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On the Internet, the video of the former female anchor Qingqing Experience Thunderstorm Home Appliances Smart Home Experience Hall was also forwarded to various short videos or software.

Seeing this video, some people said curiously: “Is this true? Is it so convenient?”

“Isn’t that a promotional video? It’s all made by computer!”

“Really, the news is broadcast!”

“This kind of smart home is only played by local tyrants? It must be very expensive! God, I want my family to be like this!”

“No, this is not expensive! Just install the Thunderstorm’s smart manager, and the online one is 99 block!”


Thunderstorm appliances have made a wave of advertising promotion with the heat, intelligent manager, only need 99 yuan, can turn ordinary smart home appliances into a part of smart home!

Not only that, the Smart Home Management System app supports any mobile phone, computer and tablet, ready to download! At the same time, Red Cloud of red letter smartphone can also be directly connected to the smart home management system, and the smart phone controls all the smart homes with one button!

The Red Letter smartphone also promoted this management system to tens of millions of mobile phone users, so that everyone was surprised to find that the home can now be played like this!

The download volume of Xiaoyu Smart Home Butler APP has soared, even though many people do not have perfect smart home appliances at home. However, in order to be fresh, everyone is still happy, even if there is only one smart home, such as TV, air conditioners, they also need to install an intelligent controller, using mobile phones to control.

If you have ample conditions, you will also purchase a home appliance or a Xiaoyu smart speaker with an intelligent controller installed at home.

Through the online shopping malls in the east, the sales of Thunderstorm smart home appliance controllers and the sales of Xiaoyu smart speakers have skyrocketed. Not only that, when many people buy new home appliances, they will ask if they can install intelligent controllers.

Thunderstorm smart home appliance controllers is easy to buy in online shopping malls, merchants have encountered very depressed things.

One of the merchants is listening to the customer service report. “Yesterday’s sales were one-third less. Many customers asked if we could install smart controllers. We didn’t have this service, they said no.”

“You didn’t tell them that we also sell smart controllers for thunderstorms?”

“That said, but the customer has to install. Our master will not install!” Customer service helpless.

The owner, frowned, said: “Let the master quickly learn to install, is there no video teaching on the network? If the customer can install the intelligent controller in the future, you can say, but charge the installation fee and the cost of the intelligent controller.”

“Well, boss, I know.”


A large shopping mall, home appliance sales area.

The customer took a fancy to a smart air conditioner and asked: “Can this be controlled by a mobile phone?”

Shopping guide said with a slight smile : “Hello, after you download our app, you can use your phone as a remote control, very convenient.”

“I mean, using voice control is the direct voice control of the mobile phone, let it open and let it adjust a few degrees.” the customer said.

“I’m sorry, our air conditioner doesn’t have this function yet. It’s very convenient to use one-touch operation on your mobile phone…” The shopping guide is about to say, the customer is impatient: “Even smart home system can’t even connect, you guys too lagging behind, I will go to another store to see.”

The guide can only smile, and in the past few days, she has encountered too many situations.


Haier Group, they have some agreements with Thunderstorm Appliances, so they have mastered the technology of installing intelligent controllers.

At this time, the group is currently meeting.

“From last week’s data, sales of home appliances with smart controllers have increased significantly. Instead, there are no installed home appliances, and sales have declined.”

Tao Shuyi said: “It seems that we have to reach a comprehensive cooperation with Thunderstorm Appliances, so that all home appliances can be equipped with intelligent controllers!”

“Agree, this smart home heat brought by Thunderstorm Appliances, we have to catch up!” The director of the sales department nodded.

“How is the development of intelligent controllers?” asked a deputy general.

The director of the technical department replied: “We have studied the intelligent controller of Thunderstorm home appliances. Well, from the perspective of structure and design, we can imitate it in two months with our strength. But the key issue is not here.”

“The most critical thing is their smart home management system!” he continued. “Intelligent controllers only work in this system, even if we copy it, don’t rely on this system, it’s in vain.”

“So, in a short time, we only have to buy intelligent controllers from thunderstorm appliances?”

“It’s almost like this.” The technical director nodded.

“This is really a big expense!”

Haier Group’s home appliances are extremely extensive, with a turnover of more than 200 billion in the global market in one year! If their products are equipped with Thunderstorm’s smart controller, it is a billion-level overhead. It is conceivable that Thunderstorm Appliances will benefit from it!

And not only they, if other home appliance brands can’t reach an agreement with Thunderstorm Appliances, and install their intelligent controllers in the products, their product competitiveness will definitely be greatly reduced.

Don’t talk about home appliances, just rely on selling smart controllers, Thunderstorm appliances can make a fortune!

In this regard, all brands are envious, backed by Red Letter Group, Thunderstorm appliances can take off in a short time! This is something that other companies can’t think of.

Each power appliances, the current CEO Zhu Xing looked at the data reports of the dealers last week frowned. For several consecutive years, the sales volume of various electric appliances has been rising, and it has also opened up overseas markets.

The overseas market is now rising, but the domestic market is still falling. All of this stems from the smart home system launched by Thunderstorm Appliances.

Small appliances are not mentioned for the time being. Large-scale home appliances can’t be matched with this System. In the eyes of consumers, it seems to be out of date!

And each power appliance, not long ago refused to sell smart controllers of thunderstorm appliances. Now Zhu Xing feels that it is difficult to ride a tiger. From the perspective of the company, they must keep up with the times and agree to install this intelligent controller.

However, in this way, they have to retrieve the thunderstorm appliances, and please cooperate with each other. At that time, not only the face is dull, but the cooperation conditions are also extremely unfavorable.

“General Zhu?” the assistant whispered. “I contacted Thunderstrom home appliances. They were very perfunctory. They said that they were looking for them to cooperate, the materials were not available, and the price would rise.”

“They are lifting the bar!” Zhu Xing is very upset, and the various electrical appliances actually ask for cooperation with a small company?

“Then how do we respond? The research center said that they couldn’t break through in the smart system for a short time.” the assistant asked.

“Talk, cooperate with them and buy their smart controllers!” Zhu Xing bite his teeth. “Just let them take advantage of it. When we develop ourselves, we can be better than them!”

Not only the various electrical appliances, the United States, Siemens, Panasonic and other brands are the same, for consumers, what big brand you control, as long as you do not install the intelligent controller of thunderstorm appliances, can not be intelligent control, that is low-end appliances! There is no market competitiveness!

For a time, the performance of Thunderstorm Appliances has doubled up, and the company’s stock is also a price double again! Thunderstorm appliance company has become a rising star in the field of home appliances!

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