MR Chapter 48: No mercy

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Boss, you alright?” As soon as he left the interrogation room, he was met by the nervous Robins and his other employees in the police station.

Winthrop isn’t a very large town. If something major happens, it doesn’t take long before everyone knows about it. When Robins and the rest heard about this, the first thing they did is rush to the police station to see if there is anything they can do. However, Jiang Hai is actually happy that Robins, Burke, Philemon, Harmen, Bell and Edward here waiting for him; it doesn’t matter what happens in the future; at least he can trust all of them now.

“It’s nothing, just some bruises.” Jiang Hai said to the group.

“I think you should go apply for a carrying license. Otherwise your safety would be a big problem.” Hearing that Jiang Hai was fine, Robins thought about it, but still spoke what was on his mind.

“Um, let’s worry about this later.” Jiang Hai also wanted a carrying license, but this license requires the approval of the local police. Right now he is suing the police, so it’s not the wisest time to apply.

“Mr. Jiang Hai. How do you want to proceed with this?” Seeing that Jiang Hai has finished catching up with his subordinates, the lawyer came forward and asked for instructions, because everything rests on what Jiang Hai wants to do.

“I was almost killed back there! So of course I can’t be benevolent. How many charges can I give them?” Most chinese like to make a big problem small, then make it go away. However, Jiang Hai is the complete opposite. If someone messes with him, then he will retaliate to end them. It doesn’t matter what happens in between, he will use the fullest of his abilities.

“From the recordings on the cameras, charges for extortion, kidnapping, and deliberate injuries are the core components. Since they also used guns, then we can also charge them for intent to kill.” The lawyer said after some thought.

America is the same as China, where there is an eye in the sky in most cities. The so called eye in the sky is a monitoring system that has almost no dead corners. For example, a camera on top of a telephone pole, another on at an intersection, one on a tree and so on. Apart from some slum areas, there are cameras everywhere. Of course these exclude most private areas. For a lawyer like Adams, getting footage from these cameras is a piece of cake.

“Sure, that works. What about the police?” Jiang Hai asked.

“The police case is a lot simpler. We have testimonies for extortion, threats, and bribe acceptance. These alone are more than enough to bury them. At the very least, he will be sent in for a couple months.” The lawyer replied. Hearing this, Jiang Hai is clearly unhappy. That guy threatened him for so long and he only has a punishment of a few days. It’s too easy for him.

“Alright let’s go with that. I only care about the results. Give me the best you can do. Money is not a problem. If I sit back and do nothing with this, then I might as well as leave.” Jiang Hai stated.

“That’s for sure.” Adams happily replied. Since money isn’t a problem, then there is no problem.

However, the police on the side who heard this are clearly unhappy because they know they brought this on themselves. Sadly, Jiang Hai doesn’t care about them at all. Under the escort of his workers, they left the station. But as soon as they exited, they were surrounded by anxious people. Upon seeing this many people surrounding them, Jiang Hai is clearly scared because he wasn’t ready for another fight. However upon closer examination he found that most of these people are men and women in their 50s and 60s. Clearly, they don’t pose that big of a threat to him.

“Sir, please, let go of my son!”

“Sir, they are just young people. Please forgive them. We can talk about compensations privately!”

“Mister…” “Sir…”

Of course these people didn’t attack Jiang Hai and the rest, but surrounded him and begged. Upon hearing all of this, Jiang Hai’s expression turned ice cold. There is no need for anyone to explain to him who these people are because he already knows; these are clearly the family members of those guys in the station. Sadly, Jiang Hai is no saint so he also has no good impressions of these family members.

“This is the consequences of their actions and my choice will not change. Now, excuse me.” Facing this group of people, there is no need to take any heed of them because if you do, there is no telling when they will show up again, and again, and again. As such, Jiang Hai simply said what was needed and left for his car in the parking lot.

“Sir, Sir, please, it’s all because I didn’t take care of my brother. However much compensation you ask for, we’ll pay. But please let…” Seeing Jiang Hai entering his car, a cowboy rushed forward and hurriedly said. Jiang Hai remembered this person. He is one of the people Robins recommended; called Augustine Wilson, also Faraday’s older brother.

“He is a grown man. He has to take responsibilities for the actions he takes. Since you guys didn’t discipline him properly to begin with, then don’t come begging for me. Alright, let’s go.” Seeing the impatient young man, Jiang Hai specially rolled down his windows and coldly replied. Then indicated his intentions to Robins and left with everyone.

Seeing the disappearing tail lights, these people are dumbstruck. Although they thought that Jiang Hai’s attitude might be unyielding, but they never would’ve thought it to be this unyielding. After a bit, some of the women can’t hold back any more and tears began to flow, while the men on side let out a sigh. This mess will clearly be difficult to clean up.

“Boss, your dinner died! You still going to eat it?” Jiang Hai, Robins and Philemon in the same car, the other two are driven by Burke and Edward, while Bell and Harmen are riding shotgun. Jiang Hai has no clue what the atmosphere is like in the other two cars, but the atmosphere in this one is clearly bad. Not a single sound was made, but after 5 minutes, Philemon can’t hold it in any longer and spoke.

To be fair, this is understandable. Since Robins and the rest are also from this town, although they are not too familiar with the people who tried to rob Jiang Hai, they still watched them grow up. Now the situation is kind of awkward. Jiang Hai needed to show his powers; he needs the people in the town to understand that he is not to be messed with. As such, he will not let this matter slide easily. However, they are also close to a lot of people in town. Now that they are stuck in the middle, it’s pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But for this job, they still made up their minds. This matter does not concern them so they will not participate in it. In America, most people are welcoming, but they know that there is no favours to talk about here. There is no way that they are going to bet their jobs on the line just to beg for some people that they aren’t even familiar with. As such, after some thoughts Philemon spoke first.

“Ah, it died? That big of a carp, what a waste.” Jiang Hai replied with a sigh. From the looks of things, the dream of having fish soup is shattered.

“These kind of fish is all over the place in the rivers here. There is also a lot that are much bigger. Normally we don’t even go fishing for them; rather we shoot them.” Robins also reluctantly joined the conversation.

“Boss if you want to play around, then you can go pick up some bow and arrows from the outdoors shop in town.” Robins continued.

“Oh? Even that’s possible? Oh well, it’s already this late. Everybody probably hasn’t eaten yet so let’s just get something in town.” Jiang Hai nodded.

“Alright, let me call my wife then.” Philemon joined in, then he called home and told his wife where they are headed. At the same time, Robins used the walkie-talkies and told the other two cars where they are headed. Soon after, the three cars all headed towards town.

America is a country based off immigrants. Because of this, the country itself has no traditions, no cultural traditions, nor any dark histories to settle. As such, the food here also has no speciality. But when someone mentions but food that represents America, then 90% of the time people will probably respond: fast food; or something related to fast food.

Yes, the majority of the restaurant sector in America are taken up by fast food restaurants. Apart from fast food, everything else is food from other countries. For example, chinese restaurants although they taste bad, but they are still based off of chinese dishes. There is japanese cuisine which consists of teriyaki, sushi and such. korean cuisine with their grilled meats. Apart from these, there are also the expensive french cuisine, the most economical german cuisine which is made up of all meat, and the most popular italian cuisine.

You have to understand, pizza, a flagship in the fast food industry, is from Italy. What Jiang Hai and group are eating today is also italian food, but what they are after isn’t pizza. Rather there are still a lot of other good tasting dishes in italian cuisine.

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