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Liu Chiyan smiled and greeted everyone, and Ye Guang followed Liu Chiyan and smiled.

“Everyone is quiet.” Liu Chiyan said, “I will introduce a new colleague to everyone.”

“This is Ye Guang, the new Vice-president, who is in charge of Studio work, and everyone will work with Chief Ye in the future.” Liu Chiyan said with a smile, “Everyone applauded.”


The applause was very warm.

The staff present at the scene also looked at Ye Guang with some curiosity. This seems to be an ordinary guy. How become Vice-president? Liu Chiyan family relatives? They didn’t dare to think about being her lover, mainly because Ye Guang looks a bit ordinary.

But fortunately, Ye Guang did not see any embarrassment or hatred from the eyes of these employees. The employees who were present were basically eating technical meals, and each of them was responsible. The leadership was also Liu Chiyan alone. There was no intrigue or power struggle.

Liu Chiyan said with a smile: “Everyone asked Chief Ye to say a few words.”


Another burst of applause.

Ye Guang gave a soft cough: “Hello everyone, my name is Ye Guang. I will work with you all the time. I am a new person. I don’t understand many places. I hope you will take care of me in the future. I hope that everyone will have a happy cooperation in the future. Of course, I also hope that everyone will have a good time in private. Thank you.” Ye Guang said a little, he didn’t say much. He didn’t know anything at the moment. He also knew what to say when he first came.


Another burst of applause.

Next, Liu Chiyan introduced Ye Guang one by one to the staff who were present.

The two managers are a man and a woman. The man is Jiang Fengxian. He is very old. He is in his forties. He looks very good and is very sophisticated. According to Liu Chiyan, he used to be an executive in a state-owned enterprise. The woman’s name is Jiang Xin, who is in her thirties. It turned out to be Liu Chiyan’s assistant. When Liu Chiyan and Century Media fell out, she resigned with her. It was Liu Chiyan’s confidant. Ye Guang had some impressions when he saw Jiang Xin. It should be the slightly shorter woman who went to the TV station with Liu Chiyan.

The director is Shang Shan, in his forties, and the deputy director is Xia Hai. He is a little younger and he is thirty. Ye Guang heard that their names almost didn’t laugh, Liu Chiyan, who was looking for talent, two directors, one went up the mountain and went to the sea.

There are also triplets, actually three are video cameras, and the age is not big, it looks like it is less than twenty years old and thirty, the name is better, one is Wei Haijun, the other is Wei Lujun, one is called Wei Kongjun. Well, triplets sea, land and air forces gathered!

Planner is called Xia Hongda, supervisor is called Zhong Cheng, coordinator is called Lan Dongxiong, and the record is called Shen Xuewen… A lot of names, if Ye Guang not have a Highly Retentive Memory skill, it is not always possible to remember the names of these twenty people.

After Liu Chiyan introduced Ye Guang, she simply said two words and left Ye Guang to leave the meeting room.

Assistant Jiang Xin chased it, “Yan’er, this Ye… Where is suitable office for Chief Ye?”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “Jiang sister, you call him Little Ye. He is young, and I am very awkward to hear you call him Chief Ye.”

Jiang Xin is the old person around Liu Chiyan, and she is very good both at work and in private. Jiang Xin is called Liu Chiyan, Yan’er, and Liu Chiyan is also a relative who calls her Jiang Sister.

Regarding Ye Guang’s office arrangement, Liu Chiyan thought about it: “The big office seems to be my one? This is not very easy to do…” After a sigh of relief, Liu Chiyan said: “Jiang sister, you will add a table in my office, and Ye Guang will work with me later!”

“Ahhhh…” Jiang Xin was a little surprised and whispered to Liu Chiyan, “Is that alright?”

Liu Chiyan is actually a bit flustered. It’s as if it’s nothing to do: “What’s wrong, I’m pretty good, Ye Guang just came, he don’t understand many places, work with me at the end, and sometimes things are easy to communicate, just do it, Jiang sister.”

“Fine. Got it.” Jiang Xin can only nod, but my heart is a bit guilty. What does Ye Guang come to? Others doesn’t understand Liu Chiyan that she still doesn’t know? Is she the kind of person who is willing to share an office with a man? What is the relationship between two people? Jiang Xin can only guess like this.

Out of Studio, Ye Guang asked: “Hey, is this gone?”

Liu Chiyan: “No? Now that Studio has not officially opened, some equipment are not in place. Just what they discussed in the conference room are some equipment and their work arrangements. These things are their professions, I don’t understand them, Get started, stay here.”

Ye Guang sighed, “Where are we going next?”

Liu Chiyan thought about her next and thought, “Go to Electric City! There aren’t many appliances in the house yet, just now I have time to buy the appliances, and I can live in it soon!”

So Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan to the Electric City.

In the electric city, Liu Chiyan is fully armed, windbreaker, cap, sunglasses, and a large mask. Keep yourself in a strict state.

When Liu Chiyan arrived at the electric city, she didn’t talk. She relied on Ye Guang and the shopping guide. Liu Chiyan pointed her finger at it and watched it for a while.

Seeing the shopping guide’s strange look, Ye Guang explained to him sadly: “This is my wife, a little disabled, dumb.”

The shopping guide handed him a sympathetic look, and also patted his chest and said, buddy, you are not easy, today I will give you a 97% off.

Ye Guang snickered, and Liu Chiyan glanced at him, but didn’t dare to speak. Just when the guide was not paying attention, the two fingers made an intimate contact with Ye Guang’s waist.

Ye Guang hurts his teeth, but he doesn’t dare to speak.

Two-finger twist, this is a talented skill for all women without a teacher.

Also, remember, don’t provoke women, they will retaliate…

After spending a long time in the electrical city, Liu Chiyan bought a lot of things.

Double-door refrigerator, 55-inch 4K TV, fully intelligent washing and drying washing machine, integrated range hood, air purifier, air conditioner, water purifier, hair dryer, electric fan, sweeping machine… She bought the purchase, she should have bought it. Looking at the long shopping list, Ye Guang even suspected that the two rooms and one hall could not be used to stuff these appliances…

What makes Ye Guang most speechless is that Liu Chiyan is expensive to buy, as long as it is expensive! Sometimes the guides can’t stand it anymore, pulling Ye Guang to say which product is also very good, cost-effective, etc., Liu Chiyan ignores her, as long as she is expensive! As long as it is expensive! Although it wasn’t Ye Guang who paid for the payment, when Liu Chiyan gave the card to Ye Guang and asked him to pay, Ye Guang looked at the consumption list with a total of fifty-five. It still felt painful. This is still the Store Manager seeing Ye Guang bought so many things at a time to make a 5% discount.

Defeated girls!

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