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Xia Yan restored Dondochakka and Pesche broken mask to become Arrancar again, and after Dondochakka mask repaired has become a strong man after Resurrección. Mask is on both sides of his cheek. His face is rough, but it is a very kind.

After Pesche mask repaired and can use Resurrección, he was a handsome young man, but when Pesche took his sword from his crotch, Xia Yan regretted this.

The two are the subordinates of Espada #3. Strength is not bad. Especially when they are not Arrancar, they can hurt Szayelaporro. The combat power is not weak.

Next, what Xia Yan needs to do most is to help the Fullbringer to use blur.


In the white desert, Xia Yan and Nelliel, Harribel, and Ulquiorra stood there. In addition, Ginjō Kūgo, Tsukishima Shūkurō, Kutsuzawa, and Tristan also stood by.

Xia Yan looks at Tristan and asks: “Are you sure you want to be the first one? This is my first test and may fail.”

Ginjō Kūgo went forward and said, “Can’t you really let me come first?”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “Your soul strength is too much, Hollow, Shinigami, Fullbring you have everything. It is more difficult to suppress your soul.”

Tristan took a breath and said: “There is a Tsukishima anyway, not necessarily failing.”

Tsukishima Shūkurō took out his own long sword, he can change the state of the past, such as Kurosaki ichigo’s Zanpakuto broken by Yhwach by changing the future damage, so can not be repaired. But Tsukishima Shūkurō gave an Ability without a Yhwach in the past and could be restored.

So if Tristan was hit, Tsukishima Shūkurō gave her a past that was not hit by Hollow Strength, was it possible to get rid of the disaster?

Xia Yan nodded and said, “Okay, I am coming.”

Xia Yan took out Hōgyoku and walked up to Tristan. One side of the cube slowly opened and pointed to Tristan.


Tristan’s right eye immediately filled the white matter, and Xia Yan took a shot from the side and scored Tristan’s body.

The main role of the injection is to suppress the Soul Suicide.

The combination of Human and Hollow requires the suppression of Shinigami’s spiritual power and human soul.

The fusion of Shinigami and Hollow requires the suppression of the Quincy spiritual power and the human soul to suppress.

So what about Tristan? Her soul is a fusion of human soul and Hollow.

The idea of ​​Xia Yan at the beginning was to suppress it with the Reiatsu of Quincy and the soul of Shinigami, and finally found one thing.

That is Tristan’s soul, which itself has a Hollow Strength.

Her soul has humans and hollow souls, and more importantly, cannot find the opposite soul.

Destroying the human and hollow, you need Shinigami’s spiritual power and human soul, Shinigami and Hollow, you need Quincy spiritual power and human soul.

Here you can see that Shinigami corresponds to Quincy and Hollow corresponds to human.

So the soul of Fullbringer can’t be suppressed by the soul  Shinigami and Quincy?

So how do you do that?

Xia Yan thought for a moment and found that the soul of Fullbringer is a human soul containing Hollow Strength. If the Hollow corresponds to human beings and the humans correspond to Hollow, then it should be dealt with by hollow of human soul.

So Xia Yan went to Human World and found a half-hollow state, that is, the state of human soul over-to-become-hollow.

In this state, the hollow occupies the main position, but still has the human soul.

Xia Yan made the poison of opposite side into a potion to inject for Tristan.

Of course, the purpose of this injection is to suppress the Soul Suicide, and there is not much change in Strength.

Just as Xia Yan also injected Quincy power and the human soul, but in essence, it is still a combination of Shinigami andHollow.

With the change of Tristan, Xia Yan retired and said: “Nelliel, suppress her.”


Nelliel punched out and Tristan flew out, but after landing, Tristan rushed again.

At this time, Tristan, half of her cheeks had been covered by white matter, her body shape suddenly accelerated, and she came to Nelliel and punched out.

Nelliel clenched the fist, punched back and Tristan slid out, but as the body leaned back, Tristan’s body spun up, banged, and pulled out.

Nelliel lifted her right arm in front of her and slammed it, and Tristan’s ankle was on Nelliel’s arm.


Nelliel felt painful and looked a little surprised. She knew that Tristan was weak, that is, let her kick herself, and she might not be able to cause damage to herself.

But after blur, Strength has risen so much.

However, at the moment of being kicked, Nelliel’s left hand pulled out the sword, and the sword broke out, hitting Tristan’s body.


The wound appears, not the blood, but the white substance, covering Tristan’s body.

“Try not to damage her.”

Xia Yan snarls next to her, the wound will accelerate the repair of the body itself, and the repaired Ability will come from the Hollow, so the more injured, the more stronger the Strength will be.


Nelliel took back her sword and greeted her again, avoiding Tristan’s feet while Attacking opposite side.

Boom, bang, bang.

The two men instantly punched three punches, and the sand was flying around, but the fist fell and Tristan kicked out.


Nelliel’s toes move little bit, disappeared, and appeared behind Tristan, punching Tristan’s back.


Tristan flew out again and launched an offensive.

The two kept on fighting, and Tristan’s white matter was getting more and more, and it lasted for 15 minutes. Xia Yan said: “Okay, change.”

Each of Visored Legion lasts for a maximum of ten minutes, and Nelliel is Espada #3. Strength is much stronger and can support 15 minutes.

With Xia Yan’s words, Harribel came up and met Tristan, swaying, avoiding the opposite side fist, his right hand bent out and punched at Tristan’s face.

Tristan flew out, but turned over in the air, once again leaping into the air, kneeling down.

Harribel stood there, not flashing away, and Tristan look at the air, also lifted her feet and pulled out.

“Be careful.”

Tristan’s kicking skills in Hollowfication state are enormous and have improved by a level.

Even Nelliel doesn’t dare to resist her kicking skills.

In the air, two long legs, a wheat color, a clever Cracker color, stretched to the extreme, you can see the muscles of the thighs, reflecting the beauty of Strength.


Both legs hit together, both of them were unharmed, but Harribel had retracted her legs, and both hands clasped Tristan’s legs, picked them up, and throw her on the sand.

Then Harribel jumped directly onto the opposite side, knees against the thigh of opposite side, and the both hands pressed the shoulder of opposite side, holding it down.

No matter how Tristan moves, she can’t break through the shackles of Harribel, only to get deeper and deeper in the sand.

In this way, time passed by.

In 15 minutes, Harribel jumped up and said, “It’s time.”

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan scratched his head and found that there is no need to fight at all. It only needs to lock the opposite side joint, and the absolute strength can be used to constrain the body of opposite side with the joint technique.

It has already passed 30 minutes, and Tristan’s body has been wrapped in white armor.

Can it be successful?

With this question in Xia Yan mind, Ulquiorra also went up.

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