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On the other hand, Kun Peng Battery Factory finally began to make a profit. It first received orders from several friendly partners and began commercial production of lithium-air batteries.

The battery technology research and development team led by Professor Luo Hanshan also researched a better performance lithium-ion battery sample, which is expected to be commercialized early next year.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the corner of Red Letter Group is beginning to emerge.


Time went into mid-November. With the rapid development of the company, the business has not only decreased, but has become more and more complicated.

But these days, as Lu Zixin became more familiar with management, he himself relaxed.

In Lu Zixin’s office, Su Zhirong, wearing an OL professional suit, pushed in and handed him a few tickets.

“What?” Lu Zixin wondered and took it, and saw, what was the concert ticket for “Heavenly King Global Tour”.

“Ding Yiran’s concert tickets are still guests.” Su Zhirong explained, “Acquired.”

“Acquired to go to the concert together?” Lu Zixin first surprised, then nodded: “Yes, Ding’s song is good, I like it too.”

Ding Yiran is the singer of Chinese music, and has a certain influence throughout Asia. On Lu Zixin’s campus time, his songs often appear in school broadcasts, classmates’ Walkmans and mobile phones.

“I want to go too.” Su Zhirong pretty face showed a pity of emoticon and said: “But, estimates that there is no time, I have to go to the capital to talk with channel business.”

“Then I didn’t go alone, I didn’t go.” Lu Zixin said. “When you have time, go together. Anyway, airplanes and moving cars are fast, and it is only a few hours abroad.”

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded happily and said, “But if you have time, go ahead.”

“My tickets are for Xiaomeng. They are fans of Ding Yiran. She heard that he was playing a concert in Pengcheng. Just as she was on holiday, she asked me to buy her a ticket.”

“Just Ding Yiran recently signed an endorsement contract with our company, I will help her buy a few.”

HX2 mobile phones are hot, and naturally need celebrity endorsements. These Lu Zixin are not in charge, and others are responsible. They are prepared to invite a total of two spokespersons, one endorsement HX2, one endorsement of the upcoming HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone.

With the weight of Red Letter Company, it is natural to ask the stars with great influence. Ding Yiran’s influence and reputation are enough. Recently, he just contracted with another brand, so he signed an endorsement with Red Letter. The endorsement fee reached 10 million. It is natural to send a few concert tickets.

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “It turns out that, OK, I took her.”

“Then please, General.” Su Zhirong leaned over and kissed him gently on his face.


On the day of the concert, the airport, Lu Zixin drove to pick up Su Xiaomeng. He drove a BMW bought by Su Zhirong and arrived at the airport. He was saw two people.

Su Xiaomeng and her female classmate, this time Lu Zixin has not seen it last time, but from the dressing up, it is similar to Su Xiaomeng’s character, and it is also an extrovert.

Su Xiaomeng wears tight T-shirts and five-pants, pretty ponytails, brightly colored sneakers, and ultra-short socks hidden in the shoes, revealing smooth ankles, a youthful and lively look.

Her classmates dressed more arrogantly than her, dyed brown-red hair, and painted pale silver eye shadows.

“Brother-in-law!” As soon as she saw Lu Zixin, Su Xiaomeng ran over and said, “Wow, brother-in-law, you are getting handsome again!”

Her classmate said curiously: “Xiaomeng, he is what you said, the legendary Superman brother-in-law?”

“Yes!” Su Xiaomeng said proudly. “If it weren’t for my brother-in-law, now my graves are high.”

Lu Zixin is speechless: “What do you say?”

“Right, what is your classmate name?”

“Lu Wei, we are classmates, but also a dance class.” Su Xiaomeng introduced. In addition to cultural classes, she also has training classes such as dance and piano.

However, Su Xiaomeng’s bullet piano is really awkward for her. She prefers simple music and street dance like Hiphop.

“Brother-in-law, hello.” Lu Wei shouted, Su Xiaomeng was not satisfied with the side: “You have to call brother Lu, brother-in-law is for me!”

“It’s stingy.” Lu Wei voted for her with despise in her eyes.

“Okay, get on car,” Lu Zixin said. “The concert will start at night, first give you a room in hotel to rest. Right, how many days do you leave?”

“Three days!” Su Xiaomeng said, “I can still ask for a few more days!”

“How many more days do you want? Don’t you are third year! Go back to to school after the concert, otherwise I will definitely say it when your sister come back.” Lu Zixin said.

“Brother-in-law, are you still afraid of her?” Su Xiaomeng refused to accept the message. “You should have her clothes packed up and told her to go east and she would not dare to go west!”

“You have the ability to say in front of your sister.”

“I am not stupid! She hear taht for sure that she has to pack me!” Su Xiaomeng said. “Brothers are now a group of people, don’t tell me!”

The hotel that Lu Zixin arranged for them was near the concert, called Yinhui International Hotel, which is also the hotel where Ding Yiran lived. Su Xiaomeng and Lu Wei knew that they were very excited immediately. They wanted to go to the door of the room immediately and wanted to sign a photo.

Lu Zixin stopped them and said, “You don’t have to be excited and you are harassing him, understand?”

“Let’s wait after the evening concert, you will see him. Now, let’s go to the street, play for a while, have a meal, then go to the concert, it’s set.”

He took two high school girls out of the door of Yinhui International Hotel and heard the noise coming from the door.

“Ah! So handsome!”

“He is coming, come, fast!”

“The doorway is at the door!”

“Xiao Wang, what about you? The camera is ready!”


Upon hearing these noisy voices, Su Xiaomeng and Lu Wei immediately became excited. “Isn’t that Ding Yiran?”

They will look over and see the outside of the gate, a luxurious Bentley car stopped at the door, and each followed by a black Land Rover.

One dressed in Korean costume, bangs fluttering, wearing big sunglasses, slim trousers high leather boots, skin-white woman-like people coming out from the inside, the same driver wearing sunglasses to open the door.

On the Land Rover, before and after, seven or eight bodyguards came down and surrounded him.

Looking at the wind is a group of entertainment reporters with cameras and microphones, as well as fans who hold the brand.

Lu Zixin just looked at it and skipped it. He thought it was Ding Yiran, Ding Yiran was forty years old this year, and his body is more burly and more mature. He is totally different from this person and should be another star.

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