MR Chapter 56: The Cut of Cost

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“Sold jewels, on the total of 332.15 million …… Buy manor, 280 million, and the remaining 52,215,000 ……” Looking the little that remain in the records, Jiang Hai cannot help but rubbed his temples, looks like the money is not enough.
Although know later, farm income is definitely what is say in the book, but now it spends a lot in expenses.
Jiang Hai bought the Manor and remain more than 52 million, buy cattle spent more than 20 million, buying all sorts of things, decorating, buying a car, buying horses, and so on, plus buy a boat today, together took nearly 6 million, first heat last night, 2 million to the lawyers, that is 7 million, plus money to buy cows, 30 million.
There was about 20 million, the seven people personal expenditures, over more than 5,000 dollars a week, 250,000 per year, nearly 260,000.
He was provided enough money, while in the United States, there is no deception to workers, and Cowboys, he supplies meat every day, calculated for meals of more than $ 20 per day per person, including his own, is a $180 a day, let alone eat some snacks and stuff, over $200 a day, was a $73,000 a year, and occasionally he will naturally treat, which included a $100,000, in other words, he paid almost a $400,000 a year, coupled with the car’s fuel, the ship’s diesel, he buys is the high-powered guy, a conservative estimate, will take at least a $10,000 a month or more, is a hundred thousand of a year, the money to buy feed for cattle, horses, and so on ……
Just for these people to eat, chew, and paid money for these workers, Jiang Hai estimated that one year will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
Plus, he has to pay the tax, although he now is not for profit, but land-use tax, which was nearly the price of a $4 million a year, as well as social security and Medicare, health insurance is extremely important in the US.
Because here treating a cold, without health insurance, one had to spend thousands of dollars and if it breaks a tooth, I congratulate you, not even tens of thousands, can fix it, so in this case, Jiang Hai is also very defenseless.
So out, have more than 20 million, that can be used is less than 14 million, seem a lot, but obviously, compared with 330 million to 14 million really is not a lot.
But the most important is the forage improvement, Jiang Hai has a lot of confidence in the cows.
If he wants to make a lot of money, the fish also had to be put on the agenda, but to fry this, is very expensive ……
According to Edward’s words, fish or sea products are divided into several, the most common is the captivity, such raising fish, is not destined to sell overpriced, but the cost is very low, you need to buy some network, put the fish in, fed regularly on the line, but because the fish are inactive, with the excessive body fat content is difficult to sell for money.
The second is free-range, that is, put a net in circle around the fishing grounds border to make a network, and then in the world among the net, set up an independent little world, where the establishment of a special ecosystem for feeding fish.
But this feeding, there are some troubles, that is, the ecological balance of the seabed there will be a lot of problems.
Third, it is totally free range, also outside the fishery around the net to prevent escaped fish, and then set up a small food chain under the sea, the fish breed the other fish, for example the cod, this fish eat small shrimp, then you need to keep a lot of shrimp at sea, to grow up after eating squid, Octopus, you need these things. (someone help me!?)
Under the water form a food chain, while the farmed fish are the top of the food chain.
In this case, the quality of the fish is the best, but there is a problem … … this fish, is too expensive.
To the smallest shrimp, for example, the world’s best quality, the highest energy shrimp is Antarctic prawns, but this should be in the Antarctic, transported from there, then the shrimp itself is too expensive, is expensive but worth, Arctic shrimp is also good.
This is a very sweet shrimp, are rich in nutrients, but is too long, 80 cents a kg, a shipment of 10 tons of shrimp seedlings, this seedling could supply 20,000 cod in half a month, Jiang Hai fish is the same as the cattle, was 20,000 dollars.
Jiang Hai Manor ‘s coastline is very long, but to put her three hundred thousand fry, Even the water could not be seen.
In this case, these fry, eat shrimp every month, you have to three hundred tons, a ton is eight hundred dollars, three hundred tons is 240,000, this is just one month, squid and octopus was also purchased, these things are more expensive.
Cod and other fish, this thing grows takes time, is not the same as freshwater fishes, the fish the longer the tasty, up to ten years, one or two meters long. So basically, if we start to fishing around in a couple of years, to fed this cod for a month, you’ll have about a $30,000 or $40,000, meaning for fishing this cod the feed alone, you have to spend 10 million, without mention the seaweed.
There is no money for the fish, Jiang Hai thought, could not help shaking his head with a wry smile, looks like now, their hands that have left more than 20 million, is not enough.
“I need to find a way to get some money to spend.” Jiang Hai softly whispered the words.
“Woof!” maybe they heard Jiang Hai word, this time lying in the bed in his room white and small yellow lying in the bed of Jiang Hai, look him with strange looking to him, they thought Jiang Hai is being talking to them.
“What a mess.” said Jiang Hai, with his foot tapped two big dogs head, the two big dog look at each other, and lay down again, continued to look the TV.
Jiang Hai mused, to find the ways to get that money.
Do not forget, now in Jiang Hai is free to move in the sea, and is not affected by the water pressure, so he can go to explore the deep sea, to look for oil or natural gas, is a good mean to find riches.
But this is easy to attract national attention, a little flashy.
Without the attention of countries also have, for example, to salvage the sunken ship, inside the cultural relics have lot of value.
Gold, antique from golden ages, through internationally, and sporadic wars, but a few places in North America, Europe, and East Asia, are very stable, and these are the main parts of the money.
If he went inside the wreck to get some sort of antique, or to cooperate with others, with a boat to salvage, if he can make big, in a valuable wreck, at least worth of one hundred million.
If he points to a hundred million, in a year for 6 or 7 turn can make six to seven hundred million, even if there are tax of a few thousands, but there is a problem, Jiang Hai body has human limits.
In the sea, if hit a shark or kraken, whales such or a behemoth, he is dead.
Although Jiang Hai usual guts is not small in ground, but at sea, he really has no way.
He cherishes his life, back in their own fishing grounds, just saw a shark, he swam back the boat, let alone to go deep-sea fishing boats, think he is a little scared.
“After this idea, at least down to three up again to say.” In a small book, Jiang Hai drew a three, then hit a big circle, he will not take his own life to a small adventure.
Natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and he doesn’t want to go, because it is easy for other countries to do come to the wedding.
To find and salvage of shipwrecks, antiques and the like, he did not dare to, for fear of being eat for aquatic animals.
Under the fear of the wolf, scared the tiger’s previous policy, Jiang Hai pen cannot help but scratched his head, as if nothing really ways to make money, thought of this, he cannot help but sigh, leaning on his bedside.
“Open source is not wanted, it seems to only think of ways to save a stream, and later in addition to eating, other things, simple some of those who imagine the yacht, aircraft, ocean horses, temporarily with you say goodbye.” Self-muttering a sentence, Jiang Hai self-deprecating smile, said the man money on the bad, in fact, this is relative, mainly with the environment.
If Jiang Hai had money and lived in urban areas, it will inevitably be exposed to some upper-class people, sensual pleasures, brands, beauty girls, fast cars, planes, yachts, which are all there.
So he is to think about, long ago, long ago, there is an ancient said, otaku is not a crime, it is difficult to bad. Cannot be a crime, because they wait to see the weekly new and updated novels, cannot be bad, but also because there is no soil so bad, all day home at home, want their own bad, is not easy things.
“Oh, really is some self-defeating, how can I have such a useless wealthy!” Hopeless sigh, resign it!

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