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On the big screen, start showing people behind the scenes. The contact information between the individual and Qi Jian was revealed by Red Letter, and the role played by Qi Jian really made everyone feel sick!

While looking for someone to break the news, and as a manifestation of justice, justice is promoted, but in reality, it is doing illegal transactions!

Qi Jian see here, such as falling into ice! Even the people behind him were found by Red Letter. What hopes do he have?

He did not understand why Red Letter could get the evidence. Obviously, he was very covert, and the angles of shooting made him feel scared, like a ghost invisibly invisible to all his things!

When everyone saw that the person behind the scenes was Ishikawa Zhuo, the screen also introduced his relevant information: “Ishikawa Zhuo, the former head of the original Fujitsu battery China District…”

“What? It’s actually an Japan nation people! It’s too sinister!”

“The dog traitor, deliberately discredited the red letter! We are all brought by his rhythm!”

“It turned out that this is the case. It’s too mean. How can such a person not catch it?”

“There are such things in the trough? This Ishikawa Zhuo and Qi Jian are not good things!”

“If the surname is in front of me, I will go up two feet!”

At the same time, Ishikawa’s face in front of the laptop was shocked. He has been paying attention to this matter. From the accident of Cao Zhida, he has a bad feeling.

But he has been very calm, because Qi Jian does not know his existence. However, Red Letter not only did, but also photographed his communication video!

how did you do that? Ishikawa Zhuo looked out the window, but it was more than 30 layers of high altitude!

Even if there is a drone, it will be blocked by the curtains, and the audio can’t be so clear!

Hell! Ishikawa is full of cold sweat and hurries to pack things and want to run. Then the door was suddenly opened and several police uniforms came in to directly control him.

“Why do you catch me!” Ishikawa was not reconciled and shouted, “I am an Japan nation, I am looking for Japan embassy!”

“Hey, Japan people?” headed by the police coldly snorted and said, “You are suspected of maliciously discrediting China’s Science and Technology enterprises, stealing the results of China’s independent research and development of Science and Technology, and sentenced you to life imprisonment is light! Find the embassy Also useless!”

After that, Ishikawa was taken away.

If it is just a smear, the relevant agencies will not be so valued. But it is suspected of stealing technology, this is another level!

Not only Ishikawa Zhuo, Qi Jian and others will not be able to go anywhere, not only can the prison disaster be unavoidable, but also face huge compensation form red letter prosecution!

On the other hand, Tang Gang said: “Thank you for the help of Director Bai and related organizations to our company. We will prosecute those who are rumored and jealous. In addition, we have also sued Fujitsu battery for theft of battery technology and demanded compensation for us. Nearly 100 million yuan in reputation loss, direct loss, and indirect loss!”

This one hundred million yuan is definitely a high report, because the matter is resolved quickly, the actual loss has not yet reached 10 million. However, the red letter is to report 100 million, one is to kill chickens and monkeys, and the other is that red letter has both evidence and support from relevant institutions, no matter how the lawsuit is won.

The press conference of Red Letter was over. Cao Zhida, Qi Jian, Liao Zhuang, Ishikawa Zhuo, and commercial spies who were sent to Kun Peng Battery Factory to steal technology were all detained, investigated the detailed incident, and then sentenced the crime.

The media and netizens are boiling.

The overwhelming coverage of the Internet is all about this matter.

Pengcheng News: “The Red Letter press conference was successfully reversed. It turned out to be a villain!”

Tencent News: “Amazing black screen! HX2 is no problem, red letter is self-certifying!”

UC headline: “This incident shocked 99% of people, and 1% is watching!”

Today’s news: “A big case of unscrupulous journalists, lawyers and businessmen colluding to attack red letters, beautiful!”


Cao Zhida’s previous media was also smashed by netizens, such as “unscrupulous media”, “reversing black and white”, “junk”, “shameless” and the like.

They quickly affirmed: “Cao is the temporary reporter we invited, seriously violating the company’s discipline and professional ethics, has been expelled, we will pursue its responsibilities afterwards, and apologize to Red Letter!”

However, the apology statement was too late, and the rectification notices of the relevant institutions were issued immediately, and they also faced the court complaints of the Red Letter Company, which made them cry.

And they are treated similarly to Zhengfan Law Firm. They are also one of the units that Red Letter has complained about, and they have also been investigated by relevant agencies and have been shut down!

Because of the simple things, they were even worse.

“Learn the law, black office!”

“This kind of office is closed! Actually, there is a even scum like Qi Jian. I thought he was a good person!”

“Help the traitor, deserve it!”

In addition to the monks, there are netizens who are self-reflecting and apologize to Red Letter.

“@Red Letter Official, I am sorry, I was brought to the rhythm a few days ago, I should not marry you, you are good!”

“Hey, my heart is tired. The things on the Internet really can’t believe, I apologize to everyone. Finally, the HX2 mobile phone is really easy to use. Although I said the return last time, I didn’t really want to retire…”

“Support Red Letter, Lithium Air Battery is the high Science and Technology developed by Red Letter, which has been internationally recognized. You don’t have to doubt its security, it is a jealous person to discredit!”

Also because the media strongly condemned the Red Letter mobile phone before, in order to whitewash suspects, said: “We misunderstood the red letter company a few days ago, we apologize here, and have all deleted the relevant articles. In addition, the media operating company decided to buy Three hundred HX2, as the company’s employee year-end award. Support the domestic high-Science and Technology mobile phone!”

On the online sales platform, users who had to return the goods because of this incident have recruited sellers, indicating that they will not return the goods.

Not only that, but because of the well-known facts of this wave of events, it has greatly enhanced the popularity of HX2. In order to cover up the articles that had previously published to smeared red letter, many media outlets have come out to speak for red letter.

What HX2 is the world’s top mobile phone, support domestic, support new technology, rest assured to use and so on.

As a result, the HX2 mobile phone has experienced a reverse growth after experiencing a sharp decline in sales for a week!

And the growth rate is even more fierce than when it was just released. HX2’s weekly sales reached 1,8 million units a week after the press conference, setting a new record in the history of Red Letter mobile phone sales!

What makes Lu Zixin most satisfied is that fujitsu battery has paid a huge price for it. Because the evidence is too conclusive, Ishikawa Zhuo’s company could not hold it. It directly claimed that Ishikawa was expelled early. A series of cases were his private actions and had nothing to do with the company.

But such a statement cannot be convinced the public. The relevant departments also seriously dealt with this matter. The fujitsu battery was quickly investigated by the industrial and commercial departments and fire departments, and was temporarily suspended.

As a result, the production plan of the original fujitsu battery was completely stopped, facing the huge problem of order default! And as soon as this happened, many companies that originally placed orders for fujitsu battery said that they would pull fujitsu into the blacklist and never use them again. And want to buy an order for lithium air battery from Kun Peng battery.

The red letter is not soft, and there is not much to tell, especially for fujitsu battery, but also face huge compensation for the red letter. It can be said that their business in China is close to collapse, and it is only a matter of time before the complete defeat.

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