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Xia Yan did not choose the complete state of his Bankai. He only used Ten no kaminari no Kyuten, and the reason was that he needed to stimulate the body instead of beating the opponent.

Along with the sound of Xia Yan, a huge Thunder giant rose in the back, and then stepped forward and entered Xia Yan body.


Xia Yan’s eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears are filled with thunder.

Xia Yan’s body was covered with a blue blue coat, and six Magatama appeared behind his back.

“Is this too formidable?”

Ginjō opened his eyes and felt the danger coming.

“We just need to do as planned.”

Harribel coldly said, the moment of leaving this sentence, the waves behind the sky, stunned Haribel body, at the same time the waves swept toward Xia Yan.


Xia Yan’s figure disappeared instantly, and once again, the distance opened and appeared in midair.

But his figure has not yet stood still, a figure appeared in the back of Xia Yan instantly, the double-headed head hit the Xia Yan back.

Nelliel, the antelope knight.

But her figure had just arrived, Xia Yan disappeared again, but just as Nelliel crashed into the air, a circle of ripples spread toward the surroundings.

“The cow devil tramples.”

The air trembles, the current Xia Yan body collapses and the figure stops.

At this moment, the two figures were on the top and appeared at the top and bottom of Xia Yan.

On the top of Xia Yan’s head is Ulquiorra, a spear formed by Reishi in his hand, stabbing Xia Yan’s head.

At the foot of Xia Yan, it is Tsukishima, which turns into a red-eyed king snake, opens a large mouth and bites the Xia Yan both legs.

In the face of the two attack, Xia Yan extended his left hand and grabbed it, crushing the spear that Ulquiorra had stabbed, and then gently pressed the right hand, holding down the huge snake head, the thunder flashed, and the Thunder spread throughout the snake.

Red-eyed king snake body trembles, but the body swayed, opened the distance, and the head was a little black, but it was not hit hard.

However, Xia Yan’s figure was stagnant because of this series of Attacks, and the ocean swept again. A figure jumped out of the sea and his right hand grabbed Xia Yan’s back.

Xia Yan wants to dodge, but one hand clasps Xia Yan’s arm, which is Ulquiorra.

Xia Yan’s figure is stagnant, and Harribel’s hand behind it has been attached to Xia Yan’s vest.

But in this moment of hesitation, Xia Yan has turned back to use his left arm to block the right hand that Harribel grabbed.

However, Harribel directly buckled Xia Yan’s fingers, and Ulquiorra grabbed Xia Yan’s arm in tandem to fix Xia Yan’s figure.

At this time, a figure flashed and appeared behind Xia Yan, it was Nelliel.

In her hand, a long spear formed by Reishi appeared, rotating the humming sound and hitting Xia Yan’s back.

Not far away, Ginjō opened his mouth wide, and a scarlet-red beam of light spouted from his mouth and shot at Xia Yan’s chest.

In the face of the Attack, Xia Yan’s body flashes and the current converges to form a blue circular shield.

Cero hit the shield, did not dissipate, but deflected, and directed at Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra quickly converges the batwing and blocks in front of him to form a shield.

Ginjō Cero shooting the batwing, but did not cause him a trace of damage.

On the other hand, Nelliel pierced the long spear, hitting the blue shield, bursting directly, turning into a huge explosion, flying to Harribel.

Xia Yan rushed to the sky and tried to open the distance, but a wave of waves hit him, like the sea complex, falling from the bottom up.

Xia Yan just retreat, Nelliel’s figure once again caught up, and once again condensed long spear in his hand, instantly piercing four or five shots.

Accompanied by Nelliel’s movements, Xia Yan’s right hand showed a sharp sword, and instantly cut four or five knives.

Every time a knife is cut, several thunder are fired, and four or five knives pass by, and Nelliel has been covered by the grid.

Nelliel’s figure rushed and the current layer exploded, but Xia Yan had already flown again.

But at this time Ulquiorra flew again, and the spear formed by the right hand Reishi stabbed toward Xia Yan.

The two men played seven or eight strokes in an instant, but only then Nelliel flew again.

Two people surrounded Xia Yan, constantly moving and attacking, Xia Yan with two enemy, still occupying an absolute advantage.

But at this time, the sea water surged again, just to cover Xia Yan, Xia Yan’s thunder suddenly burst into an endless electric light, the electric light spread in the sea, a figure jumped out of the sea, and the boss hands slammed into Xia Yan’s head.

The six Magatama behind Xia Yan suddenly turned and hit Harribel.


A huge explosion sounded and Harribel was blown out directly.

Ulquiorra and Nelliel rushed into the explosion and attacked Xia Yan. The two sides fought a dozen strokes in an instant, leaving only afterimage.

The sky is black, blue, and pale yellow, and the three figures become thunder, and the glittering in the air is endless.

But after the thunder turned a circle, the two figures descended from the sky. It was Ulquiorra and Nelliel, who was dropped by Xia Yan.

The two are extremely fast, but they are two dozen, which is much slower than Xia Yan of Thunder Form.

But at this time, Ulquiorra and Nelliel suddenly threw out the weapon in their hands.

“Lanza del Relámpago.”

“Lanzador Verde.”

Two long spears came in an instant, but they shot empty space, and Xia Yan had avoided two long spears.

But the two long spears collided in midair.


Not inferior to the huge explosion of Jakuhō Raikōben, the six Magatama behind Xia Yan rotated to form a Thunder shield, but was still shot and flew out.

However, with the blocking of the Thunder shield, Xia Yan did not receive any damage.

However, after Xia Yan rushed out of the explosion, a shadow was swept away.

The afterimage is the red-eyed king snake, Tsukishima incarnation. The huge tail is drawn, and Xia Yan’s toes move little bit, disappearing in place.

But just as he escaped the tail of red-eyed king snake, the body suddenly stagnated, and the whole person seemed to be pressed by the pause button, and the body was awkward.

“This is?”

Xia Yan saw the purple smoke surrounding him, and the smoke was filled from the snake mouth of Tsukishima.

Harmful gas concentration

Xia Yan feels that his body has stagnated a lot, and the voice of Tsukishima appears. “My poison gas can make people’s muscle cells corrode a little bit. If you have full power, you can use poison pressure to force out gas, but this state. Underneath, the cell load has reached the maximum, can you force the gas out?”

“It turned out to be the case.”

Xia Yan’s Thunder Form state, this is in the overdraft body, plus Venom, so that Xia Yan’s body slowly appeared purple spots.


At this time, the air suddenly vibrated, and the Level 1 space layer rippled toward Xia Yan. In the distance, Ginjō trampled on space again, and made a huge Tremor.


Xia Yan spit out a blood, feeling that the body’s thunder was out of control, and the thunder began to pervade.

Tremor, poison gas, plus the power of Thunder.

Xia Yan’s body has gradually been unable to withstand, the skin of the body surface began to fall off a little, revealing the blue thunder inside.

Seeing this scene, Ginjō stopped the action, and then look at Xia Yan shouted: “Stop, as long as you release Bankai, Tsukishima gas can be easily dispelled.”

But Xia Yan said with a smile: “Stop? No, I finally reached the limit, and Hōgyoku finally responded to me. ”

Along with Xia Yan’s words, Xia Yan’s body slowly healing, the purple spot disappeared, the blue thunder slowly converges, and the body’s injuries are all to heal.

Hōgyoku first state, regeneration.

But without stopping, Xia Yan’s body surface was torn again, this time, an infinite thunder emerged from the body.

A figure formed by a thunder is centered on Xia Yan and gradually grows bigger.

With the thunder flashing, Xia Yan’s body surface slowly fell off, but then it was repaired, but it was torn again.

Under such circumstances, Xia Yan’s body has changed again.

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