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After Lu Zixin and others left the game, the vote was not over.

Since things have developed to this point, Lancelot and Walter simply declare the results directly, no matter how much.

“There was a little accident just now. The representatives of China have a little disagreement with us,” Lancelot said. “But in the academic world, it is normal to have differences.”

“We also need an established standard to standardize our quantum computer industry chain. Following the opinions of most representatives, we announced that IBM’s quantum computer standard will become the universal standard for quantum computers worldwide.”

“In the future, whether it is manufacturing spare parts for quantum computers or commercial machines, companies from all over the world follow this standard to unify the market and promote the development of quantum computer technology.”

The representatives began to applaud. It was not enough of applause, it was a bit embarrassing. Some of them were expressionless, even lazy to applaud. I don’t know what I was thinking.

In any case, IEEE and American Computer Association announced the standards for quantum computers at this global supercomputer conference. At the same time, they also issued a statement expressing their condemnation for “Red Letter Group” and blacklisting it. Red Letter Group will no longer be invited to participate in any of computer industry Science and Technology and academic conferences organized by them.

Red Letter Group is naturally not vegetarian, on the day of withdrawal. Red Letter Group issued an international statement challenging the fairness and impartiality of IEEE Association as a stateless academic organization and the intentional manipulation of the results of American Computer Society.

And stated that Red Letter Group refused to recognize their published quantum computer standards and will publish their own quantum computer standards.

These two statements have appeared almost in tandem. This is not a simple quarrel, but a worldwide debate!

The industry authority of IEEE Association and American Computer Association is unquestionable. Today, a Chinese company that has just set foot in the computer field is openly screaming! This has made many scientific research institutions and enterprises in many countries stunned, too new! Really too new!

“They are really not afraid?” Lianxiang Group, New York International Headquarters, Bai Chenghui looked at the news report and asked.

“Red Letter Group is new in the computer field. There is no substantive hardware industry yet. To say that, their software industry is not bad. The restrictions of IEEE and American Computer Association have little effect on them?” The president of US region analyzed.

“No.” Bai Chenghui shook his head. “They spent a few billions on quantum computer research and there is a high degree of Science and Technology achievements, definitely have computer hardware.”

It is Red Letter Group. It’s impossible to say that it will take out tens of billions dollars, and even more funds and manpower to fill in black holes. It is not feasible to not do commercial machines.

“It has long been known that Red Letter Group has always been very irritating. When US Federal Communications Commission sanctioned them, the companies such as Huawei and Zhongxing were all soft. Only Red Letter Group publicly opposed it. They are continuing this style. In the computer field.” said a senior official.

“But in this field, the foreign monopoly is more serious. This time they want to let US take the initiative to make concessions like the last time. It is very difficult.”

“This is actually a new generation of quantum computer hegemony. No matter how the situation develops, we can’t fall behind.” Bai Chenghui said, “Looking for opportunities to talk with Red Letter Group. Lu Zixin said that they already have commercial quantum computers, figure out the situation.”

“IBM side, dragging first, their commercial quantum computer will not hit the market in a while, we still have time”


In the reports of foreign media, there is no mention of the quantum computer technology of Red Letter Group. Therefore, many people who have eaten melons have not learned the beginning and the end of this matter, and many foreign netizens have followed the wind to condemn Red Letter Group.

“This Chinese company is too arrogant! The results of the votes have come out, they actually refused to admit! It is simply just dog!”

“It is time to ban them from attending, our technology is much more advanced than them, and there is no need to control their standards.”

“Should they be sanctioned, do they have to use our core hardware for their computers? Don’t sell them, or raise prices!”

“Red Letter Group is a garbage company. Mobile phones are more expensive than Apple. I hope it will close down soon!”

“Haha, this company actually said that to publish standards, it is too funny. What are they released, will not be recognized by other countries?”


Such major event reports are naturally filled in the domestic media, and everyone has different opinions.

A news commentary media reprinted a report from New York Daily and wrote: “Now the internationally authoritative media, including some authoritative research institutions, generally believe that Red Letter Group has not been treated unfairly as they advertised.”

“But because the standards of Red Letter Group did not receive the results of the vote, they fell out with the organizers. The authenticity of this matter is questionable, but we believe that if Red Letter Group wants to develop in the computer industry, it needs to maintain a unified industry standard”

“This kind of ‘impulse’ is not like the style of an international big business. It is like a child’s play. Our company goes abroad and represents the face of our Chinese, so that the international community can laugh at things, hope Red Letter group has a good reflection!”

This comment came out, both sly and supportive.

“Red Letter Group is indeed wrong. Isn’t it a standard? If you don’t admit it, you won’t admit it, and you will make such a big news.”

“The mentally retarded children upstairs don’t understand anything, let everyone laugh, you will bring it back to the mental hospital.”

“This comment is really wise, others have made a mistake, but also made Red Letter to reflect?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t participate in any computer conference. Anyway, Red Letter is selling mobile phones and playing games.”

Tang Gang of Red Letter Group saw this news and made a special Weibo: “The face is not sought from others, but we have earned it! This kind of comment is really sad!”

“Easy to everyone, we will do it if we say it, Red Letter will release our quantum computer standard tomorrow, and we will announce our news about new computer products!”

Tang Gang’s Weibo was immediately topped up in hot search, and the public number was reprinted and commented.

And everyone is very curious, what kind of new product news will be released by Red Letter! Also, when Red Letter announces their quantum computer standards, will the international counterparts recognize it, or will it still be that the arm is not twisted and the thigh can only be played by the company?

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