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Seeing the scene becomes like this, Cheng Ying does not know what to do.

When Hu Jing saw it, she replied: “You didn’t hear it? OK, I will call myself!”

“Sister Hu, this…” Cheng Ying is extremely embarrassing.

Hu Jing ran to the door and went to find the bodyguard of Zuo Qiuting. And Xie Gan inside, also received the news that Lu Zixin just sent.

He was surprised: “General is here, I am ready to pick him up.”

Ding Yiran said with a smile: “Since General is here, let’s pick it up.”

Zuo Qiuting can only stand up with them and go out with them.

They came out and met Hu Jing with two bodyguards of Zuo Qiuting. They also pointed to Lu Zixin and others and said: “These three are messy, take them away!”

Ding Yiran did not know Lu Zixin, and Xie Gan did not come out from the bathroom.

Zuo Qiuting saw it. In the previous step, he asked Hu Jing: “Hu sister, what happened?”

Hu Jing whispered: “On those few people, they still want you to apologize and come here!”

Zuo Qiuting frowned and looked at the three with disgusted eyes. He said, “Is really annoying guy, can you find it here? Don’t roll it!”

“Roll?” For a long time no one has said this word to Lu Zixin. He suddenly said coldy. “No one is in sight. You are going to roll today!”

Later, Ding Yiran saw that Zuo Qiuting came out and argued with others. He also said such a thing, slightly frowning.

In fact, he does not like Zuo Qiuting very much, but he is also in this circle, and he still has to be polite. The strength and quality of Zuo Qiuting are disappointing.

He went to the round and said: “Xiao Zuo, these friends may have entered wrong place, and you are polite.”

Seeing Ding Yiran finished, Zuo Qiuting said in his heart: “It’s really wide!”

Then he said, “Oh, then I have to give Ding Senior face, go out yourself!”

Su Xiaomeng had seen Ding Yiran still a little excited, but Zuo Qiuting said so, she suddenly angered: “You are too bully!”

Zuo Qiuting smiled disdainfully, bullying? You also match?

And Lu Wei, seeing their fierce attitude, dare not say anything.

Lu Zixin comforted: “Don’t be afraid, I am here today, no one can bully you.”

He said, he took Su Xiaomeng and Lu Wei to sit down on the sofa. He sat in the middle and said calmly: “Xie Gan? Let him out.”

Ding Yiran heard that he was so calm, and said the name of Xie Gan, and asked; “This gentleman, do you know Minister Xie?”

“Of course I know.” Lu Zixin finished, and Xie Gan came out from the back room. When he saw Lu Zixin sitting on the sofa, He immediately said with a smile: “General, you come really fast, I just said to pick you up, you are already here.”

“General?” Ding Yiran, suddenly thought of something, and then showed a surprised look.

Zuo Qiuting and Hu Jing are not idiots. Naturally, Xie Gan is very respectful to Lu Zixin’s tone and title.

Hu Jing has even thought that this person is probably the legendary CEO of Red Letter Group. But she has some unbelief. The person who has just driven away is the boss of Red Letter Group. Is this too bad luck?

She quickly asked: “General?”

Xie Gan saw Lu Zixin squinting, and the two little girls next to him didn’t look good. The scene seemed a bit strange.

He said: “Exactly, I will introduce a few of them. This is the CEO of our Red Letter Group, Mr. Lu Yan.”

He only finished, Su Xiaomeng first asked: “Brother-in-laws, how do you call Lu Yan, your nickname?”

Lu Zixin nodded, and Lu Wei, who was next to him, looked at him with amazement. Su Xiaomeng’s brother-in-law was a boss? She had only listened to Su Xiaomeng before saying that her brother-in-law was very good.

However, the two of them were surprised, others were shocked!

Hu Jing immediately became dumbfounded, actually it is true! He was asked to apologize before, and he was really the boss of Red Letter Group.

Moreover, Zuo Qiuting’s reversal seems to be his younger sister or who, if the apology at that time is no problem, the key they not only refuse to apologize, but also rush!

The old Red Letter is always the one that she can offend with a small agent? It’s Zuo Qiuting and even the entertainment company behind them are not being looked at by others!

This is simply pouring oil on the fire! Hu Jing only feels that the scalp is numb. Since she started her career, she has never had such a big disaster!

And Zuo Qiuting himself feels more worried. He just insulted Lu Zixin, and also let them go out and brought Lu Zixin’s anger.

Although he is very popular recently and has some expansion, he has not expanded to this point and dared to let the bosses of Red Letter Group get out!

Now, in this scene, he doesn’t know what to say. He just looks at Hu Jing for help, expecting the broker to settle. However, he saw a quieter look of Hu Jing, cold sweat on her forehead.

Cheng Ying is in the same place. If she knew that the other party was such a commercial tycoon, she was afraid that she would not stand up.

Ding Yiran is better than them. After all, he didn’t offend Lu Zixin, and he was used to it, and he could still hold it.

He said quickly, “Fortunately, fortunately. I have heard about General Lu name, and I am really honored to see it today.”

Lu Zixin also stood up and shook hands with him, then sat down again.

Hu Jing smiled and said: “Āiyā, you are General Lu, I really don’t know mount Taishan! It’s playing!”

“It’s just a joke. This little younger sister is fine, I’m sorry…”

She wants to remedy it, then Lu Zixin interrupts her directly, “Noisy!”

Hu Jing’s voice stopped shortly, and she groaned in amazement and looked at Zuo Qiuting and Ding Yiran.

“General, this?” Xie Qian asked tentatively.

“These two people, I don’t want to see them.” Lu Zixin said simply.

Zuo Qiuting’s face suddenly showed a humiliating expression. He used to be aloof and remote, and everyone sought after him. For a long time no one has said this to him!

He wanted to worry, but Hu Jing next to him grabbed him first and said in a pleading tone: “Do you still owe apology to General Lu and this little girl?”

“What? Let me apologize?” Zuo Qiuting angered, “Impossible, I have not done anything wrong. I can’t do this. I don’t want this endorsement. Many brand is looking for my endorsement. I am not rare!”

When Hu Jing saw him say such a thing, it was even more ugly. Zuo Qiuting was held too high, and it has already expanded to such point, thinking that everyone must give him face.

Lu Zixin said to Xie Gan: “Have you heard, how can you find such person’s contemporary words? Isn’t it a sign of red letter?”

Xie Gan suddenly turned black, and immediately apologized to Lu Zixin: “General, this thing we did not handle, it caused you trouble. I will deal with it.”

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