a small meaning.

“New energy vehicles should be faster and will be launched with driverless system, within half a year.” Lu Zixin said, “Your sister said, as long as you do not leave the exam and graduate smoothly, she will send you one at the time.”

“She also said last year that she would send me a whole set of projection game equipment, and now she have not sent it!” Su Xiaomeng was dissatisfied.

“She is afraid of delaying your study, I will make up for you tomorrow, okay?”

“It’s still my brother-in-law the best!” Su Xiaomeng said with gusto.

Xue Yao has focused on Lu Zixin’s unfinished words, said curiously: “You said there is a plan, what is it?”

She is well aware of Lu Zixin’s preferences, a product, if not particularly innovative and Science and Technology, Lu Zixin will not pay special attention, generally let the following people decide for themselves.

“It’s also a new energy car, but the driving method is different,” Lu Zixin said. “It’s expected to be driven by magnetic levitation.”

“Maglev car!” Su Xiaomeng screamed in surprise. “This is fun! Can you fly around on the road?”

“You said that is a flying saucer!” Lu Zixin said without words, “Maglev can only be hung up where there is a metal track on the road.”

“What is the difference between a maglev train and that?” Su Xiaomeng puzzled. “Can’t you go without a track?”

“Of course, you can go, there are no tracks and there are wheels!” Lu Zixin explained. “And the magnetic levitation car is much more free than maglev train. You can use it as a normal car. On a specific road, it can float!”

“Maglev car, isn’t that simple?” Xue Yao said, driving the car into underground garage of a mall.

“Yes, so I’m still thinking about it,” Lu Zixin replied. At the beginning, Pengyun Auto only submitted  new energy vehicles, which were ultra-long-life vehicles built with their lithium-air batteries, equipped with an unmanned system.

But after Lu Zixin saw it, I felt that this improvement was still too little! Nowadays, new energy vehicles have already had a certain level in terms of battery life and driverless driving.

So I proposed to build a new Science and Technology car. In many cases, he selected the magnetic levitation car. The company’s people are studying this plan to see if there is room for it.

“Come on, eat something!” Su Xiaomeng came down from the car, and at the same time skilled to bring a mask. In a place with a lot of people, she is easily recognized by fans. If she is blocked by a photo signature, it is a waste of time.

When the three people arrived at the mall, they walked from the underground parking lot to the first floor. They found that the shopping mall was very lively. The first floor of the open space was doing activities, surrounded by a few people, and others stood on the second and third floors.

“Look, there, the smart challenge contest!” Su Xiaomeng saw the billboard of the event at a glance, saying: “Play games, challenge artificial intelligence, get excess rewards!”

“A thousand prizes for the first pass, and a small gift.”

“After the second pass, 10,000 bonuses, and send small gifts.”

“There is 30,000 cash prizes in the third pass, and a limited edition figure!”

“Wow, it’s Diao Chan figure!” Su Xiaomeng saw the first prize, which was actually the role of her previous cosplay “Resurrection of the Three Kingdoms.” The bonus is not very attractive to her, but if it is limited figure, it means different.

Nowadays, the virtual projection game “Three Kingdoms Reappearance” is very hot, and the peerless beauty Diao Chan is one of the most popular game characters.

Lu Zixin saw a different place from her. He saw something else on the billboard, “AI Master?”

This is a publicity campaign organized by the company. The so-called “AI Master” is a new type of commercial business developed based on artificial intelligence of Red Letter.

Red Letter’s personalized intelligence can add personalized features, users can also take the initiative to let AI learn some habits, special knowledge, let AI grow.

Everyone’s AI will grow differently, so this gave birth to this new type of industry, which specializes in developing specific AIs that users can download and copy.

Different from the business of Red Letter Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd., Red Letter is on the technical side, and they are on the side of life. Equivalent to Red Letter Smart Company is a manufacturer, and after they get the goods from the manufacturer, the package is sold to the user as an intermediary.

The employees they recruited are called artificial intelligence trainers.

“The rise of artificial intelligence has caused some jobs to die out, but new jobs have been created, and society is self-regulating.” Lu Zixin sighs that he himself did not expect that such a job would occur.

“Let’s go to the game!” Su Xiaomeng suggested, looking at the two while looking forward to it.

Lu Zixin and Xue Yao look at each other, Xue Yao said with a smile: “Okay, just go to dinner after playing.”

“I also want to see what the AI ​​trainer has!” Lu Zixin agrees. In some ways, he is also an artificial intelligence trainer, but he cultivates the quantum brain of artificial intelligence, Hong Xiaoxiao.

The three people went to the event to sign up. The conditions for registration are very simple. They use the smart device to download “AI Master” software.

The software is divided into computer version and mobile version. In addition to training AI for personal computers, they also design some intelligent services for smart phones, as long as the smart phones are connected to the commercial version of quantum computer in their software background.

“The first level is to challenge “Game Accompanying Artificial Intelligence” Xiaoyou trained by our AI masters, and play a game competition with her, as long as you win, it is cleared!”

“Xiaoyou is proficient in more than three thousand games, including chess, fighting, adventure, etc. You can choose one of these game.”

The staff of AI Master introduced that Lu Zixin looked at other challengers.

There is a boss who is self-sufficient in chess and wants to play chess with artificial intelligence, sweating and sweating; there are people and artificial intelligence to play shooting games, the score is crushed; others are playing fighting games, it is also very difficult to fight.

All games are shown through a virtual projection game console, which is very convenient.

“Sister, play cards, I suggest you play cards!” As a beautiful girl, Su Xiaomeng’s treatment is particularly good. The boys who failed in the previous challenge also reminded her and said: “If you want to play IQ and operation with artificial intelligence, it is almost impossible to win, I didn’t see anyone win.”

“Only playing cards, compared with luck, have the opportunity to pass the first level!”

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