MR Chapter 47: Ensuing chaos

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Gun? Who saw it? You say self defence, but is it really self defence? You have to understand foreigner; here in America, what you say doesn’t matter, but what I say does. As long as I say you are guilty then you are guilty. If I say you are not then you’re not.” The man slowly walked up to Jiang Hai, and used his fingers to endlessly drum the table in front of him with a face full of disdain.

“What do you mean by this?” Seeing the person in front of him, Jiang Hai is actually really excited. As he laid back and looked at the man in front of him, he is really looking forward to what he has to say.

“You still don’t understand even after all of this? You chinese people seriously don’t get to be called the second smartest race in the world. Your wisdom is like that of monkeys. Alright, here is the deal chink since you don’t understand. This understand?” Hearing Jiang Hai’s reply, this officer is clearly dissatisfied. At the same time he rubbed his right index and middle finger together with his thumb.

“Money?” Seeing the gesture, Jiang Hai easily guessed out what he is asking for, but then shaked his head cheerfully.

“You’re pretty familiar with these stuff huh. You’ve probably done this a lot right?” Jiang Hai spat out word by word as he rested his chin on his hands and stared at the man in front of him. He really wanted to see if all crows under the sky are this black.

“Ah, is this really that rare? I suggest you to pack up whatever you’re thinking since it’s all the same here in our police system. No matter if it’s Winthrop, or Boston, or even the whole state of Massachusetts. This can end here with me for a tiny amount, but if this goes up to the chief or the vice chief then the price will probably skyrocket.” The man said as narrowed his eyes. Whether this is true or not, Jiang Hai doesn’t care. Even if this is fake, he is still going to take this as if it is real.

“Alright, give me a number.” Jiang Hai replied.

“Sweet, we have one price here $50,000. I’ll make sure you are safe and sound.” Seeing that Jiang Hai is already fell into the trap, this male said cheerfully. Those huge eyes of his is clearly stating how happy he is.

“50,000? Is everyone in Winthrop this greedy? And from the looks of things, the camera behind you is still recording.” Hearing what he had to say, Jiang Hai first smiled then commented unhappily.

“That’s for our procedures. Just in case something happens to you with me here. To be honest if I really want to beat you, then I wouldn’t be doing it here. But don’t worry, stuff like this exist only happens I want it to. Here I am the law, I’m also the whole police system. I suggest you to stop stalling and answer. 50,000, yes or no.” As Jiang Hai’s eyes landed on the camera behind him, the man coldly said as he ignored the looks.

“Give? Go screw yourself. If you have anything left to say then wait till my lawyer is here and discuss it with them.” Jiang Hai coldly replied.

“Your lawyer? You have a lawyer? If we don’t invite a lawyer for you, what lawyer do you have!” Hearing the reply, the man is clearly unafraid as he clearly doesn’t believe that Jiang Hai is wealthy enough to request his own lawyer. You have to know that lawyers have one of the highest incomes in America, but where does this money come from? That’s clearly from the wealthy individuals who request their assistance. From what the man can tell, just by how Jiang Hai is dressed; he looks like someone who has had to wait for several years before getting the chance to open a restaurant here in America.

After all what Jiang Hai is wearing from head to toe is just sportswear and outdoor clothing. This stuff in China is actually pretty expensive, but here in America it is seriously cheap. For example, stuff from Nike or Adidas in China is specifically for the rich kids, while here it is for the middle or lower class. Normally, everyone here only wears them when there is a sports game or something, otherwise they wouldn’t even think of wearing it.

As such, this officer clearly believes in what he sees. For people like him what lawyer is there? However, when Jiang Hai heard this, he didn’t bother to continue the conversation but looked back with a smile because his overpowered hearing clearly heard people approaching. Sure enough, a pitter-patter of footsteps can be heard coming from outside.

“Mr. Adams, this way. Your client is in here.” Right after hearing that female officer speak, the door to the room was opened.

The previous female officer escorted a 40ish year old man into the room. This man is clearly dressed to impress. A set of golden rimmed glasses, a well ironed suit and a face with no hint of smiles. As soon as he entered, that pair of eagle like eyes clearly scanned the room before resting on the sitting Jiang Hai.

“Hello Mr. Jiang Hai. Sorry for the wait, I’m Moses Adams, your lawyer.” Upon seeing Jiang Hai the lawyer introduced himself and offered a handshake to the still cuffed Jiang Hai.

Regarding this lawyer, this is also the first time Jiang Hai has met him. The lawyer was found through one of his Centurion card services. When he was still in the police car, he made a call to that familiar yet unused number that was set up specifically for this 3 star VIP user.

After confirming his identity and location, there is no trouble left for him to bother with. For this lawyer, no questions are needed, he is clearly one registered for any Centurion’s 3 star VIP’s exclusive use. His abilities is definitely unquestionable. To be fair, this is only because Jiang Hai doesn’t understand how good this lawyer is. This lawyer can be said to be, in the lawyer world, straight up overpowered.

This lawyer is from the fourth largest law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates. This law firm mainly handles major stuff like international arbitration, international law and policies, international trade and antitrust legislations. Stuff like these ordinary disputes, they won’t pay much attention to. However, the saying money can buy you anything works perfectly in this scenario. Since for wealthy individuals like Jiang Hai, even the smallest civil scuffle is still a big problem.

“I don’t understand why you guys are still holding my client in custody because I’ve seen the street footage. My client here is clearly the victim, but you guys still have him cuffed and in an interrogation room. I believe what you are doing here is a clear breach of responsibility. I have the power to sue you.” After shaking Jiang Hai’s hands, this man turned around to face the two and very clearly stated. Hearing this, the woman is still some what fine as this is just a breach of responsibilities. Specifically, she hasn’t even seen the videos yet so she isn’t clear, but the man here is clearly awkward and scared.

“If they don’t lock me up, then how do they get their bribes?” Seeing the expression on the man’s face, Jiang Hai lightly commented. Jiang Hai, while being someone ‘good’ is not any saint, and will never give anyone the chance to regret what they’ve done. The scene of this guy arrogantly asking for money is still fresh in his mind. Now, why would he let go of this perfect chance.

“What?!” Hearing this, the woman is clearly shocked then turned to look at the man.

“No, this isn’t be possible. Sir, is your head working properly? How can this even happen.” The man clearly denied this, but at the same time slowly moved towards the camera.

“Don’t let him touch the camera, our conversation is on there.” Seeing this guy’s intentions, Jiang Hai clearly understood what he is doing and yelled out.

Upon hearing this, the man stopped hiding his actions and turned to grab the camera. However Jiang Hai is clearly faster and stuck out his feet. This straight up caused the man to trip and fall. On the other side, the lawyer also went into action and secured the camera in a couple of steps. Upon reviewing what was recorded, he is also shocked, because everything is clearly recorded there.

“No, I was only making a, a, joke. Yes, it was all a joke.” The man tried frantically tried to get up and said with a nervous expression to Jiang Hai, the lawyer and his partner.

“Sir, we will examine this to fullest of our abilities. If this situation is true then we will prosecute him to the fullest.” Hearing the defence the man put up, the woman on the side hesitated but stated to the lawyer and Jiang Hai. It was obvious that what she wanted the real evidence in the lawyer’s hands. If the situation really escalated, then that is when real problems come.

“I can’t do that. This guy clearly stated that all the police system here are like this, even the victim here needs to offer up bribes. From this alone you can tell how screwed up his character is. He even said that the chief and the vice chief here are all in on this. Even the Boston police force and the state police force were also mentioned here. This is truly a big problem.” The lawyer replied.

To be honest, this problem really depends on how Jiang Hai feels. After all, he is the witness here. This problem can either escalate or go away with a couple of words from him. But from the looks of things so far, he isn’t prepared to let this matter go quickly. Since the matter is going to escalate, then his lawyer’s abilities will be displayed here.

“Since it’s like this, then there is an unknown amount of accomplices with him. As such I’m sorry miss, but I can’t hand over this evidence to you, because who knows if what he said is true or not? This matter implicates your chief, vice chief, the Boston police force, and even state officials. Hence, to avoid any possible chance of evidence tampering, I will file a formal complaint to the federal justice committee.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s decision, this lawyer picked up the camera again, straightened out his suit and stated with complete seriousness.

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