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The next day.

Ye Guang came to studio early.

“Is the scene ready?”

“No problem.”

“Is the props ready?”


“Well, the clothes are ready.”

“All done.”

“OK! The actor, the actor … oh, it seems like me alone ”


“OK! Turn on!”

“Is this turned on?”

“Yes, otherwise?”


The scene is also simple to say, an antique screen, a wooden chair, an eight immortal table, a pen and ink paper ink stone for ornaments, there is sober wood, the most conspicuous is also the most abrupt is the table is placed a lot of bottles Fruit Run Company’s drink ‘Fruit Run True Fruit’, The ancient scene and these few bottles of drink are really awkward, but there is no way, since I have received money from others, the advertisement must be played. And this sense of abruptness also highlights the advertisement, making people more noticeable.

Ye Guang put on a gray gown, holding a folding fan in his hand.

The employees gathered to sit down in the auditorium that was prepared in advance, and there were also scenes of storytelling in the ancient teahouse.

Liu Chiyan is also there. She is sitting in the first row with Yiyi. She is quite curious about Ye Guang, who is trying his best to do the show. Anyway, it’s nothing to do. It’s good to have a look.

It’s all ready.

With Shang Shan sound “Start!”, the three brothers of sea, land and air in three machines were turned on simultaneously from three angles

“Hello everyone, welcome to watch “Journey to the West Storytelling by Fruit Run and Ye Guang”, I am the storyteller Ye Guang.”


“This show is exclusively broadcasted by Fruit Run Beverages, Fruit Run Beverages, fresh fruit straight squeezed, flesh visible, shake before drinking.”

After a simple slogan, Ye Guang bowed on the stage and then sat down.

Pa” Wake up a shot, the storytelling Journey to the West officially started.

“Before Chaos was divided, no one sees. Since Pangu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness, The separation of clear and impure began.”

“Overwriting the group of people to the benevolence, inventing everything is good. If you want to know the achievements of Yuanhui, you must look at Journey to the West.”

There is a fixed poem in the opening of storytelling. This paragraph is even a fixed poem.

The storytelling is not difficult to say, but it is difficult to say. Summarizing in an old saying: Commentary is not easy, and a thousand words must be remembered. First, the voice must be loud, and the second must not be delayed. Loading the text and loading myself is like a big show.

This is the storytelling. Fortunately, there are also The Gift of Gab and Singer Excellent Emotions and Voice skill, and there is also Actor knowledge. Slightly serious, a storytelling is not a bone in the egg, but it is also good.

Pa” Ye Guang took another wakes up shot.

Beginning of the text section

“The divine root conceives, its source revealed; Mind and nature nurtured, the Great Dao is born.”

“We heard that, in the order of Heaven and Earth, a single period consisted of 129,600 years. Dividing this period into twelve epochs were the twelve stems of Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, Yu, Xu, and Hai, with each epoch having 10,800 years. Considered as the horary circle, the sequence would be thus: the first sign of dawn appears in the hour of Zi, while at Chou the cock crows; daybreak occurs at Yin, and the sun rises at Mao; Chen comes after breakfast and by Si everything is planned; at Wu the sun arrives at its meridian, and it declines westward by Wei; the evening meal comes during the hour of Shen, and the sun sinks completely at Yu; twilight sets in at Xu, and people rest by the hour of Hai. This sequence may also be understood macrocosmically. At the end of the epoch of Xu, Heaven and Earth were obscure and all things were indistinct.”

After a while, except for Liu Chiyan, the rest of the staff were shocked. They weren’t like Liu Chiyan. They had seen some Journey to the West and Ye Guang’s mouthful of ancient sayings. It sounds okay, but the key is I don’t think I understand it. What does this mean? What are you talking about? Who can explain?

The employees looked at each other and saw three words from the other’s eyes ‘I don’t understand!’.

Some employees have begun to conclude in their hearts, Finished, this show is definitely over, what to say!

Ye Guang’s voice was loud, and the whole piece of Journey to the West was finished with a clear articulation. When the employees were confused, a finger was slammed, the folding fan was opened, and the two fans were gently shaken. Next, then slammed a bit and woke them up.


The voice was very loud, many employees were shocked, and Yiyi was shocked. Liu Chiyan glanced at Ye Guang under the stage and blamed him for scaring Yiyi.

The employees were amazed and all of them were spirited.

“Following Pan Gu’s construction of the universe, the rule of the Three August Ones, and the ordering of the relations by the Five Thearchs, 4 the world was divided into four great continents. They were: the East Purvavideha Continent, the West Aparagodanlya Continent, the South Jambudvlpa Continent, and the North Uttarakum Continent. This book is solely concerned with the East Purvavideha Continent. Beyond the seas there is a country called Aolai. This country is next to an ocean, and in the middle of the ocean is a famous island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.”

Huh, it seems to be understandable here? Although it is ancient, it seems that it is not difficult to understand.

Ye Guang continues to speak at the rhythm.

“There was on top of that very mountain an immortal stone, which measured thirty-six feet and five inches in height and twenty-four feet in circumference. The height of thirty-six feet and five inches corresponded to the three hundred and sixty-five cyclical degrees, while the circumference of twenty-four feet corresponded to the twenty-four solar terms of the calendar. 7 On the stone were also nine perforations and eight holes, which corresponded to the Palaces of the Nine Constellations and the Eight Trigrams. Though it lacked the shade of trees on all sides, it was set off by epidendrums on the left and right. Since the creation of the world, it had been nourished for a long period by the seeds of Heaven and Earth and by the essences of the sun and the moon, until, quickened by divine inspiration, it became pregnant with a divine embryo. One day, it split open, giving birth to a stone egg about the size of a playing ball. Exposed to the wind, it was transfonned into a stone monkey endowed with fully developed features and limbs.”

Ye Guang spoke very seriously, his voice was loud, and he was frustrated and delayed. While talking and making gestures, it was a bit interesting, and it seemed quite straightforward, but his gesture made Yiyi amused.

Yiyi is very sensible, knowing that he is shooting, and dare not laugh out loud, burying her head in Liu Chiyan’s arms, and she was very fortunate.

As the story progressed, the employees were somewhat immersed in it, and the murmurs that had been whispering were becoming less and less.

“…… Since then, all acclaiming him as the “Great King of a Thousand Years.” The stone monkey then took the throne, made the word “stone” taboo, and called himself Handsome Monkey King. There is a poem to prove it that goes : All things are born from the Three positives; The magic stone was quick with the essence of sun and moon. An egg was turned into a monkey to complete the Great Way; He was lent a name so that the elixir would be complete. Looking inside he perceives nothing because it has no form, Outside he uses his intelligence to create visible things. Men have always been like this: Those who are called kings and sages do just as they wish.”

Speaking of this, many employees are very excited, and more employees have applauded loudly regardless of the occasion.

Yiyi is also listening, constantly cheering under the stage, the small hand has been red. She likes to listen to stories the most, and Ye Guang’s story today is so good that it is better than the night before!

At the beginning, Shang Shan signaled a few times to make the employees quieter, but there were employees who were fascinated by the story. When they heard the subtleties, they remembered where they were, and immediately applauded.

Shang Shan couldn’t help but see it, and he was twice listening to it, couldn’t help applauding, where could he care about others.

Forget it, let them go, anyway, Ye Guang has a microphone on his body, it will not affect the sound collection, and some applaud sounds will have good atmosphere!

After more than twenty minutes.

“It’s called Sun Wukong with you, okay?”

“Monkey King smiled: Good, good, good! It is called Sun Wukong from now on!”

“Exactly: Monkey King had no original name at the beginning, breaking the stubborn sky must be Wukong. After all, I don’t know what Taoist effect to cultivate backwards, and listen to the next decomposition”

Pa” crisp, awake sound rang and the first round was declared.

“This program is here, thanks to the exclusive title broadcast by Fruit Run Beverages, “Journey to the West Storytelling by Fruit Run and Ye Guang”, Fruit Run Beverages, fresh fruit straight squeeze, flesh visible, shake before drinking. I am the storyteller Ye Guang, we will see you next time!”

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