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“Master.” In the villa, Zhang Qiang came back to report. Lu Zixin found that although his appearance has not changed, but the camouflaged hair is still growing, Luke’s technology is really amazing.

Lu Zixin took the mechanical parts out of the group space and said, “I passed the upgrade program to you. You installed these accessories and upgraded them yourself.”


The upgrade data is transferred to the RI-8901 core chip to improve its combat skills. At the same time, the RI-8901 robot began self-disassembly and reassembly.

Its fingernails are directly separated from the sharp blade, from the forehead of their own, a knife to open, revealing the metal structure inside.

Lu Zixin looked a little flustered and asked, “Can you put on the skin and wear it?”

Zhang Qiang replied: “Master, my body camouflage is not a human tissue cell, but a human-like biological tissue that can be cultured in a separate dish like a microbe. If it takes time to cultivate the design, it can also cultivate more. The imitation of the human body shell.”

Isn’t that a piece of human skin? Although it is known to be fake, but considering the picture, Lu Zixin is still somewhat unacceptable.

But then again, if this technology is used in medicine, it may have an unexpected effect.

Zhang Qiang completely took off the camouflage body shell, hanging on the side like clothes, and the rest was a robot made of pure metal.

Lu Zixin only sees its true face. His internal structure is different from that of the human body, but there is a human bone shape to support the human body shell.

Important parts such as chips and energy chips are in its skull, and the skull has special metal protection to avoid damage. And in the belly, even every bone, is actually a mechanical tool that can be taken out.

The accessories that Luke gave this time, from the outside, are also like bones, so that it can be replaced. Lu Zixin saw micro-laser weapons bones, barrel bones, electromagnetic bones, and more.

Now the RI-8901 can be turned into a humanoid combat machine at any time! If it is thrown on the battlefield, it is a super mechanical soldier.

Zhang Qiang installed all the modified parts, but put on the imitation body shell again. Although the knife marks on the outer casing are difficult to see, they still exist. After a few hours, the scratch will heal itself.

Lu Zixin asked: “Zhang Qiang, what is your current combat strength?”

Zhang Qiang replied: “With the standards of the devil world, it is probably the level of low-level war robots.”

Lu Zixin knows what the standard of the devil is, and asks directly: “You say that the strength on the earth is described by an intuitive description.”

“Ordinary Earth people can’t be my opponents. Cold weapons can’t hurt me. Small heat weapons don’t affect me. My robotic arm is quite powerful with a small crane that can perform more than 10,000 combat actions.” Zhang Qiang said, “Now I am an industrial and combat, dual-type robot.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin is quite satisfied. This Zhang Qiang can still sit in the research center. If someone wants to do something about destruction, he will not be able to pass it.


Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin is pondering the construction of the R&D center in the office. Tang Gang knocked on the door and reported to him.

“General, there is a bit of a situation on Baodao.” Tang Gang said when he came in.

“Hmm?” Lu Zixin raised an eyebrow and asked him.

“We originally selected an agent in Baodao to be responsible for the sales of our Red Letter Electronics smart products in Baodao.” Tang Gang explained, “But another agent found us and asked to represent our products and now they make a dispute.”

Lu Zixin wondered, “Which is a good dispute, whoever is more suitable, who to look for.”

Tang Gang nodded: “Yeah, from an operational point of view, of course we do this. But this situation is different.”

“Our original agent, called Yayuan Telecom, is a relatively strong telecom operator. It owns the 4G operating license of Baodao, and its service and reputation are also better.”

“Now we are asked to represent our Red Letter smart products, called Baokang Telecom, which is a small operator that was established soon. And their operating network is small, service and reputation are not very good.”

“Then they don’t have any points in their hearts? Also ask for an agent?” Lu Zixin asked. “It’s okay to reject it directly.”

“Refused.” Tang Gang reluctantly said, “But they still disagree!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said, “Let’s find an agent, and what do they disagree with?”

Tang Gang whispered: “The market situation there is different. This Baokang Telecom has a background!”

“Oh.” Lu Zixin understood. “They have a background, so we have to divide our cake. Is that what it means?”

“Yes.” Tang Gang nodded. “It is this difficult to handle.”

“At first we didn’t take it seriously and refused their proxy request.” He continued,
“Who knows that it won’t take long for all kinds of troubles.”

“Our business staff at Baodao just came out from the building of Yayuan Telecom Company, and the hind legs were involved in civil disputes and were brought into the bureau to drink tea not for Yayuan’s boss helped out.”

“This is no problem. In the hotel where our business staff live, we have found threatening letters sent by others, saying that if the red letter is not considered clearly, the red letter will not be able to travel in the Baodao market in the future!”

“Threat? Hey, it’s a big daring!” Lu Zixin coldly snorted and said, “Have you investigated yet?”

“Check it out.” Tang Gang nodded and frowned. “Behind this Baokang Telecom, there is the underground power of Baodao. Simply put, it is the company controlled by that power.”

“Our red letter mobile phone is so popular in the mainland, but also killed Apple, these people are jealous. In Baodao, Apple mobile phone sales also accounted for a large number, if the red letter admission, certainly can make money. So they put their minds to hit us, force to represent our products, and the proposed treaty is very unreasonable.”

“The boss of Yayuan Telecom is also very jealous of them. He said that he is trying to settle this matter. If it is not, he will not dare to represent our products.”

Tang Gang said: “It is a pity that we have nothing to do with Baodao. It is also very difficult to deal with this matter.”

The situation is different between the mainland and the island. This is indeed a problem. Lu Zixin thought about one or two and said: “You show me their specific information.”

“Well, I will send it to you in your mailbox.”

Lu Zixin read the information and got an idea of ​​what happened. Because the relevant departments of Baodao want to open up the market and make more money, the 4G network spectrum has been segmented and auctioned, so that there are many local operators and sizes, which also leads to a chaotic operation.

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