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“Bang!” “Bang!” As Jiang Hai came out of the outdoor store, he had a huge bag on his hand, and as he threw it hard, he threw it into the f650 next door.

This bag is really big, not even much smaller than Jiang Hai, but there are a lot of things in it.

In addition to the clothes of mountain lion’s skin, there are other clothes, in addition to these, there are many things.

Jiang Hai’s return is to see the complete side of US luxury outdoor store.

Helium, a full set of new fishing rods, not only handcuffs, but also sea otters, plus a set of diving suits, simple scuba…

In addition, there are 200 arrows in his big bag. There is also a foldable bow, plus two pieces of cold steel. In US, the management of gun is not particularly strict, but the management of knife and bow is extremely strict.

Buying such knife and bow and arrow is absolutely impossible to show up on the street. Otherwise, the police will find you trouble.

Therefore, Jiang Hai deliberately piled things together. When he was in the store, he saw a bow at a glance.

This bow, made of silver-white metal, looks very beautiful, is a recurve bow, not a hot bow now, the compound bow is the pulley bow, it is very hot now, because its strength is adjustable and the light relationship is very popular among bow lovers, but Jiang Hai prefers this recurve bow. The recurve bow is similar to ordinary long bow. The shape is simple, but it looks beautiful too, and the most important thing is that recurve bow is very light, and easy to use, very easy to maintain, so Jiang Hai finally chose it. At the time of trying, Jiang Hai’s power played a huge role at this time.

According to legend, in ancient times, Huang Zhong opened the bow and opened two stone bows, which were equivalent to the current strength. The stone in Han Dynasty was about 60 kilograms, and two stones were almost the same as 120 kilograms of bow. For a moment, he was also opened for a 120 kilograms, but it was somewhat difficult.

After all, it is the power of human limit. To open such a heavy bow with multiple frequencies is not an easy task for human arm. However, Jiang Hai has adjusted it to 120 kilograms because he will upgrade later. If you can, this kind of strength will be fine, but in the eyes of the clerk, he was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

To know that the average person plays bows and arrows, the opening bow is about 60 pounds, which is equivalent to kilograms, that is, 26-27 kilograms is almost the same, and how much has Jiang Hai opened now? 120 kilograms, he does not know how much the world record, but he really wants to swear, but he does not dare. First, the customer is God, and second, the power of this God is a little scary.

Originally, he thought that Jiang Hai was just a rich yellow man. Now it seems that this guy looks like a real person. This huge pile of things finally cost Jiang Hai 20,000 USD, just the bow, it took him 7000 USD, although the bow does not seem to be as complicated as a compound bow, but it is also a good carbon fiber material.

There are absolutely no problems in terms of its material. As for the two blade, it is also a cold steel process, hard and abnormal, but it has not yet opened, but even if it is, its head can easily be pierced one centimeter thick wooden board.

As long as you go back and open the blade, this is definitely a big killer.

Don’t look at it now, Jiang Hai is buying a bow and buying a bladee. In fact, he has no place to use these things.

Just like his gun, it’s all furnishings, but man, how many men don’t like these things?

“It may be used in the future, and it is not allowed.” Looking at these things, there is only one sentence in Jiang Hai’s mind.

After loading everything, Jiang Hai directly wore a coat of buckskin. Although this style has some style, the warmth effect is still very good. After buying this big bag, Jiang Hai want to go back.

But I thought about it. Anyway, I came to the town and he was going to go shopping in the supermarket.

After the snow has passed, there are some foods in the manor that are not enough. Of course, fish and beef are always enough.

But in addition to fish and beef, people still need a lot of things, and these things need to be supplemented from vegetables and fruits.

At present, Jiang Hai knows that the most vegetables in the manor are potatoes and cabbage, and others are lacking.

As for the fruit, it seems that there are only oranges, and the others are basically gone. Now that I have come to the town, I don’t want to buy a circle. Jiang Hai must feels sorry for himself. After he got on the car, he drove the car, came to a supermarket in the town.

This supermarket is also the largest supermarket in the town. It can’t be said that it has everything, but it is basically the same, more than 90% of the things are found here.

After stopping the car, Jiang Hai walked into the supermarket, but when he just walked in, he found that the atmosphere in the supermarket was not quite right. Everywhere, the people in the supermarket were obviously a little more more than usual.

There were balloons everywhere, and some people wore turkey and corn clothes. They ran around and looked at the scene in front of them. Jiang Hai couldn’t help but sigh, this is… What?

“Not at Christmas, what is this?” He pushed a car and looked at the scene in front of him. Jiang Hai whispered, he might have heard him, then he was pushing next to him. The old man in the car came over.

“The young man just came to US!” Looking at Jiang Hai, the old man said with a smile.

“Ah, it’s been a few months.” Hearing the old man, Jiang Hai politely replied.

“Then you don’t know, is it going to be Thanksgiving?” Hearing Jiang Hai’s answer, the old man also said unexpectedly.

“Thanksgiving?” After hearing these words, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but stunned. Then he remembered, as if in US had such a show, but in fact, Thanksgiving is in US, not just a show. So simple, he is in United States, is the second largest festival after Christmas, and is also a unique holiday in United States.

This festival can be said to be one of the most hypocritical festivals in the world. There are two versions of this festival. One is a white version of the beautification. It is a free fighter who was not willing to be persecuted by Holy See. It is also called the Puritans. Far across the ocean, sitting on the Mayflower, came to the mainland of United States, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, because they did not eat, they are going to starve, and the local Indians helped them, the church they cultivated corn, hunting, fishing, etc. At the time of celebrating the harvest, these Puritans called the people and invited the Indians to thank God for the gift, so there was such a Thanksgiving, but anyone who knew the history All know that this landscaping version is too ridiculous.

Compared to the whitened version of thanksgiving, it seems that the Indians are more reliable.

According to the Indians, the May flowers were not brought by Puritans, but some exiled criminals who brought plague and killings. Until 1637, the Indians were almost killed, and that one year is the first time a white official announced the celebration of Thanksgiving, not to thank the Indians, but to celebrate the massacre.

Therefore, this is one of the most hypocritical festivals. It also shows from here that in fact, the people in United States and the people are still very heavy in discrimination. This kind of festival to celebrate the slaughter of other races is actually in US. It is the second largest festival, which is still evident.

But in any case, this is the second biggest holiday of US. Even on this day, all schools in United States will have a holiday.

When I heard the old man, Jiang Hai also snorted. Although he was a bit sneer at this festival, after all, this is the first festival after he came here. In fact, he also passed a festival before. But he didn’t know it, Halloween, it was a child’s holiday, because he lived too far, no matter whether it was a child in the town or a child in the city, they couldn’t go to his home to shout: Trick or treat.

Therefore, Jiang Hai has been so obsessed with Halloween. If it is not because of buying things today, he may not know that he has to go through Thanksgiving. To be honest, so many Western cultural invasions, the only Western programs that Jiang Hai knows. There are only three, Christmas, New Year, and February 14th, dog abuse, oh no, Valentine’s Day, okay, now Jiang Hai is the one who is abused.

In addition to these three festivals, the other he almost did not know, trying to think about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, there is also a small tree planting festival, Labor Day and the like, but in fact, there are many festivals in US. There are also many important festivals, such as Easter, Flag Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Lincoln Memorial, President’s Day and so on.

This old man may have really had nothing to do. After telling Jiang Hai about Thanksgiving, he did not leave. He continued to talk to Jiang Hai about the festival on US. After finishing the festival, he began to talk about the customs here.

For example, it is not necessary to shake hands when you meet, but you must face each other when you shake hands. It is polite to be slightly involved.

If you go to someone, you must first call, do not easily give unfamiliar business cards, the US people is not willing to eat at the restaurant, prefer to be at home, do not like to eat steamed and red simmered dishes, do not like to eat overheated soup dishes, do not like to eat salty things, just like to eat less salty, and very sweet, very sour things, go to other people’s home to eat, the plate can not leave food, because this is rude behavior like Chinese dishes in fact, it is rare. I only like the improved Sichuan cuisine, and I prefer Su and Cantonese.

Like white, because it represents purity, likes yellow, represents harmony, likes baskets and red, represents auspicious, wishful, likes white cats, thinks that white cats can bring luck, to non-relative women, never send perfume, clothes and cosmetics.

Call blacks people not to be called negro, because this is the name of Spanish slaves, it can be called black, so the blacks will accept it, but behind the black, absolutely can not add people, the correct name is theaf day amenicans ( African-Americans, don’t mention 13 easily, mention Friday, don’t ask other people’s income, don’t ask others if they are married, etc. Anything about **, black, especially hate to send others, but there is Your relevant trademark, because this is suspected of advertising…)

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