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“There are sharks!” Jiang Hai’s current five senses can be said to be in human limits. At the moment when the shark fins surface, Jiang Hai had already noticed it. The first time he got up and Philemon next to him is startled.

But wait until he saw the shark fin in the distance, can not help but sigh, continued to pour the fish from the sink, but here’s shark in the fish smell taste, channeling over and began to eat with big mouth.

“Oh… there is danger.” Seeing Philemon continued after saw shark movement, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but whispered.

“Boss, don’t be afraid, that’s a reef shark.” And when he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Edward here said with a smile.

“Reef shark?” Hearing what Edward said, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but squint and then looked at him.

“Boss, in fact, people who often run sea boats know that sharks are really fierce, but in fact, there are only a few kinds of sharks that we mainly guard against.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Philemon finished the fish at this time also I said it with a smile.

There are 368 sharks in the world. Of course, this is not absolute, but it is probably recorded now.

In these sharks, there are only seven kinds that attacks on people.

The most famous are the three big sharks, the great white shark, also known as the white shark, the world’s largest carnivorous fish, with a strong attack.

Secondly, it is the tiger shark family, then sphyrnidae, the scientific name of the hammerhead shark. These three types of sharks are called the three kinds of sharks that are most like to attack humans. Besides, sharks that threaten humans in the ocean. There are also bull sharks, white tip sharks, black fin sharks (black-winged sharks) and barramundi sharks. Basically, there are only seven kinds of sharks that threaten humans in the ocean.

In addition to the neurotic disease of tiger sharks, most other sharks attack humans and more than 90% are manslaughter.

Because humans play surfboards by the sea, looking up from the bottom of the sea, it is like a shark seals.

So at this time, sharks often come out to attack humans, but most of the time, like great white sharks, bite a bit feels wrong, it will swim, so many people attacked by great white sharks, there are many people can survive.

The hammerhead shark is a temper tantrum. Although it is not like a tiger shark, will kill you if you see it, but you should mainly look at its mood. If you are in a good mood, you will swim directly. If you are in a bad mood, you will come over and do this.

The remaining sharks are not too large sharks. The bull sharks can grow to 3,5 meters, the barramundi sharks can grow to 4 meters, the whitetip sharks can grow to more than 2 meters, and the black-winged sharks are only 1 meter long, so this shark is also a pet shark.

In addition to these seven kinds of sharks, the number of wounded people is nurse shark, but everyone knows that the nurse shark is not eating people, and there is no attack power, but look at the file to understand.

These nurse sharks hurt people, in fact, when humans dive to harass them, this is like a dog, the dog is anxious to bite you, let alone a shark? This is for yourself to die, not to blame others.

The reef shark that Edward said is not actually a shark, but a general term.

In the world, the real reef shark is only a Caribbean reef shark. The reef shark in his mouth refers to some sharks that live on coral reefs, like lemon sharks, which are nurse sharks and whitetip reef sharks, tiger skin sharks, cat sharks, dog sharks, sand tiger sharks, etc. The shark that is now floating up is also a kind of reef shark. The lemon shark is attacking, but basically it will not attack humans. When people are still on the boat, they must know that Jiang Hai’s speedboat is not big.

But it is definitely not small, far from being a shark that is almost two meters long.

“The coral reefs on our side are very developed, so we will attract a lot of fish. If there are fish, there will be sharks. This is a food chain. So I can’t say what kind of danger there is underwater. Now there is no way to get into the water. When you can get into the water next year, if the boss is playing underwater and encounters a shark, the best way is to circumvent it far away, but if this shark is going to attack you, don’t panic, there is weapons, kill it. If not, use your fist to hit its nose and eyes. When you punch it, this thing will run. In fact, the shark’s courage is very small, just like rat, the courage ratio of mouse is not much bigger.” While cleaning the sink of the fish in the sea, Philemon said with a smile.

The lemon shark, after eating the remaining small fish, slowly walked away. Seeing his movements, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but think of it. It seems that the last time he went to the sea, he saw this thing. It turned out that there was no threat to myself. It seems that the idea of ​​catching lobsters can be implemented in advance. Turning to it, I seem to have caught a shark that is about the same size.

“Right, what shark did I fish? Didn’t you die?” Looking at the lemon shark that had already swam away, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but ask Edward. In fact, if he not saw this shark today, he would going to forget this matter.

“That shark, still alive, live very well, sometimes Robin and I will bring some meat that I don’t eat, feed it, it is still very moist in the pool.” Hear Jiang Hai words, Edward here also said to Jiang Hai with a smile.

When he heard what he wanted, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but nod. Now that rich people are used to raising sharks, do they also make a few raises to watch it? To be honest, raising sharks is really prestige, and the most important thing is that now he wants to raise sharks very easily.

Sea water is not needed to buy, sharks do not need to buy, there are no hundreds of dozens of articles in this sea area.

Grab it, the only thing that needs to pay is the fish tank, and the most important thing is that if he uses the blood to domesticate these sharks, when he plays in the sea, how handsome, others drive motorboats, yourself ride a shark and give more strength.

Thinking of this, Jiang Hai was more interested in the sand tiger shark on his shore.

As the speedboat slowly opened back to the dock, Edward and Philemon also carried a huge sink out, which they sorted out and could eat. As for Jiang Hai, there is also a sink. It was he who picked it up and ate it himself.

It is filled with sea cucumbers, sea urchins, various kinds of shrimps, and large crabs. They are all good things. However, Europeans and Americans do not eat sea cucumbers and sea urchins. It is also irrelevant for Jiang Hai to eat monolithic food. As for shrimps and crabs, these people eat, But obviously it is not going to grab with the boss for some shrimps and crabs. In their opinion, eating fish is much more delicious than eating these expensive things.

After the sink was placed, several people drove their own all-terrain vehicles and returned to the residential area. After Jiang Hai went back, he went to occupy the bathroom of his own villa, and kept things in them, and then took a large piece of beef, went inside a tree, and took a look at the sand tiger shark. This sand tiger shark, although Jiang Hai only saw it once, but it had eaten one after another, contaminated with the seafood blood of the carp, therefore when Jiang Hai went to see it, it clearly knew Jiang Hai, and the speed of moving downstream of the water suddenly increased.

“It seems that the shark can also be domesticated!” Seeing the sand tiger shark seeing his apparently excited look, Jiang Hai chuckled a bit, re-putted a drop of blood, turned it on the beef in his hand, and then the beef was thrown into the pool.

splash!” When the beef was in the water, the sand tiger shark was much higher than the dog’s sensitive smell. It smelled the taste of beef and blood in it the first time. It was the first time to smash it out and bite the beef in the mouth, even jumped out of the pool.

Jiang Hai, who was diving in the water in the pool, was all at one end, but Jiang Hai did not care, but smiled.

“Let’s stay here, I have time to come back to see you. When the timing is almost up, I will put you back to the sea.” Looking at the sharks that fell back into the pool and wandered back and forth, Jiang Hai said with a smile.

Then he used his pockets and put a large bag of sea water and returned to his room. He did not forget that whether it was sea cucumber or sea urchin, it was all sea creatures and needed to be raised with sea water.

After all of this was settled, Jiang Hai also received a call from Philemon, telling him that dinner was ready.

Jiang Hai heard what Philemon said, not much to say, went directly to his home, today is a party, a fish-based party, counted to kill cattle tomorrow, is another party, to be honest, Jiang Hai likes this kind of life.

I don’t want to eat, I don’t drink, I play all day, and I don’t have any troubles. I meet every other day and watch my own manor gradually get on the right track. The smile on Jiang Hai’s face is more and more intense, although there are a lot of money. But it can be so happy, for Jiang Hai, it is also a rare good thing.

But at this time, Jiang Hai is happy, but there are also many people who are upset… For example, Boston, Shida Law Firm.

“Mr. Adams, please give me five minutes, can you?” Moses Adams, the top lawyer of Shida Law Firm, who is 42 years old this year, stepped into the industry 20 years ago and played in his life. The lawsuit 912, won 713, lost the lawsuit, it is because the ironclad is like a mountain, but it also reduces the loss of the party to the lowest, otherwise he is not possible, easily become the office of the company opened in Boston. The third place, for the average lawyer, can achieve an average income, about 100,000 US dollars a year is not bad, but for Moses Adams, his annual income is in a million dollars. However, he recently took over a big job, a big manor gave him a big job. If this job is beautiful, not only will there be a lot of income, but also the greatest reputation in the industry. After all, this time, he versus the police system of the entire state, although the evidence is somewhat inadequate, but he is doing very well now, in just a few days, even the wind came, saying that Massa told the state government, the government has all ready to Winthrop Police Department police a line and then re-appointed mediator, to give his account, and this is no small progress, but at this time there are naturally a lot of people sit still.

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