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Red Letter chose to fight back, which made Apple’s executives even more angry.

“This Red Letter company not only does not apologize, but also condemns us?” Morris coldly snorted and said, “They are also preparing to lower the price of HX2, but also to release a new machine to compete with us, it is ridiculous!”

“Since we released the announcement, a large proportion of HX2 users have encountered software incompatibility, and many are complaining about Red Letter, which is a good sign!” said another person in charge of Apple’s Huaxia District.

Li from Huaxia said: “I think the reaction of this Red Letter is very dangerous for us! We should think about countermeasures in advance.”

“Li, what is the danger?” Morris asked. He always attaches great importance to Li’s opinion, because he is an American, and the Chinese people have different ways of thinking. In some views, they may lead to deviations.

“You should have noticed that the new version they released is HX2 MOUDLE, which was mentioned in the previous conference. This is a very creative smartphone that will be a powerful competition for Red Letter!”

After Li finished, someone said with a smile: “Don’t worry. The MOUDLE phone is really creative, but there is no market! Compatibility will restrict its development.”

Li continued: “In terms of the current performance of Red Letter, they are very good at smart phone manufacturing technology and may be able to solve these problems.”

“That doesn’t make any competitiveness,” Morris said. “Do you have other opinions?”

“Of course.” Li continued, “Red Letter will also release a smartphone voice assistant developed by them, Red Cloud.”

“This may be their killer.”

“Red Cloud? Can it be smarter than our SIRI?” The company’s senior executives were dissatisfied immediately. “Li, you have to trust our technology. We are the best in the world!”

“I hope so.” Li saw that everyone did not pay attention, and had to shrug.

In the high-end smartphone market in China, the war between Apple and Red Letter has started.

The lawsuits of the two sides, let alone one month, are estimated to have no results within one or two years. In terms of market competition, it is more direct and intense.

Just as some software in HX2 could not be used, and the price of Apple mobile phone was reduced, the sales volume of Apple mobile phone in the first week came to the top, surpassing HX2 in one fell swoop.

The first week of the game was Apple’s victory. However, in the second week, the work of Red Letter followed.

The first is Red Cloud smartphone voice assistant. This software update allows HX2 users to experience what is a smartphone.

Huaxia, a tourist scenic spot, several sisters are traveling together. Every time they go to an attraction, they will take photos as usual.

In front of a statue, three sisters called a little brother and asked him to take a photo.

“Handsome guy, can you take a photo for us?”

“Okay.” The little brother was willing to help, and the two sisters handed out their mobile phones.

“Hey, there is HX2, take a photo with this.” The little brother said.

“Why?” A sister is puzzled. “Use my VI, this one is better.”

“My camera technology is not good, it is convenient to use HX2. Right, your HX2 downloaded Red Cloud?” asked the little brother.

“It’s down.”

“OK.” The little brother took over the sister’s HX2, then turned on red cloud, and voiced: “Red Cloud, take a photo of these three girls.”

“Okay, the Red Cloud Camera Master has started!” Red Cloud locked the target, made a smart focus, and then took a photo.

“Okay.” shouted the little brother.

“So fast? Don’t take a few more shots?” The girls ran up curiously to see how he was filming.

In the photo, the three people and the statue are just in the right direction, and everyone’s face can be shot very clearly.

“It’s good to shoot, thank you,” said one sister.

“Nothing. Do you want to be beautiful? You can make Red Cloud beautify directly.” little brother said.

“I know.” The owner of the phone said to Red Cloud, “Red Cloud, help me make this photo beautiful.”

“Okay, beautiful photos have appeared!” Red Cloud automatically launched the beauty software on her mobile phone, and landscaping many details of the photos.

“Wow, what is this function, is it so convenient?” A colleague of sister was surprised. “I spend half an hour each time I am revising my map. Is it a second now?”

“Of course, this is the smart assistant red cloud, unique to red letter mobile phone. It is very convenient.” The girl proudly said, “This time we came out to play, the routes and tickets are all set by Red Cloud, which is more than the solution you mentioned before. More than three hundred!”

“Really? Let me play.” The two sisters suddenly had great curiosity, after some experience. they was deeply moved: “This intelligent assistant is the most convenient assistant I have ever used.”

“That is. I have never used a mobile voice assistant before, but Red Cloud is the exception!”

The two sisters did not say anything in their mouths, but they were envious in their hearts. They decided to buy Red Letter mobile phone.


In the south, in a small village, this is a famous online shop village. Almost every household has an online shop, which is famous.

Guo Yuan is a foreigner and has opened an online shop, but he always feels that he is not going to operate, so come here to ask relatives for advice.

He only entered the door and saw his big cousin playing the game on his mobile phone, there is a constant voice.

“Cousin, is the news of Li Wangwang, do you care about your business?” Guo Yuan hurriedly reminded.

His cousin looked down and said, “Nothing, I am hanging smart now!”

“What? Hanging smart? What do you mean?” Guo Yuan said, what is this noun, is there a new operation in the online store?

Cousin said while playing the game, “You don’t know how to hanging smart? Are you too outdated?”

“I really don’t know.” Guo Yuan said curiously, “Cousin, you give me to explain, what do you mean?”

“No, you see it yourself.” Cousin handed his HX2 mobile phone to Guo Yuan, and now there are customers in the online store to consult the goods.

Customer: “Hello, can I ask if this dress size L can be cheaper?”

He saw his cousin’s account immediately replied: “Sir, please report the goods code? Just in the cargo information.”

After the other party reported the code, the message automatically replied: “Okay, Sir. If you buy more than 300 pieces in this shop, this dress can give you a cheap 30.”

Customer: “OK, then I want it.”

Auto-reply: “Thank you, we will ship you immediately after you place your order, thank you for coming. (emoticon: smile)”

Guo Yuan looked at his eyes and asked: “Where, cousin, what is this your black Science and Technology? What software? automatic reply?”

“Hey, this is the software that comes with Red Letter mobile phone. Red Cloud, do you know?” asked the cousin.

Guo Yuan shook his head, and his cousin proudly said: “It is the smart voice assistant of mobile phone, you can make a simple reply. I hung this smart assistant, let it read the information of my shop, and then hung it. Some small things can handle it.“

“If the customer asks is very complicated, does it understand?” Guo Yuan wondered, “Isn’t that going back?”

“Reassured, it will remind me.” After the cousin finished, the phone rang, and Red Cloud said: “Master, ‘flying fish’ asks, the owner. The last order bought XXX is wrong, can change one Piece?”


“Okay, I have already replied to ‘flying fish’.”

Guo Yuan saw that in the information bar of the cousin mobile phone, the message has been edited and sent automatically.

“My God, is this true? With this stuff, this is equivalent to a customer service!” Guo Yuan exclaimed.

“It can’t match Customer service. If I don’t set the information, it won’t understand. But at least it can reduce my workload by one-third. I can now play games while taking care of the business.” Said the cousin.

“666, cousin, teach me to hang smart too! These days my wife has been complaining, staying in front of the computer every day, people are moldy.” Guo Yuan asked.

“You want to learn? This is easy, just buy a HX2 phone.”

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