MR Chapter 7: Finding a new home

Translated by me, edited by Kai

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“Congratulations Mr. Jiang. From now on you are a billionaire, and most likely the youngest in recent years!” The manager stated with envy while Jiang Hai activated his centurion credit card. Since he had helped complete this transaction, he will also receive a commission. But the amount is somewhere around 10 million Yuan. Compared to Jiang Hai’s 330 million USD, there really is a huge difference. There is no way he isn’t jealous. Now the manager wonders if he has got any suitable niece that he can introduce to Jiang Hai.

“Hehe…” Hearing the congratulations, Jiang Hai can only smile awkwardly since he is still in shock.

“The black card offers many different types of services, you can slowly study these at your own time. I’ll quickly go over the main ones with you. You can enter the VIP waiting room at any airport. You can upgrade your room at any hotel that does business with American Express, that’s about 99% of all 5 star hotels in the world. Also, when you are in need of rental cars, you don’t need to book in advance, they are available on call with GPS included. There is no limit on spending and the points you earn can be exchanged with some good stuff. Although these perks seem excellent to me, but they probably aren’t as appealing for you at the moment. Wait until you’ve tried them out and then you’ll see true luxury. One other special service is investment management.” Manager Zhang explained the major uses of the card in Jiang Hai’s hands.

This card offers many different uses. As long as you have this card, you will get treated like an emperor, no matter where you go. The free services are just icing on the cake. Of course, cards like this are separated by ranks. Jiang Hai’s 330 million USD earned him rank 3 services. But these come with high annual fees of 50,000 USD. Well if he spends more than 50 million annually then the fee is waived, but a bottom line exists of having 100 million in the card at all times. Otherwise his service rank will be downgraded, though Jiang Hai doesn’t care about this right now. To be honest, Jiang Hai has only heard about these services, such as car rental, and charter planes, but has never used them. Thus he can only chuckle at the mention of these.

“Right, since Mr. Jiang has so much money now, are you interested in investing in some modern art?” Seeing Jiang Hai still out of it, the manager starts to advertise. To speak frankly, modern art is simply artworks that have been completed within the last century. Works of Qi Baishi, Chang Caqian, and Xu Beihong can all be considered modern art and their values are also rising rapidly. Their artworks often show up on variety shows and are priced from as low as tens of thousands to as high as tens of millions. Sadly Jiang Hai has no interest in these artworks.

“I have no interest in these things, but I am interested in owning properties. I got nothing to say about the current conditions of land in China right now, but I am interested in fishing grounds and ranches.” Jiang Hai responded after some thinking. Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Manager Zhang can’t help but be excited.

“Our auction possesses many fishing grounds and ranches, but these ranches and fishing grounds all contain large plots of land. I don’t know how much land Mr. Jiang is looking for?” The manager answered with much enthusiasm.

“Size doesn’t matter and I only have two requirements. One good scenery, and two, no contamination of any sort or any signs of pollution in the area.” Jiang Hai muttered due to the scare caused by the manager’s enthusiasm.

“No contamination or pollution? Well things just got simpler. Excluding some areas in international waters and in third world countries, we have a lot of land in many different countries that suit your requirements. I’ll bring a list for you to look through.” Seeing how enthusiastic the manager is, Jiang Hai can’t really say much but wait for him to bring over the required documents.

In recent years, everyone knows emigrating brings many benefits. Thus the amount of people from China who buy properties in other countries is raising daily. This is directly affected housing prices in those countries. People who emigrate always consider 3 locations first.

One, Oceania. It doesn’t matter if it is Australia or New Zealand. They are all good areas to emigrate to. Great scenery, low to no pollution, plenty of water. Big land mass, low population density. Cheap land with abundant resources. You can buy a ranch here to raise sheep for wool and you don’t have to worry about having no market to sell your products since you can just send it to the mainland. If you own a fishing ground then no matter what you farm it’s still the same. The high end products can be sold to Europe or America, while the average stuff can be sold in the mainland. There are profits to be made no matter what you do.

These two places are also what manager Zhang first introduced, but the countries in this region in general has one major downside. They are all somewhat anti-Chinese. If it’s people who can hold in their anger, then it’s fine, but for people like Jiang Hai who’s got anger management issues, then forget it.

Seeing Jiang Hai losing interest in the Oceania region, the manager can only move onto the next option, Canada. As for EU, it’s great for talented people. High living standards, but expensive commodities. It is fine if you only live in urban areas, but Europe is just too cramped. People like Jiang Hai who want to own ranches and/or fishing grounds need to go countries with a greater landmass.

If you’re not planning to emigrate to any Oceanic countries, than Canada is the next best choice. It has all the pluses of countries in the Oceanic region with the benefit of being next door neighbors with US. Here, the Philips auction house has many holdings, such as islands, fertile lands, expansive grasslands, fishing grounds, mountain regions and so on. They have it all. But for the same reasons as above, these regions are also anti-Chinese.

Seeing Jiang Hai reject both Oceania and Canada, manager Zhang is now somewhat in a bad mood.

“Since you rejected Canada, then there is only the United States of America. what do you think?” The manager asked after some thinking.

For being the world’s strongest country, of course Jiang Hai knows alot about it. Bullying other countries constantly, honestly Jiang Hai also wants to reject this country since it’s also anti-Chinese, but before he could speak, the manager cut in. “Mr. Jiang, I can understand. Your alone in a foreign land, there will always be people with prejudice against you. Since you want to buy ranches and fishing grounds, then there is only that many countries who can support it.”

“Don’t even think about the land here in China, they are never yours. IF you go to Russia, you don’t have people to hire. Europe is too crowded, the amount of land you’re looking to buy can be greater than some countries. So no this also isn’t possible. Then there are only countries in South America, Middle East and Africa left. But do you even have the balls to go there? Thus you can only own land in these three areas. You reject Australia and Canada, I can understand since there just aren’t many people to populate these countries. 7.692 million square kilometers housing only 24 million people in Australia. Canada has a landmass of almost 10 million square kilometers but with a population count of only 35.16 million. These areas are very prone for accidents to occur since it’s just too easy to loathe a nationality or a single person. This is fine, but America is completely different. A country with 300 million people, who also places significant importance on ethnicities. Although some states have different laws to deal with different kinds of people such as Texas, but there are many other states who welcome and protect Chinese emigrants.” Seeing the manager ranting for so long, Jiang Hai can’t help but accept the stated facts.

Indeed, there are haters everywhere. Who says I have to live with them? Seeing Jiang Hai’s attitude loosen, the manager quickly began to introduce the holdings Philips has in America.

There are six areas in USA which are suited for Chinese emigrants. First California, but two problems exist. One is high levels of desertification and two a piece of land here costs too much. Second would be Washington state. Third is Oregon. Not far from the ranching state of Montana, but transportation there is just terrible. Though at the very least Oregon has Portland. Fourth on the list is New York State. You can’t buy land here since there aren’t any available. But you can buy it in the neighbouring state, New Jersey, with somewhat fair prices. Recommendation number five would be Florida, but it’s kind of a mess there. Lastly there is Massachusetts. Boston.

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