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“After entering the house, let’s talk about it!” After a few people chilled a few words, Jiang Hai raised his hand and said to few people. When they heard Jiang Hai’s words, everyone did not say much, but directly followed Jiang Hai into the house. As for the two dogs and a big horse, Jiang Hai let them play. Compared with Xiao Bai and Xiao Xia, Xiao Huang hesitated. Although he just went to play, he did not go far, but stay at the door, if there is anything, it can also go directly to help Jiang Hai.

Of course, no one knows that he has such an idea, and Jiang Hai vaguely feels that it seems that this dog is really loyal. Jiang Hai is considered to be comforting.

The group walked into Jiang Hai villa, and did not go to other places, but sat down directly in the living room.

Jiang Hai personally went to wine cabinet next to him and took some drinks. After asking, Moses Adams wanted to drink red wine. The girl who came with him, as long as orange juice, the old man and Jiang Hai had a Canned beer, as for the driver, did not dare to drink when driving.

“I came here this time, mainly to report to you about the progress of the lawsuit…” After the crowd sat down, Moses Adams took a bag from the girl around him and opened it. There were some documents in it, and he took a glimpse of it and handed it to Jiang Hai. Although Jiang Hai has a dragon essence, he has developed a lot in IQ.

But overall, he still does not want to learn, if it is related to his estate, then he can still calm down and see.

It can be like this, he really can’t calm down, just look at it briefly.

The above is mainly about the criminal reports of those people. These people were prosecuted on four counts, with the intention of kidnapping, attempted murder, extortion, malicious injure, and three of them passed the trial of the court. Intent to kidnap, attempted murder and blackmail, as for malicious injure, it is not established, because it seems that they are more seriously injured.

However, these three are not bad, the head is Faraday Wilson, and the other is called Solomon Duri, who were sentenced to 76 months in prison, that is six years and four months.

Other people have basically been punished for more than five years in prison. To be honest, Jiang Hai feels a little lighter.

However, Jiang Hai said that he is not a subjective intention. If Jiang Hai decides that these people want to kill him, it is not an exaggeration to shoot directly, but unfortunately, the four things mentioned above are actually not formally established.

Kidnapping is only an intention, murder is still unsuccessful, extortion, in fact, it is just a talk, it is already a very serious penalty, so Jiang Hai is not happy, it can only be like this, what? Buy someone else and go to the prison to kill these guys?

Jiang Hai thought about it, but that was just thinking about it. He just came here and he was unfamiliar. He was not prepared to get into it because of something like this and it was too much lose.

“The second thing is to sue the lawsuit of the police agency here. Because of the relationship, the state and city police stations, we have no choice but to seize the county police station. The police who blackmailed you were also arrested. It is estimated that it will be sentenced to three years or so. His on-line is the deputy director of the police station. It is estimated that he will be sentenced to three years or so…” Moses Adams said as he made a look to the old man sitting next to him, so when When he said this, the old man stood up.

“Mr. Jiang Hai, hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Murris Smith. It is the director of our Winthrop police station. I have visited you, but you have not seen me. This time, I am dead. Please, Mr. Moses Adams, wants to ask for it, is to ask you, can you stop here?” Looking at Jiang Hai, the old man said sincerely, and when he heard him, Jiang Hai’s brow can’t help but wrinkle.

“What do you mean is the top of this country?” Without paying attention to the old man next to him, Jiang Hai said to Moses Adams.

“Except for the two types of judgments, all the others were dismissed and then transferred from other places.” Hearing Jiang Hai words, Moses Adams said with a serious look, the police in US were mainly divided into federations, state, city, and county levels. Federal and state police, exercise the powers conferred by the federal and state, respectively, and the state’s police powers are determined by the states.

That is to say, in addition to federal police, state police, city police and county police, even the private security and federal government have no subordinate relationship, which is directly led by the local governments.

Unless you want to make a big case, otherwise you can’t control anyone, just like US president and governor.

The president is elected by the people of United States. The governor is elected by the people of the whole state. In the legal positions of the states, the ranks of the governor and president are equal. Not that you are the president, I am the governor, I will meet you more than you at a lower level, this does not exist in US.

So in this case, although this case was alarmed, it was an international scandal. After waiting for the confirmation of this matter and upgrading to the international status, the matter was transferred to the state government to solve it. After the state government has checked the case.

I found that the guy is in the air, this matter, strictly speaking, has nothing to do with the state and the city, just the problem of the police station in Winthrop town. Generally speaking, in the case of the US, this is directly take the guy underneath to open the knife.

However, Jiang Hai’s identity is different. He is a rich man, so the state government has decided to sell Jiang Hai’s face and replace it all.

“Please, stop here. This is a simple matter. It is the personal behavior of the two guys. It has nothing to do with other people. If they are removed, there will be a black history on their resumes. If they want to find employment later, they will be in trouble.” Hearing Moses Adams words, the old man here was helpless and hungry.

“Why should I stop here? Do you know that these people have no money to collect money? Is it, if I don’t have money, there is no such power, I am here to be black money, I should be, I am deserving? I am recruiting who is provoked? This time, it is a lesson for you. After watching the people around you, don’t think that things don’t matter, you can hang up high, and you need to know if you are sitting.” If it is a general character of the Virgin Seeing that the elderly are asking for themselves, they may be soft, but unfortunately, Jiang Hai does not have such an idea. Although he is not a bad guy, he has never been a good person.

He didn’t believe it, he was staying in a police station. No one knew about the black money.

These people must know, but if they don’t say it, they must be responsible for such things.

What can be spared? What big things are small and small things are gone? What is the hidden heart? The same mood?

At the beginning, how could these people not have such a hidden heart for others? How can these people not sympathize with others?

When someone was guilty of crime, they watched the fun next to them. The individual swept the snow in front of the door. He asked him if he had a frost on the roof. Now he wants to let others sympathize with him? At least in Jiang Hai, there is no such thing, it is impossible.

It can be said that he is a heart of stone, but he just wants to remind these people, do not think that these things have nothing to do with you, no matter when, these disasters fall on his head.

“This…” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, the old man here can’t help but feel bitter. He knows that although Jiang Hai’s heart is too embarrassing, he did not make a mistake. This is the responsibility he can use, so he has nothing to say.

“Boss, look at this first…” There was some rigidity between the scenes, when Moses Adams took the last piece of paper from Jiang Hai and gave it to Jiang Hai. It was also on the head, but when he saw what was written on the paper in front of him, he stumbled because the paper was written with an intentional statement.

The intention statement was issued in the town of Winthrop, saying that it is necessary to support the local brand effect of Jiang Hai big manor.

It can be exempted from Jiang Hai’s annual land use tax of 0.2%. That is to say, he only needs to pay one percent in the future. At the same time, when Jiang Hai buys fish, fry, fish feed, cattle feed and cattle, he can Enjoy a 1.3% counter-subsidy from the government.

In other words, Jiang Hai bought the cows two million, can give him back to $260,000, and the land use tax, from 3,3 million years each year, to 2.8 million per year, added Together, this will leave the future fry money, feed money …

That is, almost every year to save him a million or so, but obviously this letter of intent, this time is only drafted, not to mention Jiang Hai also understand that this is also the town government of Winthrop, which is intended to smooth out this matter.

If Jiang Hai is ignoring the welfare of the town, he naturally cannot enjoy it.

Looking at Moses Adams, Jiang Hai saw his thoughts from his eyes. Moses Adams should have received this first, and then when the old man came to ask him, he also moved his heart, so he decided when there a certain time, he would like to show this to Jiang Hai. He said it was nothing but a lawyer. If you want to see it, you still have to look at Jiang Hai.

Jiang Hai looked at the letter of intent and hesitated. On the one hand, he was almost 70% angry. On the one hand, he was benefiting one million dollars a year, and the police station was grateful for the heart. The goodwill, Jiang Hai, although sometimes easy to get on the head, but he is not a fool, hesitated for about five minutes, Jiang Hai handle this paper, handed to Moses Adams, Moses Adams also chuckled for a moment, it seems that Jiang Hai wants to understand.

“Since the two guys have been arrested, then this matter, I will not need you to resign, I heard that you are about to retire, so first, but I will not give up my right to pursue, I want you to understand what I am talking about.”

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