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Boston is located in northern hemisphere, and it is also a cold zone. Because of the influence of Atlantic monsoon, the city is rainier and snowy. The average annual rainfall is 42 inches or 108 centimeters. The amount of snowfall is also 42 inches, which means that it is snowing like rain, and there is no fart.

Especially on Winthrop, because it depends on Atlantic Ocean, although there is Gulf Stream, it is prone to foggy days in spring and early summer. In the early autumn, it is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. This year, there are also, but fortunately at that time, Jiang Hai has not taken over here, and in winter, it is also susceptible to northeasterly wind.

Sometimes, after a blizzard, the amount of snowfall can reach 20 inches, which is 50 centimeters thick.

When people go out, the snow is almost out of the knee, so in general, the weather here in Boston is not very satisfactory.

Jiang Hai used to pay attention only to this place as a treasure land. It can make his scales fast grow, but he completely forgot. The weather factor here is the same as usual. He was busy during the day, and Jiang Hai went back to sleep at night. But in the middle of the night, he was awake, and he knew that with his physical qualities, he would be awake, showing how low the temperature had been at this time, and stumbled from the bed. When he got up, Jiang Hai walked up to the airy window in his room. When he opened the curtain and looked out, he saw the snowflake of the size of thumb, like a cotton bud, falling from the sky.

The cold wind allowed the snow to float around Jiang Hai’s manor. Jiang Hai’s probe went out and looked at it, and he couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

At this point in his line of sight, except for white, there was only white, and at first glance, the lawn, the parking lot in front of the villa, the distant woods, including the farther coastline, were covered with snowflakes.

“Who is special, is it so big?” Looking at the scene in front of him, Jiang Hai whispered, and the cold wind blew, he couldn’t help but shrink his neck again, the wind poured in from the window, he felt himself in his pajamas. The eggs are about to be frozen.

Then he squatted and closed the window. He was not the one who had never seen snow. Bing city was snowing every year, and sometimes it was bigger than this, and the big snow have seen it, there is nothing to be curious about.

After closing the windows, Jiang Hai returned to the bed and continued to sleep with the quilt.

After a night of silence, when Jiang Hai woke up, he found that the snow outside had finally stopped, but although the snow stopped, the cold wind that had roared did not stop. All the people knew that the wind at seaside is big.

Jiang Hai’s manor is at seaside, and the wind is naturally not too small. The wind is gathered, and the snow, like a snow-making machine, keeps the snow falling on the ground again, waiting for the sun to shine. The snow has turned away, and the snowflakes have turned into ice. It is estimated that when Jiang Hai wants to go out, he has to jump out of the window.

Even at this time, just in the morning, outside the eaves on second floor of Jiang Hai, there were countless small ice shards. This is the snow that was sun-dried in the morning, and it has not been frozen into water. Ice slips, such a situation, Jiang Hai is very common.

He also ate this thing when he was young, but now he can’t eat it because it is dirty.

“Hey, boss, you are up!” At this moment, a rough voice came from downstairs.

Jiang Hai stood in front of the window sill on the second floor and looked down. He saw Robins, Harmen and Edward in the distance, driving a small car and running out of the warehouse in the distance. This car looks a bit like a forklift, but it is much smaller than a normal forklift. Jiang Hai used to see it in the warehouse. According to Robins, this is called a small snowmobile. The former owner left it, usually remove the front shovel, or use it as a tractor to cultivate the land.

When you need it, you can change the shovel. Before Jiang Hai did not know anything about this thing, it seems that it is a machine that is specially bought to deal with the current situation.

“Wait for me, I will help.” Three people looking over, Jiang Hai also screamed from upstairs, then went to the first floor, simply washed his face, brushed his teeth, Jiang Hai wear clothes, although he has good physical fitness, it does not mean that he is not afraid of cold. In fact, the days in the north are colder, but the northerners are also more afraid of cold. Basically, they are like Jiang Hai. If they are in the country, they are in the north. The head will be frozen into a dog in the south. There is no heating place, I really don’t know how to live.

But now, Jiang Hai’s room is still very comfortable, but to go out, he still needs to be fully armed.

However, when he opened the closet, he couldn’t help but lick his teeth. Before the snow didn’t fell, Jiang Hai really didn’t feel too cold. After all, when I got up in the morning, I started to have some cold, but I ran and ran, it is warm.

So before the snow fell, Jiang Hai’s guy in the house at home had no feeling.

But now, when he want to go out to work, he wants to find a thick dress to wear, but finds himself looks like there is no winter clothes.

When Jiang Hai came out from China, he did not bring any clothes, he did not poor money at that time, so he only brought a few pieces to wear, and the rest were thrown. He now wears sportswear, jackets, etc., which he bought after he arrived at US. Even if it is not thick, at most it is more wind-proof, or it is very comfortable when exercising, but now Jiang Hai wants to go out to work, he always feels a little panic when wearing this.

But there is no way, he does not have it now. I wore other clothes, thought about it, wore a sweater in it, and then put a hoodie on the outside, and then put a thickest jacket on the outside, this is armed, and there are not many pants. A pair of sweatpants, and an outdoor pants outside, he didn’t know if he was cold, but he was wearing it at most.

After everything was dressed, he made a special change. He wear thickest hiking shoe here, but when he went out, when he opened the door, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but hit a cold station. It was too cold.

As for the two dogs that were originally interested in the outside, they were honest at this time. They just went out to the lawn and went back to the house. They fell on the carpet and felt warm under the floor below the carpet.

But compared to the dogs, Jiang Hai and his staff can not have such good benefits.

“Hey, boss, you are really cool.” Seeing Jiang Hai’s clothes, Robins and others here can’t help but laugh.

Now these guys are not wearing the usual clothes, Robins wearing a khaki woolen coat, a thick coat, and Harmen wearing a thin down jacket, which is rarely worn here. Because the people on their side have already completed the replacement, although the cotton coat is warm, but there are also many problems, one of the most important ones is that it is easy to wet. It is so close to the sea, the tide comes back, and the cotton is plain. It weighs three pounds, and it doesn’t have the effect of keeping warm, so here, the worst is wearing a down jacket. As for Edward, this ‘rich’ person wears more attention, leather, but not awkward, but a Leather garments made of bear skin, once in a while, bears, wolves and the like, are harmful in North America. Just like when the country was founded, killing wild boars, these animals were once not protected animals.

Therefore, a large number of slaughter, meat can be eaten, the skin is naturally made into a coat, but now, the protection of the wild animals by US is not generally good, like a bear or something, naturally can not be hunted, of course, If it invades your home or invades the manor, it is okay to kill it, but it requires the approval of the authorities.

However, there are not many such bears in the country. The bear skins on Edward’s body are obviously not new. They have to be a dozen or twenty years, but they are well taken care of by them. Sitting on the top of the car, Edward is taller than Jiang Hai, and the big man, like a bear, is more like a person.

“Hey, no clothes to wear, let’s work first, it will be hot in a while, wait for it to be cleaned up, I will buy thick clothes again.” Hearing Robins, Jiang Hai shrugged and said helplessly. When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Robins laughed haha, and then several people began to get busy. They first used a forklift to launch a snowy road in the snow, and then used a shovel and a broom to get the snow go to both sides and expose the middle road to finish.

You can’t expect to get the snow out of the whole ranch. Let’s not say whether there is such manpower. It’s not so easy to get the snow that has been frozen with the grass. It’s just like ice. Getting in front of the door, and then getting the road up and getting it done, at this time, Jiang Hai can not help but admire those who are in the suburbs today.

At least they don’t need to get this. The guys living in the small villas in the suburbs, the snow in front of the door, are solved by the cleaners, not like the home of Jiang Hai, who needs him to get it.

But fortunately, the snow has just finished, no one is going to step on it, and the next one is not as thick as the legend. It’s only about ten centimeters. It’s still relatively quick. One line of four people, first shovel a snow, then two used the shovel to make it, and the two used the broom to make the big men. After a while, the snow on the ground was almost gone. In less than an hour, the main road of Jiang Hai has been solved, and then it was to clear the side of residential area.

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