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In the entire Hueco Mundo, Sternritter is left only  Gerard.

At this time, Gerrard has become the final form, that is, the form of the light giant.

This state of Gerard, the face is completely integrated with the Roman helmet, only the frame-like body eyes, neck, shoulders, have a broken connection, it looks like a light giant.

In the former state, Tōshirō Hitsugaya’s four steps were frozen him and cooperated with Senbonzakura Kageyoshi of Kuchiki Byakuya, and he was cut into pieces and could not be killed.

In addition, Hirako Shinji, Hinamori Momo,  Sarugaki Hiyori, Yadomaru Lisa, there is Ushoda Hachigen, Aikawa Love, Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia, in the original is also to beat Gerrard.

The form of Vollständig before the final form, after being cut open by Zaraki Kenpachi, appeared in the pattern of the cross, centered on the cross, to the heal body.

But in the final form, this pattern is no longer needed to heal, but instead is converted to photons and directly restored.

So Gerard’s formidable is beyond people’s imagination.

Zaraki Kenpachi after three upgrades, Hitsugaya after true Bankai, plus a raised Kuchiki Byakuya.

Even the injury to the opposite side can not be done.

Look at the huge Gerard in front of himm, and the people who are constantly besieging him around, Xia Yan’s figure flashed and came to Gerard’s not far away.

“Xia Yan, you finally came, this Monster, we have no way to kill it.”

Grimmjow wiped the sweat from the forehead, and a dozen people were besieging together, but they couldn’t make a damage. It felt too weak.

Ginjō Kūgo appeared next to Xia Yan and said: “Not only that, Ulquiorra, Harribel, Grimmjow plus I and Tsukishima Cero, who were swallowed by Nelliel and fired Reishi light, were able to annihilate his body and turned into This way, it is more formidable.”

“My Ability can only change memory and can’t change history. Otherwise, I can kill him when I get there.” Tsukishima Shūkurō appeared next to Xia Yan and looked ugly.

Only Ginjō Kūgo and Tsukishima Shūkurō have become human figures because they are unable to maintain complete blur, and Reiatsu is almost exhausted.

But while everyone was scared of Gerard Valkyrie formidable strength, everyone was relieved when Xia Yan appeared here.

“If it is him, you can kill him?.”

After seeing Xia Yan’s Strength and his arrangement, everyone is convinced of his Strength.

“Leave it to me, you are leaving Gerrard, the farther the better.”

Xia Yan nodded and said softly.


Grimmjow shouted: “Everyone retreats, all retreat.”

With the words of Grimmjow, Arrancar, Fullbringers took the lead and the Visored Legion left.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Kuchiki Byakuya, and the waking Kyouraku Shunsui, slightly stunned.

But he saw Xia Yan, understood what they meant, and took the initiative to leave.

“Would you like to run?”

Gerard Valkyrie screamed and his huge arm slammed into Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who was trying to leave.

But before he met him, he was blocked by one hand.

This hand is not big, for the fist of Gerard Valkyrie, it is insignificant, even his fist is bigger than Xia Yan.

Xia Yan’s body is only as big as a finger.

“Who are you?”

Gerard Valkyrie made a question.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “My name is Xia Yan.”

“Is it you? Xia Yan under the special combat power. ”

Gerard Valkyrie snorted and said, “I will kill you and kill the other’s.”

Accompanied by his words, Gerard Valkyrie eyes shot two beams of light and instantly hit Xia Yan.


When the moment light column touched Xia Yan’s, the violent explosion sounded, and the surrounding light shone, forming a huge light ball with a radius of several kilometers.

But when the light dissipated, Xia Yan still stood there,

Said: “The body of energy is still Reishi.”

Gerard Valkyrie battle style is dominated by his sword of hope and the shield of justice. The sword of hope is shaped by Gerard’s hope. Once destroyed, it will become desperate. This despair will cause damage to enemies.

But Gerard Valkyrie, the final form, abandoned his own weapon and survived in the form of a light giant.

Gerard Valkyrie saw that he couldn’t hurt Xia Yan, shocked by how formidable Xia Yan, but did not give up, but waved his fist to attack Xia Yan.

Boom, bang, bang.

Countless fists, instantly fell on Xia Yan.

After Gerard became stronger and stronger, he already had a non-human reaction speed. Just after he became Vollständig, he could have a speed above Shikai Zaraki Kenpachi.

The final form of the present is the ultimate in Strength and speed.

The people in the distance, seeing this scene, were shocked by Gerard’s Strength.

They played the giant form of the light, and have not seriously grasped the strength of the Light Giant. If it is this state, then everyone can be insta-kill.

“Can Xia Yan win?” Kyouraku Shunsui asked a little worried.

“Gerard can’t be killed. I don’t think Xia Yan can win.” Tōshirō Hitsugaya gaze.

Hirako Shinji said: “Even if it is Xia Yan, it is impossible to deal with this Monster.”

But Nelliel said: “Will win, Xia Yan’s Strength is not comparable to this Monster.”

Accompanied by Nelliel’s words, the distant fist shadow disappeared, and Xia Yan’s figure was once again revealed, without any injury.

Now Gerard Valkyrie has a strength that is not inferior to Bankai Zaraki Kenpachi.

But Xia Yan’s Strength speed, under several Hōgyoku Evolution, has exceeded the limits of Shinigami.

In the face of Gerard Valkyrie Attack, Xia Yan just resisted easily, and he resolved all of his Strength.

“Your Strength is so big.”

Gerard Valkyrie face is ugly, he never thought that someone’s Strength is so much stronger than himself.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Is it starting to feel fear? You can’t feel my Reiatsu, I can’t feel my Reiatsu, and my Strength is much stronger than you.”

Gerard Valkyrie coldly snorted, did not speak.

Xia Yan said: “Your Ability is a miracle. You can turn your unfavorable state into a favorable state and constantly strengthen yourself. The source of this Ability comes from the strength you want others to fear you. But now, my Strength is stronger than you. If you have fear in your heart, I am curious what will happen to your strength? Will it get weaker?”

Gerard sneered and said: “Fear will not make me weak, my Strength, will not change because of your practice.”

Xia Yan said: “But it will limit the growth of your Ability.”


Gerrard nodded and then showed a smirk and said: “But I know that no matter what kind of damage can’t kill me, as long as I have hope, I can get unlimited infinite, then why do I fear?”

Because your own Ability comes from hope, and if you have hope, you will become informable and you will not die.

Since no one can erase hope, why does it lose hope?

No one can beat himself, except that he can take back his own strength.

But when he heard him, Xia Yan said with a smile: “I am satisfied, as long as you will not weaken, that would be great.”

Accompanied by Xia Yan’s words, he raised his right arm, which blended his own Zanpakuto and completely integrated into one.

It is like Kurosaki ichigo without Zangetsu, and Aizen with Kyōka Suigetsu.

But the former only temporarily arrives at this realm, while Aizen is permanently entering this realm.

After the full integration, Xia Yan did not need Zanpakuto conversion, but directly turned the body’s Reishi into Thunder.


The huge Thunder descended from the sky and hit Gerard Valkyrie head.

But at the moment of contact, the Thunder turned into countless small thunders, centered on Gerard Valkyrie head, and spread downwards to form a cage.

“The power is very weak and it can’t hurt me at all.”

Gerard screamed and took a step, and the Thunder was all shredded.

But at this moment, countless huge thunders descended, and from Gerard’s head, there were countless small thunders that tied Gerard’s body.

Gerard’s body became more and more difficult to move and was finally imprisoned there.

“How about this? Can only limit me.”

Gerard made a roar.

However, Xia Yan once again waved his right hand, and the surrounding desert shattered and turned into a huge Thunder pool, and Gerard stood in the center of Thunder pool.

The thunder pool rolled the plasma, generating a myriad of magnetic forces that accelerated the dust in the surrounding Space and created a trace of static electricity.

“Continue retreat.”

Kyouraku Shunsui screamed and everyone re-retreated several distance until Xia Yan’s figure became a small point in the distance.

At this time, the plasma in Thunder pool was turned into a pure thunder, from the bottom up, and instantly bombarded.

I saw a thunder pillar running through the space between heaven and earth, all the way to the sky.

This thunderbolt, with a thickness of a thousand meters, enveloped Gerard’s body.


The thunderbolt burst, and a huge explosion rose up, swallowing Gerard, and then turning all the sand on the ground into silicon dioxide, but at a high temperature, the silicon melted into a liquid and then vaporized.

The impact of the explosion has spread to the distance.

“Great big strength.”

Kyouraku Shunsui feels the pressure from the face and feels that the body is shaking.

Such a huge explosion can destroy the entire Seireitei, and even Rukongai, which is closer to Seireitei, will be turned into a powder.

“A big power, should it be solved?”

Tōshirō Hitsugaya said softly.

Kuchiki Byakuya said: “The power is enough for every inch of his body to be shattered and he should be able to kill him.”

Everyone saw the power of the explosion and felt that Gerard could not survive, but they could not see the distant scene.

Because the shock wave blows away the sand that has not become silicon, it spreads over the surrounding area, leaving only the walls formed by sand in front of everyone.

Xia Yan stood in the center of the explosion, glittering around the magnetic shield.

Xia Yan can control the lightning energy, but after the lightning can explode, it will become heat, shock wave and electromagnetic force.

This is the essence of the damage in thunder pool just enough for Xia Yan itself to be hit hard.

Such a damage is even superior to final Zangetsu.

But at this time, the photons gradually gathered to form a light giant, higher and stronger, and several kilometers high. Even in dozens of miles, you can see the shape of the dragon.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan looks as usual.

But in the distance, Kyouraku Shunsui and the others, but their faces changed dramatically.

“It has become bigger.”

Aikawa Love said dumbly.

Ginjō Kūgo also said: “Is there no way to kill him?”

Even if Xia Yan’s subordinates believe, there is a touch of shaking.

Everyone is showing the color of despair, can no one kill him?

But at this moment, Xia Yan body thunder flashed, eyes nose mouth all glittering thunder.

“Do you still have to do it? For your blessing, now I am more formidable than just now, and strength has increased tenfold. Now, I can kill you.”

Gerard Valkyrie voice was shaken, and with his voice, his fist slammed down.

The punch is faster and stronger, and the air is crushed, giving off a huge blast.


Gerard Valkyrie fist hit the ground, and the shock waves scattered out, spreading with great sound waves and spreading far away.

“Is it hit?” Yadomaru Lisa asked in a dull moment.

When Gerard Valkyrie lifted the fist, Xia Yan’s figure disappeared, leaving only a huge pothole on the ground.


Gerard Valkyrie was slightly glimpsed, and then he laughed and said, “Is it dead? Hahaha, just that’s it.”

But at the next moment, Gerard Valkyrie body was slightly stagnation, and countless blue nerves spread from his Heart position, wrapping his body.

“This is?”

Gerard’s face became ugly, he wanted to move the body, but he found that the body couldn’t move.


At this time, Xia Yan, with an incredible speed, escaped Gerard Fist and rushed into his Heart.

In Gerard’s Heart, he released his nerves and took over Gerard’s body.

Gerard’s body has become a light form, without flesh, and consists entirely of Reishi.

But Reishi constitutes the body, and with the entity, you can’t escape the enforced Ability.

Pernida can control the human body, control the walls of Reishi, and even combine with the sacred target to connect your Reishi with the target by shooting out the sacred target.

So enforcement, in the face of the entity formed by Reishi, can still be controlled.

Gerard’s body was completely taken over by Xia Yan, and the body was controlled and could no longer move.

“What happened?”

Grimmjow’s dull look at the distance, others can’t get back to this question, and it’s also questionable.

But only Kurotsuchi Mayuri eyes smashed round, revealing a mad look, saying: “Get started, let me see the birth of new king.”

“You can control me, but you can’t kill me, you can’t kill me forever.”

Gerard’s mouth is still controllable, and he makes a roar.

But Xia Yan in Heart showed a smile and said: “Begin.”

The next moment, Xia Yan’s body has begun to change, and the perfect evolution path is open.

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